How to Plan Your First Trek to Indian Himalayas

How to Plan Your First Trek to Indian Himalayas – Expert Advice

Do you want to go on a trekking tour to the Indian Himalayas? Are you confused about the starting point of your adventurous trip? We have got your back mate. Here is a useful guide to planning your first trek to the Indian Himalayas.

Planning the trip to the Himalayas

Trekking in the Indian Himalayas needs proper planning as this is the thing that can make or break the trip. Take all the time you need to plan your budget, time the trek and design an awesome itinerary.

Let’s get started!

Design itinerary

For this, you need to test your own interests. The remote mountain passes or ancient culture – what appeals you more? If it’s the latter (ancient culture), the monasteries of Ladakh is your place to explore. If you want to go on a trek through thick forests, include Sikkim in your itinerary. In case you are that ambitious adventurer with a dream of exploring the mountain passes, the trails of Garhwal are the best of Indian Himalayas.

However, being too ambitious can be dangerous. So, have enough time for acclimatization, keep the weather conditions in mind and have an extra day in hand for camping. Exploring and understanding the Himalayas is not a one trip adventure. It can take all your life to achieve! Just be patient and enjoy your first trekking in the Himalayas.

Fix a budget

If you are a planning an independent trek, figure out the cost of porters, hiring a tour guide, food, transportation, and accommodation. Now double it. This way you can manage any unforeseen costs, a normal situation when on a travel expedition. If you are going with one of the most popular trekking companies in India, have 10% of your budget with you in cash.

Time the trek

Months from March to June is the best time for trekking but ensure you learn about the weather conditions in the Himalayas. Be aware of the changing climate as the weather pattern across the Indian Himalayas is so complicated that even travel experts find it difficult to figure out at times. The areas of Darjeeling, Himachal, Sikkim, and Uttaranchal experience heavy monsoons so avoid planning the trip in the months of July and August.

Take safety precautions

Trekking in India is no normal travel plan but is considered as a specialist activity which needs you to know about acclimatization and does not have blind faith on your GPS for directions. Sometimes, even the detailed contour map can be misleading in remote areas. The better option would be to hire a local experienced guide.

Pack your gears

You need not impress anyone in those remote mountain passes. Just forget about fashion and ensure you have a sturdy gear to withstand the constantly changing weather in the mountains. If your trekking gear is new enough and in good condition, don’t go for the latest version. If you are going to trek the Himalayas under a trekking company, make sure the things included in your gear.

Significant Tips for the trek to Indian Himalayas

Be positive throughout the journey

You need to be in the right state of mind along with being physically fit to go on the trek. Places of the high altitude can lead to panic and frustration but these are not the right places to unleash your emotions. Just try staying calm and positive during such moments of frustration. Keep chanting the trekking mantra “Short steps, deep breaths” and you will be fine.

Protect your trekking gear

Keep your gear in a sturdy kitbag. You can easily replace it after contact with jagged rocks, thorn blushes and when offloaded at dusty campsites. It is better to protect it in the kitbag than getting it damaged.

Have the essentials handy

A water bottle, windcheater, dry pair of socks and sunhat must be carried along on the trek. Keep all your essentials handy to ease the pain of packing and repacking all the way. Buy an umbrella from the local market in the town to keep away from rain and sun. It can also work as a shield when you are on the bathroom breaks in the mountainside.

Be polite to the locals

This is an important tip during Himalaya trekking for beginners – always be polite and courteous to the locals. If you want to get closer to the all-new culture, courtesy and friendliness are what you need.

Carry all the essential medication

Carry all your medication and essential tablets along with you on the trek. Also, carry the prescriptions with you. There are certain medicines which you can’t have without a prescription.

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