How much bounce rate matter for your website success?

If you are a blogger and have your own website or tech blog, then you can use web traffic, SEO And must be sure to check page views. You will face many words such as pages viewed on a daily basis, total time on site and bounce rate (Daily page views, Total time on site & Bounce rate). Let’s talk about the bounce rate today. Many times when we meet a new person, we love his words and his personality. Many people try to increase the traffic of the website, but they do not understand the weakness of some things. Those people waste their time in vain. We need to filter things inside the website. Such as, page view, unique visitors, site speed, daily time, and ranking, bounce rate.  All the things given here are important according to the performance of the site. But here we will learn about Bounce Rate. If your website’s bounce rate is between 75% -100% then you need to improve your website. If you do not improve, then the number of visitors to your website can be very low.

Reduce Bounce Rate Tips –

Quality Full Content:-

First one method for reduce bounce rate of your website is that show attractive content to unique visitors. This method can be a good idea to lower a bounce rate. By detecting your unique visitors, they first show some attractive content. Some websites show unique tools to reduce bounce rates on some websites.

Remove All Broken Links Form your Website:-

Broken links are the reason for this low user experience, due to which the bounce rate can increase significantly. Use webmasters tool to find these broken links easily, so use Google Webmaster Tools.

Full Responsive Website:-

Visitors can spend more time on mobile than this desktop. By giving it a mobile responsive view to your website’s design, visitors can see your external links and website in general. So please make your website full responsive, so it can be resize in all devices like ipad, mobile, desktop etc.

Always use Target=”_blank” on external links:-

If your subject becomes too long then the reader becomes quite bored while reading and studying. By holes in different parts of the subject and using the target = “_ blank” anchor tag. It is better to allow external links on some of your websites to be opened on new window.

Visitors can visit the same website from different browsers, so bounce rates can be reduced due to all the browsers being aware of the development of the website. First, if you want to reduce the loading time of your website, then compress the images of your website first. To compress the image, can use this great website. Delete your broken CSS and JS these external files. Place JavaScript external files on the footer of your website. Minify the required css and js external files.  is a good website for css and js minify. Use Google Developer or gtmetrix these websites to check your website’s loading time and reasons. Visitors can be quite upset by popups and redirecting to your website. Most of my references are popups of websites; Contents are very different from the contents. If popups are to be given, give relevant popups from content. Your bounce rate may increase with irrelevant popups and your bounce rate may also decrease with relevant popup. If your website bounce rate will be low, then your website ranking will be high.

If you think about redirecting, then if there is relevant content on the redirecting website, the bounce rate may or may not be reduced but the bounce rate can be encouraged if there is irrelevant content.

If you want to increase the number of visitors to your website, then unique content is a very important department. In view of my view, a lot of websites copy this content and put it on their website, by doing so, to boost the bounce rate. Some people are given popup and redirecting ads on their website, so that visitors are forced to see or click on ads. If you do such ads, your earning may increase but the bounce rate can also increase. When keywords are used better, then organic search will help in much more traffic. If you want to use the right keywords, then you should use Google Ad words Keyword Planner. If spelling mistakes in content, then visitors or readers do not understand the main purpose of content. If you improve your terminology then your bounce rate may be reduced. Use Grammar Checker Tools to remove Spelling Errors. Use Grammar this Browser add-on to check Grammar.

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