3 Important Concerns of Students Regarding Admission in a Med School

As a student, if you need to make sure that you are heading in the right direction in going for med school admission, you need expert advice here. There are a number of med schools where you can apply and can get admission too but what if you come to know that it is not accredited or you won’t be able to go for a residency in the US after passing out from there. This is why you need to go to a med school which can offer you everything and the two aspects just mentioned-above.

There can be many scenarios for an average student, so that you need to think about it before going for a med school, either a Caribbean medical college or a one in the US/Canada. Following are 3 scenarios that you need to know more about so that you can have an idea and what you can do just in case.

  1. You Simply Can’t Afford to Study in a Med School

There are many times when a student must know and come to the conclusion honestly that they can’t study in a particular field of study. We all know that studying in a med school is not an easy proportion. So if you know that you don’t have the means to study in a med school all by yourself, you need to start thinking about how to go about this. Taking loan is one aspect that you can go for but even this is not certain as you need to prepare for this with full focus, otherwise your loan can be rejected on various grounds.

If you really want to be a doctor/physician, don’t lose your dream. Otherwise, if you are not motivated enough and was just going for a med school as your friends were going there, then you can go for any other medical field like a technician or a related job like pharmacy, etc.

  1. Studying in a Med School which Offers a Scholarship

Just a little bit different from the last scenario, there are not many things that you need here. It’s the scholarship that you need to go for. But this looks easy but it isn’t. There are many things that you need to consider here and one of them is to find the best medical schools which offer scholarship too. Getting a scholarship is not unlike getting a slight concession in fees in your high school. It is all about getting 50, 60 or up to 100% fee waiver in a med school.

Getting a full scholarship is not easy as it requires a perfect academic record in the high school and then passing out the entrance also in flying colors. So this isn’t easy for most students and that’s the reason why just only 1% of the students or fewer are able to qualify for a complete scholarship. If you think you are able to achieve this feat, then go for this with full preparation.

  1. Some Leniency in the Admission Rules

This is not a very common scenario but a one which many students secretly think and want to happen in reality. It is simply all about the fact that you can afford any med school but need the admission process to be somewhat lenient so that you easily pass through. In other words, if the cut-off margin for getting a med school seat 70%, you want it to be around 65% or 60% so that you can easily pass through. Sounds somewhat cheesy but if you will not get an admission in a med school by just a few marks, you will then seriously think about this aspect.

While this doesn’t happen on a regular basis, there are times when you come across this once in a blue moon in med schools offering some leniency as they look for fill the seats that are left vacant.

Final Word

If you want to know more about any of the aspects mentioned here like finding a med school offering scholarship or fee waiver, please let us know your concerns here. If you also want to offer you valuable feedback, please use the comments section below.

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