4 newbie mistake in digital marketing

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With so many area to choose from, digital marketing is huge and needs the complete understanding of each platform and metrics before embarking on large scale project.
New digital marketer can make use of so many training material to keep abreast of development and changes in the digital marketing world. If you are just starting out as a digital marketer, it can be hard because of the high price you have to pay before starting the course and taking the exam. But there are free courses that you can take part. Among free course is the Google analytics for beginner
This course will prepare new digital marketer on how to analyse data gotten from Google analytics. If you have prior experience due to working as a webmaster or blogger, you can take part in this free course to improve your skill level.
A digital marketer help company, brand and big business insetting up campaign, and advise them on latest trend regarding digital marketing. The job is quite demanding due to lack of understanding on the part of the business owner. This is why you should advise them and give them an accurate data before starting the campaign and after the campaign have end.

In this guide I will show you 4 newbie mistake in digital marketing. This include the mistake I made when I was young in digital marketing.

Not understanding the data
After taking a few course you think you have arrive. Yout start looking for job out of your skill level and the result is a disaster which can ruin your reputation. Once your reputation is ruined, client will flee from you until you are able to convince some of your skill and redeem your reputation. Look for job in the field that you understand and capable of performing miracle which is what every client want.
Look for ways to reduce your customer expenses by looking to buy low ad when running marketing campaign.

Not following latest trend
Digital marketing campaign changes almost every time with new trend becoming the household name. In SEO for example, a digital marketer should be able to follow new trends when it comes to off page seo, technical seo and on page seo. Web spite that want to achieve high ranking position in serp must install SSL certificate on their website, use mobile friendly theme, and reduce the load speed of their website. If you don’t follow this trend what happen is that new website will outrank your website which is bad. This is applicable to every area in digital marketing.
Follow trend by subscribing to blogs and engaging with other digital marketing to exchange ideas.

Poor negotiation skill
Digital marketer with poor negotiation skill will barely make and this can lead to frustration and eventually quitting digital marketing for other field. Practice how to negotiate with friend and family, this gives you the confidence when negotiating for deals.
Most client known the price range of any service you are providing before they approach you and are only interested in reducing the price of your service.
A popular guest post company charges his customer $250 for guest post and there are other company charging below that amount for guest post. The key is to have strong negotiation skill.

Lack of confidence
This happen to every newbie in any field and when customer discover that you are not sure of your skill set, they would approach other digital marketer.
Before answering any customer question, make sure that you understand what they want and explain it to they in simple and easy to follow manner. This shows that you understand what they want and it inspire confidence.
Th5 key to make it as a digital marketer is to keep on learning about new ideas and trend and maintain highly professional approach in your dealing.

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