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Best Stock Market Training Workshop & Classes In Pune 0

Share Market Workshop In Pune

Learn the Art of making money in stock market.   Learn Technical Analysis 

Workshop date: 15 & 16 December 2018.

Days:- Saturday and Sunday.

Time:- 10 am. to 6 pm.

Contact:- +91 8097 7979 70

Venue:- Near Nal Stop, Pune

Technical Analysis Content:

• Basics of Technical Analysis

• Types of price charts

• Concept of Trend – Price – Volume (identify & ride the trend)

• Tops & Bottoms & Trend Reversal

• Trendline & Trend Reversal (predict target & identify trend reversal)

• Moving Averages (importance of cross over – convergence & divergence)

• Oscillators

• Patterns (identify patterns – take action after breakout – predict the target)

• Reversal

• Continuation

• Money Management

• Short-term Trading –

• Investing

• Intraday

If you are interested to attend this Workshop  then please fill the below form. So we will get in touch with you.

How to Get Client to Become one Of the Top Accounting Firms in India 0

How To Get Clients To Become One Of The Top Accounting Firms In India

If you have started an accounting firm and dreaming big to take it to the top, you have to grow to be an existing firm soon, but networking is not an easy task. To make it to the pinnacle, you must have a steady stream of clients and build proactive strategies to look around for them. With the rules of marketing evolving every day, you will find the potential clients in all those places you have never looked before. The following steps can help you build a base of clients to reach the heights.

Figuring out the clients

Before you get clients for your firm, it is extremely important to identify who they are as all clients may not help you to improve the prospects of your firm. Try to put the existing clients in order of priority and get answers to e few questions. How easy is it to deal with the clients you already have and what is the revenue your firm generates through them? Are these clients profitable to the venture or bring good exposure to the business? Can these clients help you to connect with the other clients? The best solution is to try and get clients that are profitable and provides the best direction to your business. If you want the name of your firm to become one of the top accounting companies in India, you have to work really hard to get those clients from which your business benefits.

Asking for referrals

Sometimes you feel that satisfying clients is harder than making your sales team bring results. Your clients are not only related to you but interact with other businesses irrespective of the size and shape. If these clients recommend your firm to the others, it certainly makes you a valuable entity and provides you the reputation you need. When it comes to asking for referrals from the existing clients, there is no reason you should feel hesitant and ask them to spread good words about your firm. Some of the top accounting firms in India have structural programs for referral rewards to provide benefits and discounts due to the referral. You can also try to put testimonials on the website to encourage more clients to avail service from your firm.

Associating with trusted professionals

Your firm may not offer services in the field of recruitment, legal aspects, technology and investment but you can always help the clients get good referrals if you can. Try to think of ways to improve the business ties you have with other professionals and technology consultants and make the most of the mutual referrals you receive from them. You can also establish alliance with a firm with expertise in the field of tax or change the focus of the focus of the firm with additional services in recruitment and general bookkeeping.

Offering additional services

You can also boost the business with additional services and compel the clients to use your services if they are using your competitors for this purpose, but explain them why your firm is better than the rest through meetings, presentations, and workshops. Apart from the services you can offer, try to make accounting work more fruitful with cost benefits, accuracy and reliability of the data to become the best accounting services in India and get more clients.

Effective networking is the key

If you realize the value of the networking events, you will come across some great opportunities and also meet new prospects. There is hard to beat the value of face-to-face interaction even when the world has turned digital today. Try to think how you can make your firm more valuable to the attendees and follow up later to contact them.

Important Points to remember while planning to buy home in Singapore 0


If you are planning to buy any residential property then you will have to do good research for all
the popular residential development company. Buying a home for living or for investment
purpose is not an easy task. It needs lots of money so doing well research is an only way to get
ideal deal. Daintree Residences is one of the renowned and new residential development
company, based in Singapore. SP Setia is a reputable and listed developer of Singapore who has
successfully completed two projects and Daintree Residence is the third project of Setia (Bukit
Timah) Pte Ltd.

Becoming a millionaire is possible with these Basic Steps 0

Becoming a millionaire

Many people dream of having lots of money. Money is a useful tool. It enables people to achieve cherished life goals and enjoy a measure of financial security or finance software at the same time. There are lots of ways that people can earn money, save money and watch it grow steadily. Over time, compound interest can accumulate on a person’s savings and make their personal nest egg grow even faster. Certain specific paths have been shown to increase a person’s chances of earning a lot of money and even becoming a millionaire. Many such choices are open to most people and relatively easy to attain.

Saving Money

One proven way to earn money over time is by saving it. Money saved means money in the bank. There are lots of ways to save money. Little changes can add up. For example, homemade meals are often cheaper than eating out. Cutting even twenty dollars a week from the budget means a thousand dollars over the course of a single year. Larger changes can also pay off. Walking to work or taking public transportation means decreased costs for gas and wear and tear on the person’s primary car. Buying used at rummage sales can save money on items like housewares, clothing and toys for kids. Anyone who wants to head on the road to real riches should take comfort in knowing that even small steps can lead to large savings over the course of a few years.

Buying a Home

Another way to save money and increase one’s assets in the long run is by buying a home. Home ownership statistics in the USA indicate that homeowners have more wealth than renters. In fact, they have considerably more assets than people who rent. Over time, paying down a mortgage means paying off the cost of the home. In general, housing prices also tend to rise over time. This means people who own homes get to share in the increase in value in home prices. It also means they will typically pay less for the cost of shelter than people who continue to rent.

Investing in the Market

The stock market is another tool to earn money. Judicious investment in the market allow the saver to participate in the overall health of the economy. Investing in a wide variety of companies spread across multiple sectors has been a sure fire means of earning a lot of money over time. Investors reap the benefit of the market in several ways. When the price of a stock goes up, they can sell that stock for more money.

In addition, many companies pay a form of income known as dividends. Dividends are a share of profits paid to the company’s stockholders. Many companies pay quarterly dividends. This form of income also enjoy another advantage. It is considered what is known as capital gains. Under the tax code, capital gains are taxed at a lower rate than money earned from a direct salary. You must know about What is TDS . Reducing taxes means more money in the bank and more financial assets for the stockholder. Along with real estate and a salary, investing in the stock market is one of the best ways to build real wealth.

Insuring Assets

Maintaining and increasing wealth also means protecting one’s assets. Many millionaires know the importance of insuring against loss. Everyone should carry enough life insurance to protect their dependents. All investments in the market should encompass multiple sectors as well as varied types of stocks and bonds. Over time, careful husbanding of a person’s assets and protection against potential risks have been shown to build wealth. People who save even ten to twenty percent of their income will see this strategy start to pay off in a short period of time. Saving money, owning a home and investing money in the market can easily lead to the accumulation of funds even millions with the right overall, steady, careful investment life plan.

Basically, the steps to becoming a millionaire are not what you would expect. One would probably expect advice similar to putting money in a savings account and investing money so that you can make money on your money, which are a couple of the steps. However, doing things like buying a home and then insuring all your assets to protect your money are just as important as investing and saving. Taking these four steps will get you on your way to becoming a millionaire, so make some wise decisions and spread your money out across different platforms and wait for the magic to happen.

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