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Best Portfolio Plugins for WordPress 0

An impressive portfolio page is a necessity of any creative person to get more business. Showing your work in a stylish portfolio page can be more effective than any type of marketing so that more assignments can be obtained because your work will speak for you.

There are many WordPress themes that come with built-in portfolio options with good design, themes such as a Div or X Theme are able to offer you portfolio options without any external plugin.

We have already listed some of the best free portfolio WordPress themes on SourceWP, where you can find some amazing designs to build your portfolio.

But, if you plan to change the WordPress theme in the future, then the portfolio section of your site can be distorted because the portfolio functionality with the theme comes in the form of the custom post type. So, choosing a portfolio option through a plugin is a good idea.

In this post, we have collected the best portfolio plugins for WordPress, which will help you create a stunning portfolio section on your WordPress site.

  • Go:

Go Portfolio Plugin is one of the most popular portfolio WordPress plugins which provides tons of amazing features to you and helps you to create beautiful portfolio pages. With this plugin you can create new custom post types to create a portfolio, you can also use existing posts and a custom post type with this plugin.

This plugin is compatible with the Visual Composer plugin, which is a drag and drops page builder, you can add these two plugins to create a wonderful portfolio with drag and drop interfaces.

  • Essential Grid:

Essential Grid is one of the popular and widely used WordPress portfolio plugins. It’s a very powerful and comprehensive plugin that gives you many features that will help you take your site to the next level.

In fact, many premium WordPress themes use this plugin that bundles with themes to provide quality portfolios to their users. They promote this product as “a plugin and unlimited possibilities” and this is true because you can use this plugin to create amazing grid-based layouts for all content.

  • Ultra Portfolio:

Ultra Portfolio is a very powerful and flexible portfolio plugin for WordPress that offers you many different designs to create your own portfolio. With this plugin, you can create unlimited layouts for your portfolio such as grid, masonry, carousel, sliders, single slide, classic blog, full blaster, location, external content area, content top media and much more.

This plugin is fully responsive, so your portfolios will look great on mobile devices too. As the plugin is compatible with the WooCommerce plugin, refer WordPress help for more, you can make e-commerce functions built into your portfolio items.

  • Amazing Portfolio:

If you are looking for a feature-rich portfolio plugin for WordPress, then this is another wonderful option for you. This plugin gives you 25 amazing designs for your portfolio section, which can easily attract your users’ attention.

The plugin is extremely flexible and you can create a super-looking portfolio with 2, 3, 4 or any column with a fully responsive, filterable design. With this plugin, you will have full control over all elements of the portfolio section.

  • Colio:

Colio is a beautiful and fully responsive portfolio plugin for WordPress. You can create an unlimited number of portfolios as per your requirement. This powerful plug-in comes with more than 40 different settings options in the admin panel to ensure that it works perfectly for your needs.

You can select the number of columns required for the portfolio section as well as select the design of the portfolio. Using the filter option is easy to ensure that the plugin is also useful for your users.

  • OTW Portfolio light:

OTW Portfolio Lite is free to use the Portfolio Plugin for WordPress, which comes with a beautiful three-column design that will help you showcase your work in style.

You can classify portfolio items according to your requirement and can show them good and easy to use filters, which will make it user-friendly.

  • Zoomfolio:

ZoomFolio is a fully modern and responsive portfolio WordPress plugin that uses WordPress’s custom post type option to help you create a fantastic portfolio on your site. It comes with a shortcode generator, which is very easy to customize the portfolio section design.

It uses CSS3 technology to show awesome 3D effects in supporting the browser. To ensure that SEO is optimized, your content gets the necessary exposure in search engines like Google. In addition, the plugin is well-optimized for all modern devices, so that your portfolio page looks great for iPad, iPhone, and Android devices.

  • CCR Portfolio Plugin:

A very quick and easy WordPress portfolio plugin to get started and it will help you create great looking pages with good animation and filter options. The plugin gives a quick response and is user-friendly, and highly customizable.

This plugin gives you different effects like Fade, Scale, Rotax, Rotate, Blur, Grayscale, etc. which you can choose according to your requirement. You can customize the design of the portfolio section and change the plugin’s color scheme as per your requirement.

  • Nimble Portfolio:

With this free plugin, you can easily convert any simple WordPress site into an elegant looking portfolio design to show the N-style of your projects.

With the help of this plugin, you can show your projects, client logo or any other picture as well as video to attract more customers for your services.

Nimbley Portfolio plugin gives you an easy choice to group your media content and shows it on any post or page as per your requirement. This content is also fully responsible for small screen devices to make your content look great.

These are few of our portfolio plugin picks. However, there are many other portfolio plugins as well which you can consider according to your requirement.

If you are a creative designer or you offer any type of online service, making a portfolio is very important because you can show your work in a style that will help you get more customers and increase revenue.

Best Hearing Aids Brands & Price in India? 0

Best Hearing Aids Brands & Price in India?

Hearing aids in India are relatively (if you compare it with income and other techs) is cheaper than the rest of the world.

You can get something as cheap as in 5000 and something as expensive as 2 lacs!

When talking about the best price, it depends on your budget and requirements. There are several varieties based on the features. Most of the time, cost depends on they’re fitting – Behind The Ear (BTE), inside the canal, etc. Some are compatible with your phone, some connect to Bluetooth and some others are invisible to the eye. I would recommend you consult an audiologist for the best fit and model for your needs. Head over to Hearing Sol for qualified professional advice.

A price of hearing aid depends on factors like…

The technology used in hearing aid. The chip that is used in it. Every year technology gets improvised and every year a new set of aids come into the market.

The size. Practically speaking smaller the size costlier the aid. There is a custom model available at the same price as behind the ear type hearing aids

The manufacturing company. Siemens is the number one company in India, But Oticon and resound do a better job

Automatic versus manual. So the automatic ones are costlier.

In short, inexpensive aids, its performance will be better. The re-selection should be done by an audiologist, rather it should be bought online or through ENT.

Below are some of the best hearing aid companies and their hearing aid price in India for people with hearing disability.


The most popular and well-liked brands in Siemens Sound Technology, Siemens have assured to provide quality and reliability in their search. The product ranges from BTE (from the ear) to the instruments of ITE (ear). The company successfully launched some authorized health care center (HCC) across the country to provide a range of quality hearing health care services at various centers as per the requirements. The price of these hearing aids is around RS13k in India.


The best hearing aids companies in India create the tools that provide excellent voice by making innovative applications in search of their hearing aid. The company has various types of hearing aid devices, including the latest digital hearing aid and some powerful superpower hearing aids that can provide you access to some quality sound hearing even after some significant damage to earbuds.

The company offers its divine quality service in more than 25 countries, with more than 80 distributors in various parts of the country.


OTICON is one of the companies that take care of customers’ problems and needs and then offers their services accordingly. The company is one of the most recognizable brands that play an important role in breaking the gap between communication and hearing. The company has relevant experience in this field and there is some expertise that is working dedicated to giving new style and innovation to hearing. Price range in India Rs.80 k to 205400.


The main purpose of the Phonak is to provide quality and standard in the health care system, which mainly focuses on improving hearing disorders. Hearing health is important to human beings, and therefore, keeping only this approach, the company has produced many hearing aids which are economical, viable and reliable.

The company has a group of audiologists who are working to include listening experience with new technology and they have achieved relatively deeper. The company takes care of and the advisory service makes it easy for the customers to provide the best. Price range in India approx Rs.203000 to 254000.


The Danish-based company Widex has been in the field of providing the best hearing aid since its incubation in 1956. Currently, the company is one of the leading manufacturers of hearing aids in more than 100 countries with auditory centers and retail outlets. A group of 4,000 experts.

the company has distributed some unique hearing aids, featuring some of the digital advancements in its products featuring wireless connectivity. The company also diagnoses the customer before assigning any BTE or ITE device. The Company’s mission is to provide full quality and standard of hearing aid and customer service. Price range13k to 50k.


The founder of the company William F. Austin started an enterprise with a mission in 1984. While taking care of Austin’s vision “So the world can hear”, the organization is currently treating more than 1 million hearing impairments annually. The Foundation now works with the quality and experience of the audiologist to bridge the gap between hearing and general lifestyle. Price limit Rs 5000 / – RS7 lakhs.


The only Indian manufacturer of hearing products with the certified company, which was established in the year 1967. With the view to deliver the best and cheapest hearing aid product for those who are suffering from hearing disabilities. The company supplies all types of hearing aids, which vary according to the degree of hearing disability in the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment. Price range: RS 2500-4 lakhs per unit


Axon is one of the popular brands when it comes to listening devices. There is a diverse range of auditory aids manufactured by the company, which is ideal for meeting various hearing problems. All the newly manufactured products of the company are technically sound and digital fit. It also comes with various features, such as people such as volume adjustment, amplifier

Price range – Rs 400 – Rs. 2000 / –


Aplifon is a decent and award-winning company to provide the best hearing care solutions and treatments in India. The company deals with the creation of latest technology based digital hearing aids to deliver the best hearing experience. The company has more than 175 hearing aid centers in India.

It is also relatively important to accept that the company has more than 5,500 hearing centers in 22 countries. The company has delivered a large number of satisfied customers

The same hearing aid can be sold at different prices, and at some places with discount and at some places at a higher price.

What Is The Best Plagiarism Checker As Of 2019? 0

Grammarly Checker

Today I’m here to tell you about the best plagiarism checker in 2019. If you find on Google, you’ll get many plagiarism tools some of them are free, and some of them are asking for the free trial or small pricing plans.

I’ll not say that those tools are useless but not effective like Grammarly. Yes! Have you ever heard about Grammarly Student Discount? No! Let me tell you then In that case;

Grammarly is the tool which is used for creative English writing. It is expensive to tool and probably used for proofreading, but there is another big module of Grammarly which is plagiarism checker.

It scans your content across the web; It compares your content with almost million of websites automatically. You’ll get complete plagiarism report without any additional charges.

If you want to print your report or document, you can directly print out without any 3rd party integration or application.

What is Plagiarism?

If you don’t know about plagiarism, It is the term which is used to identify the amount of copied content. It is the process to find the copied content. It matters a lot in business as well as in education to stop scams. As you know, copyright has now become a big law which doesn’t allow anyone to copy someone’s content.

If you are being ordered to make your own content then why you’re stealing someone’s content well, you don’t need to be worried because Grammarly is the best plagiarism check. It will help you to make your content better and unique.

What is Plagiarism Checker?

Plagiarism checker is the tool to check the content whether if it is copied or unique. There are many automated tools which actually compare your content with the content available on other websites with the help of crawler or robot.

You can say that these tools work like AI (Artifical intelligence). There are many tools, but If you are willing to get any best tool, then I’ll always recommend you Grammarly.

Grammarly plagiarism check is the best tool to check the amount of copied content.

How Grammarly Plagiarism Checker Works:

Grammarly asks you to add content in its editor, or you can upload any document on its website. It will check your content across the web. It will highlight the content which is copied. If you want to know about the source, then you can see all the website list which comprises of similar content. You can check those websites manually.

If you are willing to change the words properly with the help of Grammarly then you can double click on the word you are willing to change, you’ll be asked to replace that word with the similar.

Let’s discuss some features of Grammarly plagiarism tool;

Features of Grammarly Plagiarism Checker:

  • Similarity score: The copy content is measured by the score. If your 3 lines are copied from 1000 words, then the similarity score will be 3% from any source. If your content is copied from multiple websites and whenever you check it on Grammarly plagiarism checker then each source will be scored according to the quantity of copied content.
  • Plagiarism risk score: Risk score is the unit to measure the copied content. The score depends upon the quantity of content which is copied. For students, there is a limit which is allowed for plagiarism.

Additional Features:

  • Bad citations:
  • Matches.
  • Highlighted matches.
  • Viewable Sources.
  • Paraphrase detection.
  • Detection of bad citations.
  • Multilingual detection.
  • Online editor.
  • Upload anywhere.
  • Big data access.
  • Preserve original format.
  • Free plagiarism check option.
  • Comma splice.
  • Comma usage.
  • Critical grammar and spelling checks.
  • Genre-specific writing style checks.
  • Grammar rule explanations.
  • Grammarly Editor.
  • Microsoft Office integration.
  • Missing articles.
  • Misspelled words.
  • Multiple device document access.
  • Native desktop apps (Windows and macOS).
  • Outdated spelling.
  • Performance stats.
  • Personal dictionary.
  • Plagiarism Detector.
  • Repetitive words.
  • Vocabulary enhancement suggestions.
  • Weak adjectives.
  • Word definitions and suggestions.

Note: Some of the features are used for creative English writing

Pricing Plans of Grammarly Plagiarism Checker:

  • Monthly plan will cost you $29.95/month.
  • The quarterly plan will cost you $19.98/month (billed as one payment of $59.95).
  • The annual plan will cost you $11.66/month (billed as one payment of $139.95).

Grammarly Plagiarism Checker Supported by:

Here are some platform which is supported by the Grammarly tool;

  • Windows
  • Android
  • iPhone/iPad
  • Mac
  • Web-based

Final Thoughts:

You can check the amount of copied content. Many plagiarism tools are available on the internet; some of them are free, and some of them are asking for a free trial, but the best one is Grammarly.

Your report or document can be printed out directly with Grammarly tool. It is the most expensive tool but most popular and used for proofreading and creative English writing. It is commonly used by all bloggers, content writers and SEO experts. You’ll get complete plagiarism report without any additional charges. It’s flexibility and usability assist you in all fields.

If you have bought this tool and you’re facing any kind of issue, you can get in touch with their support team. I think If I am asked to rate their assistance then I’ll give 10 out of 10 because their assistance is great. Your questions will be answered by them. Grammarly assists it’s users no matter whenever you are approaching them.

You can get into touch with them via email or live chat. Grammarly offers many other functionalities which will be accessed according to the pricing plan.

5 Steps To Undo Changes With Post Revisions In WordPress 1

A big reason for converting HTML Theme to WordPress or migrating from other formats is to get more control over content management. In this article, we are discussing the feature of posts revisions in WordPress. The open-source platform provides its users with an intuitive and flexible content editor which is packed with versatile features. Modifying content and enhancing it with media elements can be easily done with the editor. WordPress is an ever-evolving content management system and recently it switched to the Gutenberg editor. This new dynamic tool allows users to have greater control over the layout of the content of pages or posts. The new editor contains the facility of post revisions just like the older one. Let’s see how this feature can be used to undo changes.

What Is The Post Revisions Feature?

Every time you create a draft with the editor, it saves a temporary revision. This automatically-saved revision is termed as auto-save and is stored every minute. Once a new version is created, it automatically replaces the older auto-save of a draft. These post revisions are also created every time a content is saved, updated or published. An editor may feel that the earlier version of the content that she is creating was better. There are many instances when a text material is lost due to technical problems. Such issues can be easily resolved by restoring content with the help of the post revisions feature. It allows users to see and compare different versions of the same content and then make modifications. The feature helps in improving the overall quality of the posts of a website which positively impacts its performance. People managing interfaces with multiple authors also benefit greatly from the attribute. It allows them to easily handle the work of all the contributors and see how the authors made the changes.

How Posts Revisions Can Be Used To Undo Changes?

The following steps can be used to employ post revisions to reverse changes:

1. Select A Post/Page For Editing

The first step is to log in to the administrative dashboard of your website. Locate the “Posts” option in the menu. Click on it and then select the “All Posts” option. This will open a screen showing all the posts created with the editor until now. Find the post that you want to modify from the entries and then click on it. This will open the post in the editor.

2. Locate The Post Revisions Option

When the post is open, look at its right-hand side. There will be a menu in the sidebar with multiple options. Locate the option for “Revisions” in the menu. Usually, the option is preceded by a number. For example, in the image given below, you can see “13 Revisions”. This number denotes the number of revisions conducted on the post. Click on it to start using the feature of posts revisions in WordPress.

3. Compare The Revisions Of The Post

Clicking in “Revisions” will take you to a new screen showing the different versions of the selected post. Take a look at the top part of the screen to locate a scrollbar. This slider can be moved horizontally in both the directions and helps in selecting the revisions. Users are allowed to compare any two versions of a post. They can do this by ticking the checkbox in the upper right-hand corner. In case, you do not use this feature, the most recent post will be displayed on the right-hand side. Scroll the slider to choose a revision which will be shown on the left-hand side of the screen. You can use the “Previous” and “Next” buttons at both ends of the scrollbar to move it. The username of the author and the time of the current revision is also displayed in the top part. Compare the chosen versions and make the necessary modifications which will be highlighted in pink and green colors.

4. Restore A Chosen Revision

Once you have identified a suitable version for restoration, spend some time checking it and making modifications. After you are satisfied with the changes, locate the tab called “Restore This Autosave”. Hitting this button will take you to another screen. Click on the tab and the revision will be restored. This new revision will now become the current post revision. Remember that restoring does not mean that the latest version will be trashed. In fact, it will be saved as another revision in the database.

5. Recheck And Exit The Editor

As soon as you restore a version, you will be directed to the editor. You will see the revision being displayed here. Move towards the bottom and you will find a list of all the post revisions. In case, you want to change your decision, you can select another option from the list and make relevant changes. However, if you are satisfied with the change, exit the editor and see the new version on the website.


All website owners must know about using posts revisions in WordPress. This useful feature allows them to modify content easily so that only the best version is published on the website.

Shopify vs WooCommerce – Which is the Great & Best Platform? 0

Shopify and WooCommerce are both the most important platforms to start our eCommerce store. In this article, these are the two most popular eCommerce platforms in the market with their own advantages and disadvantages. These are the best things for us to start online marketing for eCommerce.

Overview: Shopify vs WooCommerce

Previously we start with our in-depth differentiation of the two most important and useful eCommerce platforms on the web page, it is important that we read the basics and highlights what and how to make these platforms stand out.

What is Shopify?




Shopify is one of the eCommerce platforms that makes it easy for us to create an online store, accept payments, and manage our inventory all from a single platform without any worrying about the technical knowledge (aspects) of managing a website such as a web hosting, caching, etc.


Shopify is the most useful thing about eCommerce in online marketing.

What is WooCommerce?

WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin built. They help us create and manage and maintain an online store without any problem or getting our hands dirty with some code.  

It allows us to leverage the most popular and powerful content management system (CMS). And use it to run on an online store.

Because of the open source nature, we can customize each and every aspect of our store and easily build a custom extension.

What to Look for in Your eCommerce Platform?

There are a few things that we need to when we starting on the online store. These key element will help us to decide which platform is best suited for our needs.

  1. Budget – The original cost of starting a fully useful and functional e-commerce store. These platforms cost are under budget.
  2. Ease of use – It should be easy to use for anyone and for absolute beginners.
  3. Payment Methods – It should have support for many payment methods (example. Paypal, strip, and any other merchant processors.)
  4. Scalability – The platforms should be able to scale as us business grows.

Cost: Shopify vs WooCommerce

Cost is the most important part of eCommerce website owners. We need to evaluate the cost of getting started while also keeping in our mind the variable cost for add on services and software.

The true cost of using Shopify

Shopify is easy to start our online store. Each of these plans includes the domain name, secure socket layer certificate, and web hosting.

The primary plan comes with enough best features to set up a new online store. We can add unlimited products, 2 user accounts and unlimited file storage, and more.

However, this pricing does not include third-party tools and that we will need to take our Shopify store to the next high level.

The true cost of using WooCommerce

WooCommerce is an eCommerce plugin built for It is also open source and freely available as a WordPress plugin built.

However, we will need a domain name, secure socket layer certificate and a WordPress hosting account to starting a WooCommerce store.


In this summary, we found that the Shopify is the better n to useful for e-commerce online store. If we have to compare both Shopify and WooCommerce that each and every field like budget, scalability, ease of use, and etc.

So that we have a found Shopify. We can say that the winner is, in an e-commerce online store that is on-n-only Shopify.

Steps To Decrease Bounce Rate and Increase Pageviews of Website Blog 0

Firstly thanks for lading to this post. Every website/ blog owner aim is to make user happy and browse more pages and visit blog again and again. But many of the blogger / website have not user friendly, navigation, high page load time, thin content, bad design, interlinking to relevant pages and user are not able to find what he want. Following are the some steps which helps to make user, search engine optimization programs happy for all the time –

Archives Section – When user comes to blog he wants relevant blog post which is posted in blog. So archieve section showing monthwise, yearwise old posts which help to users spent more time on blog/website.

Sidebar Section – In blog / website there are so many things but we can’t show all in one screen. So we can add sidebar and display the major important/ relevant section of blog. This is helps to user navigation and stay user more time on posts.

Improve Navigation – Many of the blog/ websites have poor navigation and user cant able to find what he want. So create the category/section, sitemap for users, breadcrumbs which help to user get correct information and he will never unhappy. This helps to decrease bounce rate.

Loading Speed – Page load time is the major factor and if website/blog taking more time for loading then user never comes to website. So optimize the website for speed like – javascript, css, images, zip the pages content, remove unwanted/ commented code. So website gets load faster for making user happy.

Thin Content – We observe google and users want content first but some of the blog /website having very less content/ thin content. So search engine program not give more importance to this pages and users also not get complete information. So update the thin pages content else remove these pages for decrease bounce rate.

Allow Internal Search box and relevant links – Every user wants more information in few clicks. So add relevant links in pages/posts, add internal search box so user can get relevant information as per requirement and stay more time and visits time to time.

Shorter Paragraphs – Instead of long description divide content in short paragraph with heading/subheading so user understands better. If post is very large then create in slides which help to user and increase page views.

Use Images Frequently – Images are graphical format so every user understand/read images quickly and only single image can tell user whole page content what include in this page/post. So whenever possible use the images for better user experience.

Open External Links in New Tabs/Windows – All external links should open in new tab only. After observing many blogs, websites external links open in same tab so whenever user click on external link users exit from website and we loose the valuable user and increase the bounce rate also.

Enhance High-Bounce Pages – Need to revise post/ content where bounce rate is high need to do analysis, AB testing for these, need to add relevant links, images, add more information, relevant meta title, description, related posts. So user get fruitful information and its helps to user browsing pages except exit website.

Updating Your Old Blog Posts  – After observation of the some blog posts / website pages they have not updated after publish its may be 2,3,5 years respectively. So need to update content of old pages time to time. User wants new information every time.

Interlink Your Blog Contents – If we interlink content with other relevant pages/posts user get more information and its helps to decrease bounce rate and increase search ranking.

Show Related Posts – After complete every post/ pages need to add related posts, links so user get addon information which helps for search engine ranking and decrease bounce rate.

Produce High Quality and Targeted Content – Every user wants unique information so add own content which helps to user as well as search engine programs. Includes relevant links using keyword. If we added quality content user definitely come again and again to our blog /website.

Number of Ads on Your Blog – Many of the blogger ads third party ad / affiliate program advertisement and its directly goes to other website. So we loose the user and increase the bounce rate. So be careful where to put advertisement and how many ads per page/post.

Use some of the tools & WordPress plugin for decrease bounce rate –

Website Speed Tool –

Related Posts Plugin –

SEO Smart Links Plugin –

Reduce Bounce Rate Plugin –

Automatic Image Optimization Plugin –

If any help required regarding seo & bounce rate related contact – Seo Services In Pune


I am working as a SEO & internet marketing consultants, which can improve website ranking in search results for generating leads and business. Also working on social media platforms like facebook, twitter, linkedin, instagram, youtube, pinterest etc.

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Top WordPress Seo Plugin Which Improves Website & Blog Search Engine Ranking Visibility Usability 0

Yoast Seo

Yoast seo is the no 1 word press seo plugin which improve website performance & search engine optimization for better user experience. This plugin is free and premium and in premium version includes more features. Without any coding we can add meta title, keywords & description and its showing status. This plugin includes following features of SEO –

Yoast Seo WordPress Plugin
  • Page Analysis
  • Meta & Link Element
  • XML Sitemaps
  • RSS Optimization
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Able to edit .htaccess and robots.txt.file
  • Social profile integration
  • Multi-Site Compatible
  • Import & Export Functionality
  • This plugin is available in 24 languages

You get this plugin from here –

Google Analytics Dashboard for WP

Google analytics is the worlds most used free website visitor tracking and reporting tool and its wordpress plugin available which helps to user after adding analytics tracking in wordpress and user can see the following details using wordpress dashboard –

Google Analytics Dashboard For WordPress Plugin

Google Analytics Real-Time

How many visitors currently browsing website including country, city, webpages etc.

Google Analytics Reports

Complete detail of tracking like no of visitors, no of page views, locations, browsers, referral sites, keyword analytics report, operating systems, devices etc.

Google Analytics Basic Tracking

Google Analytics Event Tracking

You can see the details like – downloads, email, outbound links, affiliate links etc.

Google Analytics Custom Dimensions

We can able to track following parameters using this plugin authors,  publication years, categories, tags, user engagement

Google Analytics Dashboard for WP on Multisite

You get this plugin from here –

W3 Total Cache

W3 total cache plugin helps to improve website load time which helps to open website/webpages faster and make user, search engine program happy. If website take more time for loading users exit website and jump to competitor website so this plugin helps to load webpages faster. This helps to easy web performance optimization like browser caching, pages caching, database minify and content delivery network support and minify javascript, css etc.

W3 Total Cache WordPress Seo Plugin
You get this plugin from here –

WP Touch Mobile

Many of the website currently not supported to mobile devices and 60% users ignore these sites because desktop sites are not able to navigate properly on mobile devices. If your website is not mobile friendly and not ranking well in search engine ranking also. This plugin helps to convert your desktop website version to mobile version and make user as well search engine program happy but your website need to be designed/ developed in word press cms. Using this plugin we can convert menu, content, images, maps, forms and other element mobile friendly. This plugin support to mobile application and we can convert website in mobile app also. For better experience need to go for pro version.

WPTouch Mobile WordPress Seo Plugin
You get this plugin from here –

Broken Link Checker

Broken links is critical issue for website/blog and its hurts user experience and return the 404 error. But before return 404 error page its check each and every element in a website and not fetch relevant content/page then its return 404 error. Once user is get bad experience he/she not return this website in future. This plugin helps to give list of broken links and website owner can fix it easily. Search engine programs also hurt website SERP because of broken links. Use this plugin and avoid these problems for running website/blog smoothly.

Broken Link Checker WordPress Seo Plugin
You get this plugin from here –
For any query related to seo please consult us –


I am working as a SEO & internet marketing consultants, which can improve website ranking in search results for generating leads and business. Also working on social media platforms like facebook, twitter, linkedin, instagram, youtube, pinterest etc.

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