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All about Yag Laser Surgery

Every human is meant and expected to be with all the five senses. Whenever one of these senses is missing or isn’t as effective as it should be it doesn’t just affect the newborn baby’s life, but also those that are around him. For instance, children who’re born blind often have to go through various surgeries, and even those cannot guarantee their vision.

While the vision loss of a child can be devastating, elderly who get plagued by cataract and other eyesight problems face many issues as well. According to the numbers, 30% of people over the age of 65 have a visually impairing cataract in one or both eyes. This means that 1/3 of the world’s senior population is facing this exact same condition.

Fortunately, a cataract can now be removed through a simple surgery where the surgeon replaces your eye’s original lens and puts in a new plastic lens. While most of these plastic lenses last a lifetime, 10% of patients complain of getting a cloudy frosting in the lens.

This is where Yag laser surgery comes in.

When is Yag Laser Surgery Needed?

When your cataract was being operated on, the natural lens or nucleus inside your eye was replaced with a new plastic lens which was put inside the lens capsule or membrane of the eye. For a few patients, the capsule sometimes thickens and becomes cloudy after surgery. This makes it difficult for the light to reach the back of your eye and this is why your vision may be a little misty and may experience a glare in bright sunlight or lights during the nighttime.

Yag laser surgery is the only way to solve and treat this problem. During this procedure, the doctor will attempt to use a special lens to focus a laser beam at the capsule. This action will then create a very small hole at the center of the capsule, which makes it easier for light to pass through.

What Will Happen During the Surgery?

Don’t expect to be asked to change into scrubs during this surgery because the entire process takes minutes. However, you will need to visit the outpatient department earlier in the day because you’ll be required to put a few drops in your eye so your pupil is bigger and the surgery can be performed without hassle.

Along with the drops, an anesthetic eye drop will also be given to the surface of the eye becomes numb and you feel no pain during the procedure. Once your eyes are dilated, you will sit in front of a machine (similar to one which is used to examine your eye on your routine visit), which has a laser attached to it. Your doctor will then put a special lens on your eye before switching on the laser beam as this will allow him to see the membrane easily. Finally, the doctor will make a small hole in the membrane to clear the vision, and this entire procedure takes approximately 20 minutes.

Wrapping Up

Yag laser surgery is common in patients who complain of fogginess after their cataract procedure. If you’ve had a cataract operation and can’t see clearly, make sure to go to an experienced practitioner for your YAG laser surgery.

Porsche Repair & Maintenance Tips You Must Know

Porsche is one of the most luxurious & stylish car brands in the world. If you own a Porsche car, you must look after its maintenance as well in order to get the optimal performance.

Whether it’s a regular or the swanky Porsche, preventive maintenance helps avoid the costly repairs down the road. So whenever you find any issue in your Porsche, then you need to locate an authorized service center in order to get it fixed. Since Porsche is a luxury car, the maintenance & repairing of the body needs special arrangements.

And if you want to avoid the costly Porsche repairs, make sure you follow the service schedule diligently. In case the service is not done on time, you start facing troubles. The very first part that gets affected is the engine. If anything goes wrong with your car engine, the cost of the repairs shoots up tremendously. So make sure you maintain the servicing schedule of your Porsche that you can easily find on your logbook. Here’re a few more things you need to keep in mind with regards to the maintaining the Porsche. So let’s dive in;

Check the Tire Pressure

Whether it’s Porches or any other car, checking the tire pressure regularly is something you can’t miss. Make sure you check the tire pressure at least once a month especially when it’s cold. Specifically for Porsche, the tire pressure must be checked against the one recommended in the Porsche Manual.

First of all, check the light indicating the state of pressure in the tires. In case the light goes off, you can check it manually. Inflating the tires to appropriate pressure will not only save you from the costly long-term repairs but also ensure the efficient performance of your car.

Storing the Porsche

When it comes to a luxury car like Porsche, another essential thing you need to look at is the place where it is stored. As per the experts, it must always be stored in a cool & dark place. Besides, a car cover would be a great investment as it’ll help avoid long-term Porsche repair. Make sure you get your car washed on a regular basis.

In case you find any crack or scratches on your Porsche car, consult for the Porsche repair in Dubai. You must only go for reputable providers as they have a specialized and trained team for the car body maintenance with flawless results.

Oil Change

For the engine to perform at its best, oil change is extremely important. For the better efficiency of Porsche, it’s imperative to change the engine oil once in two months as the good quality oil reduces anti-knocking while improving the overall efficiency.

In case the owner wants the Porsche to run long without any trouble, it’s better to change spark plugs frequently. If you’re wondering about how often the spark plug should be changed, this frequency depends on the type & model of the car. For that, you must check it checked by the professional technician.

Are you getting good value for money when buying Tottenham Hotspur football tickets?

The 2018-19 Premier League season is now in full swing and all of the top dogs, barring Manchester United, are challenging at the top of the table with Spurs up to fourth after their 3-2 win at Wolves on Saturday night.

The demand for Tottenham Hotspur football tickets was expected to be higher than ever before throughout this term, with Mauricio Pochettino’s side eventually set to be playing in a brand new, state-of-the-art stadium with top class players such as Harry Kane, Christian Eriksen and Dele Alli regularly on show once again.

So let’s have a look to see if Spurs football tickets are good value for money in comparison to other Premier League clubs, shall we? The North London club have one of the most expensive season tickets in Europe, priced at £1700, whilst their cheapest costs £645.

The club also sell the one of the most expensive single best football tickets, with their dearest costing £75 for adult admission. However, you can swipe up the cheapest single match tickets from just £20 if you’re lucky (and fast) – and absolute bargain!

Spurs fans have to pay such fees to bag their annual seat in the stands and, in all honesty, Huddersfield Town’s £100 adult season tickets put the top clubs to shame whilst some people can buy single match tickets to watch the attractive football down at Liverpool for just £9 (if you’re one of 100 selected people living in the L postcode).

You have to pay no higher than £299 if you’re an adult wanting a Huddersfield Town season ticket, whilst six Premier League clubs’ – AFC Bournemouth, Burnley, Huddersfield, Swansea, Watford and West Bromwich Albion – charge less than half than Spurs for their dearest single football tickets.

Barcelona (£172.23) and Real Madrid (@177) for offer season tickets for less than £200 to see the likes of Lionel Messi, Philippe Coutinho, Luis Suarez, Luka Modric and Sergio Ramos in action at two of the most iconic football stadia around in the Santiago Bernabeu and Nou Camp.

Bayern Munich’s pricing is even more staggering; the German giants offer adult season tickets from just £67 and single football tickets for £12 if you want to secure your seat at the Allianz Arena to see stars like Robert Lewandowski, Thomas Muller, Mats Hummels and Manuel Neuer light up the pitch week-in-week-out.

The answer to the question ‘are Spurs’ football tickets good value’ would be a straight-up ‘no’ if you were to take this into consideration as well as the fact that you could buy a season ticket at Barcelona, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich and Juventus and still have money spare to spend how much it is to bag one at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium.

They have their own big stars though, a state-of-the-art stadium and play in the most competitive league in Europe, so you can’t blame them for charging so much because supporters actually do pay. It’s certainly not a cheap hobby but worth it? You’d have to say yes, as a true hardcore fan anyway.

3 Important Tools You Need to Change the Tires

It’s good to keep some tools and tire changing equipment in the car so that you’re well-prepared in case you stumble upon a situation where you have to repair or replace the tires by the side of the road.

Every motorist if fed up of it – the flat tire. Whether you’re just a city commuter or a long-distance road hog, you must have got stranded by the side of the road due to a flat tire. Honestly, you’re not alone. Just like there’re many ways to skin a cat, there’re also many ways to change a SVU tire.

Most of the modern cars are equipped with the tools to replace the tire in case you stumble upon a flat tire situation. But in case you’re kit is outdated, here’re a few important tools that you’ll need to change the car tires. So let’s dive in;

Sockets & Wrenches

Normally, cars already come with a lug wrench sized for the lug nuts. Some of the technicians also refer to it as a tire iron. While it’s may not be the easiest medium to remove lug nuts, it’s still quite useful enough to get the job done.

If you want to go for larger options, you might want to get along with the larger more common lug wrenches that are also known as four-ways – shaped like an “X” having different sized lug sockets at each end. With this tool, you’ll have better leverage and convenience due to its larger size.

By investing more, you can get the professional air gun, which is a drill-like device that uses an impact socket & pneumatic power to spin the lug nuts on/off in a matter of seconds. With this tool, removing the lug nut would be almost effortless for you.


Obviously, you’ll have the remove the flat tire first in order to change. This job would be next to impossible if the tire isn’t raised off the ground. Just like the tire iron, modern cars nowadays come with a rudimentary jack that helps lift your car in a pinch. In case you want to have more control over the environment, it’s better to get a floor jack or bottle jack. The floor jack will be rolled under the car and raise it in a few quick pumps of the handle.

A bottle jack should be positioned by hand and can help raise your vehicle faster than the factory-supplied jack. It’s your call now whether you want to invest in these or not. All you are paying for is the convenience.

Torque Wrench

To prevent the lug nuts from screwing back off while driving, it’s imperative to do the final lug nut reinstallation using a torque wrench. This way, you’ll be able to determine a pre-set amount of torque applied to the lug nuts. In case the lug nuts are torqued below the specifications, they may get loose causing the wheel to part ways with the car unexpectedly.

Also if they’re over-torqued, the brake rotor will inevitably sustain damage from warping due to the amount of excessive strain. So whenever you buy a new set of SUV tyre in Dubai, make sure to keep these things in mind.