6 Proven ideas to start making money online in 2019 0

Every time they ask me what I do, and I answer that I have a blog, the first thing they ask me is whether it is possible to make money online.

The short answer is yes, it is possible to generate income online, and the objective with this article is to explain how to make money online.

The options you will find on the web are very varied, in fact, if you search on Google how to make money online, you will find hundreds of articles that explain how to achieve it.

How is this article different from the rest?

On the one hand, I will share with you those ideas that have worked in my process and I will tell you my personal experience.

Additionally, I will share other options to earn money online that we have researched because although we use a lot, we can not deny that there are other very interesting alternatives that we wanted to include in this list.

Let’s make something clear before we start:
The vast majority of people assume that this business is fast, pretty and easy. Even, they get the idea that all they have to do is create a blog from scratch, and start earning revenue overnight.

The reality is very different, to make money online you will have to work intelligently, try new things, learn constantly, and dedicate yourself, as you would with any job, so that it starts to pay off.

Once this is clear, you will have the right mentality to explore all the benefits offered by the web.

For starters, these ideas for making money online do not depend on the place where you live, your age or profession, it does not matter where your customers are, since your products become available 24 hours a day, and best of all, you only need two things to start:

  • A computer
  • An Internet connection

Ideas to earn money online:

As you will realize, the investment for these online jobs is minimal, since you really do not need to have much money to access them.

Additionally, it is not necessary that you give up your current job and devote full time to develop this idea since these give you the freedom to work in them during your free time.

So you can keep your job, and therefore your income until you can make the jump and become one of those people who know how to make money online, no matter where in the world they are.

1. Host Airbnb:

One of the great advantages offered by the Internet is that it connects the needs of people with their respective solutions.

This is the case of Airbnb, a startup created in 2008 that connects people with the need to stay, with a wide range of spaces around the world.

Airbnb is present in 192 countries, in more than 30,000 cities, and is currently one of the most visited pages for booking holiday accommodations. Since its launch, hundreds of thousands of people can generate income with those spaces they do not use.

So, do you have a room in your house without using it or an empty apartment? You could earn money online if you register as a host on Airbnb and publish your accommodation.

Remember that you can offer your complete home, or part of it, like an attic, a room, an annex, or room (and that this will depend on the space you have on your property).

Inclusively, there are people who rent apartments or houses to third parties, and they adapt them to publish them on Airbnb. You could say that they act as a kind of intermediaries.

To find out how much money you can earn, check out the Airbnb Smart Price Tool, which gives you an estimated revenue according to the area where you live, the season and the specifications of your space.

2. Affiliate Marketing, a 6-figure business:

Recently, in an entrepreneurship talk, I asked attendees if they thought it was possible to earn online amounts exceeding 6 figures, that is, to bill at least $ 100,000 in a year.

Do you think it’s possible? I tell you that today there are blogs and people who not only know how to make money online but are building profitable online businesses that bill hundreds of thousands, and even millions of dollars a year.

Here is the example of Patt Flynn, whose Smart Passive Income blog, billed more than 2 million dollars in 2017, mainly through Affiliate Marketing.smart passive income report income

Personally, we use several affiliate programs, which leave us commissions for each sale, lead or conversion that is generated on the merchant site.

However, before telling you what affiliate programs you can use to earn money online, first I want to explain what it is and where you can learn in depth about the subject.

Affiliate Marketing consists of selling a product belonging to a third person and taking a commission for it. It is something like commercial work 2.0.


3. Alternatives to earn money with a blog:

There are many ways to generate income with a blog, and Entrepreneurship is proof of that.

If you are interested in starting to make money online with a blog, we have created a guide where we explain step by step how to create a blog from scratch.

The first thing you should do is choose your web domain, choose a hosting plan that suits your needs and start generating content.

Being honest, making money with a blog is not something that happens overnight; Although creating a page is relatively easy (with services such as Bluehost that you can do in a matter of minutes), the key is in the perseverance and dedication that you put to your digital project.

Now, when you manage to break the inertia, you start having traffic, you understand about the organic positioning and you have your subscriber base, that’s when the magic starts to happen.

Then I explain some methods to monetize a website, if you want to know more in-depth each option, you can review this article on how to make money with a blog.

Methods to make money with your blog:

Here are some alternatives to make money with your blog.

Google Adsense:
Google Adsense, is perhaps one of the alternatives most used by bloggers to monetize their websites. This belongs to Google and is responsible for connecting advertisers with your website.
Blog traffic: The second factor that determines the amount of revenue is the number of visitors your website receives in a month. For this example, let’s say you have 10,000 monthly visits on your blog.

The percentage of clicks (CTR) of your blog: This indicator shows us how many people, or what percentage of your visitors click on the ads on your website. Suppose you have a CTR of 2%, that is, two clicks on the ads for every 100 visits to your page.

How much money would you earn in a month in this example of recipes with tuna?

Calculation of income = 10,000 monthly visits X 1.20 USD (2 USD – the percentage that stays Google) X 2% = 240 dollars.

As you can see, for this alternative to be interesting you must have a very good amount of monthly visits and have a blog whose theme has a good cost per click.

Now, as you can see Google keeps a good portion of the income since they facilitate the whole process, you do not have to connect with the advertisers, manage the collections, or define the ads that come out on your site.

If you are willing to do this work, you can sell advertising space directly to the advertisers, define a cost per click, and send you to link reports so that it can pay you.

Other ways to earn money with a blog:

When you position yourself on the web as an expert or someone who masters a specific topic, you can offer services around your knowledge. You can offer personalized advice, which you can do through Skype and Hangout.
Another way is by selling your products on your own blog. You can sell the products that are in demand among youths such as custom t-shirts, designer phone cases and so on.

Another alternative is seminars and events, thanks to the creation of so many tools to offer digital events or webinars, you can monetize your knowledge, and even invite other experts, to create robust events around a theme.

4. Offer your services as a freelance or freelance worker:

Thanks to globalization and the internet, today there is a wide range of online jobs that you can do from any corner of the planet.

Where can you offer these services?

There is a good amount of pages where you can offer your services as a freelancer. Some of the most outstanding are:

  • Fiverr
  • Workana
  • Freelancer
  • Upwork

This type of platform opens the doors to new opportunities and clients around the world, which you would not have access to otherwise and that can help you earn extra money.

To begin with, here I explain the steps to become autonomous.

Here are some jobs you can do from home to earn money online working for others.

Write articles on request:

People who find it easy to write, especially journalists and people related to social communication, have a very good opportunity to earn money.

Content has become a fundamental pillar of the internet, so many possibilities have opened up for independent workers who know how to write.

In the case that you master English, there are several people that pay you up to 100 dollars for writing articles in this language. Here are two sites you can explore:


You should know that the internet has changed the way you write, and it is key that you learn not only to create optimized content for the internet but how to get your first customers, how to present the articles and how to add value to who buys your content.

Become a virtual assistant:

Work as a virtual assistant covers different functions that depend on what your client requires. Your activities can range from answering emails and scheduling agendas to creating articles, making calls and managing clients.

The attractiveness of this way of making money online is that, to learn how to be a virtual assistant, you do not require extensive prior knowledge or experience.

Of course, it is vital that you learn how to attract new customers, learn the tricks to differentiate yourself from the competition and offer added value to the companies that hire you.

In addition, work as a virtual assistant is quite flexible and accommodates your commitments, so you can work in parallel for different companies or entrepreneurs, and thus increase your income.

If you are interested in converting your skills, experience, and knowledge in a career as a virtual assistant we leave you a course to learn how to achieve it.

This course also includes notions to manage your online identity as a personal brand, position yourself on the Internet as a professional in virtual assistance and how to find your customers, all explained step by step and from scratch.

5. Create online courses and monetize your knowledge:

Another very good idea to make money online is online courses. Currently, people are looking to deepen their knowledge, learn new skills or develop a hobby, and with the ease of access to knowledge, online courses have become a very good option.

With tools such as Skype, Google Hangouts or FaceTime, you can offer your personalized classes to students around the world. You can even explore platforms like Superprof to offer your services.

Now, the other option you have is to create an online course and sell it on educational platforms like  Udemy , where you access more than 30 million students in more than 190 countries in the world.

Depending on the price of the course, the type of client that arrives at the platform and if there are promotions, the commission charged by Udemy may vary.

6. Create a Youtube channel and generate revenue:

YouTube is one of the fastest growing platforms for both users and people who generate income there. And this is largely due to the consumption of videos by online users.

Before explaining how the platform works, you should review the new revenue policies because to start earning money online with YouTube, you must comply with certain parameters and numbers.

This platform also works with Google Adsense, and the revenue will depend on the number of visits you have and the number of subscribers.

Some channels sell advertising directly to brands; many times using the products in the videos or making them part of the natural environment of the video.

This option is quite good since you will avoid intermediaries, so the money derived from advertising is almost complete for the user. 

To get an idea of ​​the revenue that can be generated on YouTube, the CNBC medium revealed that the top 10 of YouTubers generated more than 180 million dollars in revenue during 2018.

And to be surprised, Ryan ToysReview, 8 years old, has the most revenue channel with a total of 22 million dollars in 2018.

The Problems You Might Face Due To Unhealthy Life-Style Choices 0

There are numerous reasons why we enjoy the ill consequences of particular illnesses and disarranges. A large portion of it is an aftereffect of our way of life decisions. Research has confirmed that sound manner of lifestyles, a massive portion of troubles may be chopped down. Great range folks have encountered neck torments or returned torments and different other spine-associated torments in our lifetime. This turned into no longer so in preceding eras. So this, in reality, implies it’s miles an immediate end result of our reducing area manner of life. We are offering various treatment options for pain management such as physical therapy, massage therapy, sports medicine, orthopedic surgery, and stem cell therapy in NYC. Get a free consultation here:  (646) 762-9499

Stem Cell Therapy is the Best Option Available in NYC

Whatever the difficulty, it’s far important to know its motivation and after its remedy. We must likewise parent out a way to keep away from one of this situation afterward. For this, it is good to go to a chiropractor. This well-being master treats every single neuromuscular infirmity just by using the manipulate of the backbone or changing it bodily. When the remedy is finished, they assist the patient to recognize the significance of ergonomics, exercise. Someone for a kind remedies, all of in order to treat all torment troubles. They are even ready to provide headache cerebral pain medicinal drugs.

Conditions and Ailments Treated With Stem Cell Therapy in NYC

It’s far attainable to improve the strength of the affected person by lessening the load possibly link on a neurological tissue is touchy. The point of the remedy is to get better the backbone to its typical spinal versatility. Just non-careful techniques for drug treatments are applied. They provide a remedy for dreary traces, sports activities wounds, harm. It added about thru car crashes, joint torment, and neck and lower again discomfort just as headache cerebral pain drug treatments. In the event that crucial they’ll allude their patient to restorative experts.

The simplest approach to Choose a Good Chiropractor

Chiropractic is considered as optional medicine. It’s important to find out a chiropractor who analyze the condition & provide the right treatment for assist. The treatment will comprise a ton of physical contacting so it is crucial that you are totally OK with the doctor. The preliminary step is to ask your very own expert or a bodily marketing consultant for a suggestion.

You may want to likewise ask your family, companions or associates and take a look at whether or not they might prescribe someone. You ought to take into account that it’s far vital to discover someone who’s a specialist in dealing with your particular need. On the off threat which you happen to revel in the ill consequences of decrease back pain, at that point, the chiropractor you go to ought to be experienced at treating that situation.

Terrible Posture Causes Back Pain

In the event which you whine of lower again torment, your chiropractor is positive to reveal that the vital purpose is an awful stance. It is critical for the ones individuals who invest hours sitting, to make use of seats. It fit the frame well and helps the decrease returned thoroughly. This is a smart notion to extend your body at everyday periods and walk around. It will maintain a strategic distance from the muscles from ending up the firm. By following the suggestions of the grasp, a wonderful deal of the throbbing painfulness will vanish and stem cell therapy in NYC can also be helpful for you.

How to use split-screen mode on android mobile 0

split-screen mode

Sometimes you need to do two different things on your mobile at the same time, and that’s why it’s important to know how to use split-screen mode on Android mobile.

What split-screen does?

The split-screen feature lets you use two apps side-by-side on your screen, so you can watch videos while working, or check your emails as you’re checking Twitter.

Basics of split-screen mode

Android has officially provided a split-screen mode for smartphones since Google launched Android 7.0 Nougat in the year 2016. Sure, some smartphone manufacturers offered a split – screen option earlier, but many of those methods were difficult to use and didn’t work well.

The introduction of Android Nougat brought a normalized way for a split-screen mode that works across most smartphones and tablets.

It is also important to notice that the split-screen mode doesn’t work with all apps. If the app is not compatible with the split-screen mode, you will see a message at the top of the screen telling you that “App does not support split-screen mode.”

Most popular split-screen mode compatible apps

1. Chrome

2. WhatsApp

3. Facebook

4. YouTube

5. Gmail

6. Twitter

7. Play Store

8. Spotify

How to turn on split-screen mode on Android

There are two ways you can enable split-screen mode on an Android phone. While both methods yield the same results, in the end, you might prefer one method over the other.

Drag and drop

To use drag and drop method for split screen, simply open the apps you wish to use in split-screen mode.

Tap the app switcher icon which is usually a square on the right side of the navigation bar and select the first app.

Drag the app and drop it into place on top of the screen. Once placing your first app, now simply tap the second app and it will then appear in the bottom half of the screen.

Once you have your apps in a split-screen you can adjust the size between the two apps. To adjust the size, simply drag the divider line that resides between the two apps.


The second way of enabling split-screen mode tends to be a way easier if you are already in an app and wish to open another one without leaving it. If you’re in an app, just long-press the app switcher icon.

The primary app will get minimized to fill the top half of the screen and you’ll see the other open apps at the bottom of the screen. Tap the second app you which you want to use and it will automatically resize to fill the bottom half of the screen.

Again, it’s pretty easy to adjust the size of each app in split-screen by simply dragging the divider line between the two apps to your desired location.

How to end your split-screen mode

While split-screen mode can come in handy, it is definitely not something that you need to use all the time. There are a few ways that you can get out of the split-screen option.

The first, and most simple, way to end split-screen is by long-pressing the split-screen app switching icon. This method will automatically close the secondary app at the bottom of your display.

Another way of ending your split-screen session is simply by dragging the divider line all the way to the top or bottom of your display. This method lets you select which app you prefer to keep open, as opposed to automatically selecting the app at the top of your screen.

How to deal with sleeplessness and enjoy quality sleep at night 0

Studies reveal the fact that sleeplessness or rather insomnia affects a good percentage of people and this is caused by a number of factors that we shall address later. It is a condition in which a person finds it difficult to fall or stay asleep throughout the night repeatedly for days, weeks, months or even years.

If not dealt with, insomnia can cause damaging effects to a person’s health and thus needs interventions to reduce or do away with the condition. Some of the causes of insomnia or sleeplessness include lifestyle choices such as food, or behavioral habits. The same condition can be solved by changing the type of foods, especially drinks, or by changing ones’ lifestyle. Therefore, the following are some of the few ways of dealing with insomnia:

Clean and comfortable sleep environment

When it comes to bedroom environment, there are so many best practices to keep to ensure that your bedroom is comfortable and conducive for fruitful sleep at night. The room should be free of dust and allergens and should also be smelling right. I mean it should not have bad smell or any irritating kind of smell.

Make sure to clean your bedroom routinely and to organize everything in the room to give a beautiful sight that can make your bedroom habitable. Make sure your bed have got the best blankets or the best comforters and also with quality mattress so that you  can enjoy your sleep without struggle.

Keep consistent sleep hours

Sleeping at the same time and waking up at the same time consistently is one of the ways of dealing with the issue of sleeplessness. The body will respond to the sleep-time as a habit and hence is a cure that you need to practise if you are dealing with the same kind of problem.

Avoid caffeine before sleeping hours

Caffeine is not recommended especially in the afternoon hours of the day since they would stay active for long hours and can disrupt you from enjoying a quality sleep at night. Therefore, since caffeine is a strong stimulant, you should avoid it at all costs when it is near sleep hours so that you can enjoy your sleep at night comfortably without struggle.

Avoid alcohol and smoking

Another cause of sleeplessness is alcohol and smoking. Just like caffeine, smoking got the same effects of stimulating your mind and that would also disrupt your sleep. Alcohol also keeps the mind or rather the brain active and you should avoid drinking and smoking if you want to restore your fruitful sleep habits.


Exercising is one of the ways of keeping your body fit for sleep during the night. Dedicating some few minutes during the day to exercise would fruitfully be of value since it helps in enhancing the flow of blood throughout the body and that is beneficial when it comes to sleeping.

Insomnia is a condition that can be managed depending on the level. It can be mild or chronic and the solution varies depending on the level of the situation. There is also medication for the same, and if lifestyle changes fail, you can try out the medical treatment that would suit your condition.


Top 6 Reasons To Fly To “God’s Own Country” – Kerala 0

Kerala is blessed with much of beautiful nature, rivers, beautiful beaches, backwaters, hill stations, rich culture, and heritage which give a very pleasant atmosphere to everyone and relieve or calm down all senses as well as body and mind. Here are some reasons why you should visit Kerala.

• Nature

It doesn’t matter how tired you feel after exploring Kerala but, a houseboat cruise through the backwaters will surely rejuvenate you. Kerala has hundreds of luxurious houseboats that cruise over the backwaters while offering you an amazing stay experience for a lifetime. You can sail and have meals throughout the day and rest in the stationary houseboat at night.

• Beaches

If you love to see the beaches, then Kerala has lots of beaches where you can just sit by the beach side to watch the magnificent view, or you can also engage in some water sports.

• Wildlife

With over 25+ wildlife sanctuaries and national parks in all the parts of Kerala is a perfect destination to spot wild animals, migratory birds, and raw nature while on a wildlife safari.

• The food

You can experience Kerala’s culture is through its gastronomic delights. The state is known to serve the freshest seafood in the country. Savor a meal served on a green banana leaf, along with refreshing palm wine. Also other delicious items are ghee roast dosa with sambhar, appam with stew.

• Get an Ayurveda Massage

Kerala is the land of Ayurveda where you can get a traditional oil massage at one of the many Ayurvedic massage centers and spas. The Ayurveda massages not only enhance your outer beauty, but they also cure various illnesses besides giving your mind relaxation and peace.

• Culture and Arts

While visiting Kerala, you must attend a Kathakali performance, in which performers do not sing or speak but enact the stories through graceful gestures, postures, and facial expressions. Other cultural performances including Bharatnatyam, Koothu, and Mohiniyattam you must need to see in Kerala.

Places to Must Visit in Kerala

This article will act as a complete guide that will give you a glance of the beautiful tourist attractions in Kerala.

• Munnar: It owns tea gardens and colonial heritage, and is also a popular destination for travelers from Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad & Chennai. You can explore this hill town and savor its irresistible scenic treats.

• Wayanad: This is a favorite spot for an adventure junkie. It includes camping and trekking.

• Ponmudi: It is ideal for those who are looking for an offbeat destination. It has year-round rivulets and waterfalls.

• Alleppey: Here tourists enjoy a backwater ride on a houseboat in Alleppey and Kumarakom as well.

• Idukki: It is home to wildlife sanctuaries, and you can also enjoy elephant rides, feel with mountain treks.

Best Time to Visit Kerala

Before selecting a package, you must look below at the season-wise segregation to decide which is the perfect time for a Kerala vacation:

• Summer

From April – June, you will experience hot weather but evening showers add humidity to the environment. The temperature ranges between 32 degrees and 36 degree Celsius, which makes it one of the hottest period of the region and therefore the summer season cannot be recommended for a visit to Kerala.

• Monsoon

From July – September, the arrival of monsoon and rampant showers let tourists enjoy the view of cascading waters and lush green environment. The temperature ranges from 19 degrees to 30 degree Celsius. So, this can be a great time to waking up to enchanting views and having a rejuvenating time while some of the best Ayurveda centers based here.

• Winter

From October – March is the best season to visit the southern part of India with the onset of winters as the temperature hovers in between 18 degrees and 29 degree Celsius. Must visit Kovalam, Thekkady, Alleppey, Munnar, and Kumarakom to enjoy house boating and a lot more for a wonderful experience in Kerala.

However, this period is the peak season for tourism in Kerala so don’t miss a chance to visit “ God’s Own Country” book your Kerala vacation packages as soon as possible and see the magic of Incredible India and you will find enough of reasons to visit this amazing place again.

5 Backlink Techniques that Really Works in 2019 0

SEO company in USA

Before getting into the details of backlinking techniques, a question arises what backlinking is and why it’s important.

Backlinking and its Importance:

Backlink of a website means getting a link from another website. Backlinks affects website’s prominence in search engine results. SEO company in usa and everywhere in the world uses different search engines to display search results by calculating ranking using many factors.Nobody knows for sure how much weight search engines give to backlinks while calculating rankings.

Backlinks must not be created by artificial ways; it should be natural.Because of the significance of backlinks, there are many bad practices followed by website owners to gain backlinks, for example, purchasing backlinks, link exchange networks, selling backlinks, etc. many other good ways are also available to get backlinks. Some techniques of backlinking in 2019 are as follow:

Be someone’s Blog Guest or Guest Posting:

Guest post is the process of contributing free content to another website or blog in exchange for a link back to your own website. I found it to be the best approach to get backlinks as give and take is the phenomenon on which the world works. Nothing is free, to have something you have to give something in return too. So, no one will give you backlinks unless you contribute something to their website. Many websites provide guest post opportunities on their sites.

To know which sites are offering such opportunities go to google and search for it as “Keyword” + “Guest Post”. This will give you the lists of sites which allow Guest Posting. Your content or post must be attractive and informative enough to make admin publish it on his site. Your content should be unique. Also, you can add backlinks naturally which is pointing to your site on this published post. Guest post is a win-win situation for both of them. It increases domain authority of your site and increases referral traffic from that post’s backlinks.

Ask for a Review:

This is a very good way to start, especially if you are a beginner. Consider your niche-related friends, relatives, associates, partners, customers that already have a developed blog or a webpage. All you have to do is simply ask them to review your niche. Or maybe just ask them to add you in the list of best ‘niche specific’ companies in your city or country.

Also be active in online communities focused on your niche, you will not only get some good backlinks, but you will always have contact to the newest industry news and be able to connect to some interesting people that share your passions.But be careful and ensure that the backlink comes from a website that is relevant to your niche. Else, it will not have too much of an effect and may even be harmful.

Give Testimonial:

Testimonial link building is a win-win situation. Many businesses and companies offer you the chance to say a few words about your experience using their products.On the one hand, this is an ideal way for them to build client trust. On the other hand, it’s a great chance for you to get a backlink and potential traffic from that website and it usually has a much higher endorsement rate than your standard link request e-mails. Companies get another testimonial to post on their website, while you get a new backlink.

HARO Technique:

HARO is also called as, the Help a Reporter Out. The Help a Reporter Out, method works through a platform that connects journalists, publishers, editors and sources with blogger or anyone who can provide related information with each other.While journalists and writers use this platform to find new stories, you can use this to pitch a story to columnists and get backlinks. To get this started, you will have to register yourself on the site and you will then start receiving emails for source requests. This is a great method to get authoritative backlinks.

Backlink Yourself:

Another backlinking technique is to backlink yourself. It means add a hyperlink of your older blogs in your recent and newer blogs. Many Search Engine Optimization Companies in Usa and all over world use this technique. Add your website address to those social media platforms which provide the facility of follow up links.

For example, LinkedIn provide the facility of follow up backlinks, so you can add your website URLs to your LinkedIn profile.

The untold secret of Personal Interview 0


The management selection process is challenging for students, but it’s a gateway to turn dreams into reality. The management entrance tests and selection process is conducted by every business schools to test the candidate’s skills. Students who crack the entrance exam have to deal with group discussion (GD) and Personal Interview(PI). The well-renowned business schools conduct a selection process for the candidates before offering management programs. The Personal Interview(PI) is a critical phase where candidates are judged based on their presence of mind and communication skills. The questions of general awareness and recent happenings in world are mostly asked in the Personal Interview(PI).

Personal Interview(PI) is a problematic phase even if students study well for the questions. The atmosphere during the Personal Interview is too confusing where students tend to get nervous in front of Interviewers. In the selection procedure of various management courses, civil exams, engineering programs etc the Personal Interview section is mandatory. The Personal Interview is also known as group interaction/Interview in different fields. Students who have excellent communication skills and a good presence of mind can convince the Interviewers smartly. There are different kinds of Personal Interview in various exams, but the motive and questions are similar.

  • Which are the best business schools and IIMs conducting Personal Interview?
Indian Institute of Management Calcutta                  Indian Institute of Management Indore
Indian Institute of Management, Tiruchirappalli                    Indian Institute of Management, Sirmaur
Indian Institute of Management, BodhgayaIndian Institute of Management, Sambalpur
Indian Institute of Management, KashipurIndian Institute of Management, Udaipur
Indian Institute of Management, ShillongIndian Institute of Management, Bangalore
Faculty of Management Studies, New DelhiSymbiosis Institute of Business Management, Pune
Xavier School of Management, JameshdpurInstitute of Rural Management Anand, Gujarat
Goa Institute Of ManagementIndian Institute of Foreign Trade, New Delhi


  • What is the pattern of Personal Interview?
  • The duration of Personal Interview is 15 to 20 minutes for per candidate.
  • The questions are more tricky and challenging which extends the duration of Personal Interview(PI). In such cases, the duration extends till 20 to 25 minutes.
  • There are 2 to 4 officials who put a couple of questions to the students. Each Interviewer asks different types of questions from various fields to the candidates.
  • The team of Interviewers mostly consists of respective officials from college or government.
  • The initial Personal Interview questions are mostly based on academic career and particular details. The current affairs and social issues questions are the buzzes in Personal Interview.


  • Important guidelines for the Personal Interview day?

Candidates should remember that Personal Interview is not like a daily school day; it’s a difficult and important phase of academic career. Personal Interview is of many types, but candidates need special attention to their body language and communication skills. Candidates should always carry all the documents and essential material which are needed during the verification process. Extra copies should also be carried if required during the verification procedure. The dressing sense of candidate also gives an edge in the Personal Interview round. It is advised that candidates should wear a clean formal dress which will create a good impression on Interviewers. Candidates should look decent and avoid any unusual kind of behavior and attire. Candidates who arrive late in the venue will not be entertained. It is advised that candidates should arrive 20 to 30 minutes before on the venue to quickly complete their verification process.

  • What are the consequences of Personal Interview?

The Personal Interview round is the essential part of any management or government selection process. Around 40 to 50 percent chances of grabbing a seat into business schools increases when candidates crack the Personal Interview round. There is a myth between management students that entrance exams carry the highest weigh tage during the selection process. They think that getting disappointed in Personal Interview and scoring excellent marks in entrance tests is enough to pursue the desired management course. But candidate should remember Personal Interview is also important and carry a decent amount of weightage. Candidates should start preparing for the Personal Interview after the completion of entrance exam. Hence candidates shouldn’t get nervous during the Personal Interview and prepare well for this important phase.

Arthritis And Activity – Yes, They Go Together 0

Persons with arthritis

The American Journal of Preventative Medicine (2006) found that one-third of persons with arthritis shun all exercise and limit physical activity. If only the couch potato plan worked, what a simple cure it would be. Once the pain and inflammation of arthritis set in, the typical response is to sit down. Sure it makes sense to avoid movement if moving is painful. For persons with arthritis, reducing movement is the absolutely worst possible choice. Doing something is better than doing nothing for people who refuse to let arthritis control their lives.

Persons with arthritis

Not all activities are equally beneficial for persons with arthritis. Before changing your activity level, consult your physician. You may be referred to a physical therapist to evaluate your current fitness level and recommend exercises appropriate to your type of arthritis. Start slowly to build strength because pushing too hard too fast only results in aggravating arthritis symptoms. Consider starting with these ideas: In reality, a sedentary lifestyle contributes to joint stiffness, inflammation, weight gain, and overall worsening of the arthritis symptoms. Another third of arthritis patients regularly participate in moderate to vigorous types of physical activity. They know that activity improves flexibility, manages pain and gives them social and recreational opportunities.

  1. Begin strong, end relaxed. All exercisers need to begin with stretching as a warm-up. For persons with arthritis, this step is crucial to avoid injury. Remember to finish with a cool down routine that brings muscles back into proper alignment.
  2. Divide and conquer. A half hour brisk walk may seem impossible, so make it easier by taking three- ten-minute brisk walks. The American College of Rheumatology recommends this approach as you gradually increase endurance for each walk.
  3. Go to the mat. Yoga uses gentle, controlled movements that ease stiffness in joints and stretches supportive muscles. Another important aspect of yoga is the deep breathing and emphasis on getting in tune with your body.
  4. Get in the pool. Water aerobics is ideal for persons with arthritis. Supported by the buoyancy of the water, you can perform movements that might be too painful on land. As strength increases, start swimming too. Don’t sit on the sidelines while your children and grandchildren swim, get in the pool. Their fun is your therapeutic exercise.

Exercise for arthritis only works if performed regularly. Find an activity you enjoy and make it part of your schedule. You might swim two days a week, attend a weekly yoga class and do short walks the other days. Set a plan with alternate days to rest between higher intensity activities. Best orthopedic doctor in NYC helping the persons who suffer from arthritis. Get the most effective treatment options for arthritis in New York.

Advance Your Career with Online Special Education Degree 0

Special Education

Special education is field which can’t be neglected. Over the last couple of years the call for qualified educators has improved unexpectedly and in coming years predicted to boom more. These days schooling is an exceptionally rewarding career area and predicted to peer a major projection boom towards the give up of this decade.

In case you are one in all people who are trying to make a profession on this coaching field then certainly you are on the right music. You could be a university professor, high college teacher with a degree in special training. Furthermore, in case you are already concerned about this coaching career and want to improve your career within the schooling leadership, a special training diploma is a need.

In recent times many instructional institutes and faculties are requesting their academic staffs to take special publications if you want to refine and improve their instructional techniques.

In fact, in many number one & secondary colleges, and schools, obtaining a unique coaching diploma is becoming the primary requirement to be an administrator. A few of the hired coaching experts, who are looking forward to strengthening their profession to leadership roles like principal or dean, additionally prefer special education courses. Honestly, special coaching application is rising as one of the most convenient and efficient methods to enjoy awesome career opportunities in the subject of schooling.

Advantages of Online Special Education Degree

These days there are numerous online and traditional universities which can be providing online levels in unique teaching packages that enable you to earn a degree at your convenience. Getting a web diploma in education is even convenient and flexible option.

The amazing advantage of selecting online unique training path is that it’s miles much less costly than an ordinary diploma.

Besides this, the principal advantage of distance mastering unique coaching path is – you do not have to finish your course in a water-tight study time table. You could without difficulty observe at your own pace and seem for exams while you think you are prepared.

Aside from this, this online special training program additionally helps you improve your capability to guide students as well as create a success getting to know environments.

Be Cautious of Fraudulent Online Special Education Degree

You need to be very careful in searching and deciding on your online unique coaching diploma software, ensure you pick out the net degree in schooling from status and legitimate online university.

These days many online universities are providing online levels in education however you should take note that a number of the net faculties offer route on a fraudulent foundation.

In addition, many online schools can also offer you many appealing offers such a very nominal rate but without a path work shape. Even if online colleges claim to be permitted, you must test if they’re accredited via an unrecognized accrediting company.

There are numerous accrediting our bodies that are not recognized by using the kingdom, and getting a web degree from such universities is a waste of time and money as the diploma isn’t taken into consideration eligible.

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What should you include in your wedding photography package? 0

If you are starting out as a professional wedding photographer then one of the things which you should look at very carefully is the different package you will offer your clients. It is very important that you should take care while selecting the payment package for any wedding photography campaign (it should also include pre-wedding photography). While selecting the package, you should research very thoroughly about your competitors in the market to gauge what kind of package they are offering and how much money they are charging for any photo shoot. This will give you an idea of what is the price that some of the best candid wedding photographers in Goa (or any other city in India) are asking and what price band you have to fix to be competitive in this field.

In this article, we have taken the advice of the top wedding photographers in Udaipur and Goa to find out what are the important points that you must include in your wedding photography packages.













You can create multiple packages to cover different aspects of the wedding. You can put a premium package in which you will cover the entire wedding event. This will start from the engagement ceremony and end in the Vidai ceremony. It will include all other major programs that are associated with an Indian wedding like Mehendi ceremony, Sangeet ceremony, the actual marriage, and the Vidai. You can also include a pre-wedding photo shoot in this package so that your client gets the complete picture of their wedding celebration in one place. While this is very attractive, it is also very expensive. The reason being, you have to engage multiple photographers who will have to stay with your client for 3 to 4 days to ensure all the important aspects of the wedding ceremony is shot properly. Most of the time you will find that people are not looking to cover the entire event, but only want you to shoot the actual marriage ceremony or the pre-wedding photo shoot.

Most middle-class Indians do not want to shell out a huge amount of money to cover the entire marriage ceremony so for them, you can design different wedding photography packages that will suit their needs. You will find that in most wedding ceremonies there are normally to photographers one of them is a still photographer and the other is a videographer. If your client wants either the still photographer or videographer,  then you should design the package and its price accordingly.

On the other hand, if your client has to keep pockets and want to take pre-wedding photos in some exotic locale, then you should design the package in such a way that it will include the charges of the photographers, technicians, and others who are essential for any photo shoot campaign. Make sure the package is priced as per the number of days your photographers will be engaged in the photo shoot. If the photo shoot is out of your city, then make sure to include the cost of a hotel, transport, and food in your package.

It is important that you should provide a list of charges beforehand to your clients before they start negotiating for the price. This transparency will help you a great deal in averting any problems at the time of payments. It would also include your code will in the market.