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An Overview of Laser Hair Removal 0

Best Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is one the most effective method to get rid of unwanted body hair. It is quite different from conventional hair removal procedures such as shaving and waxing. Using a laser is considered the best hair removal technique by those who only go through the hair removing procedures once every two to three months. Unlike Waxing and shaving, results achieved from laser hair removal provide perpetual results. It is becoming more and more popular every day due its feasibility and accessibility in every part of the world. Individuals have opted to choose laser treatment as their prime hair removal procedure because it takes less time, it is more economically feasible and it provides the desired results.

Although there are some critics that question the effects of laser treatments. Some say that it is unsafe and with continuous treatment it can cause permanent damage to the skin. There is some truth to such claims but the arguments made by the critics are highly exaggerated.

Is Laser Treatment Really Worth It?

Not everyone shares the same views regarding Laser treatment, although there are some people that considered it best hair removal procedure, some are skeptical of its use. The main argument made by those who decide on conventional procedure say that Laser treatment requires the help of a professional. They argue that laser hair removal cannot be self-administrated and requires and appointment with a professional. It makes the procedure more hectic, time consuming and even uncomfortable. Others say that it has been rumored to cause skin damage, it is not suitable for every individual and some even have suggested that it could cause skin diseases.  On the contrary laser hair removal is considered one of the safest method that produces long lasting result. After a single appointment, individuals won’t have to come back for a month or two, this makes laser treatment more feasible as compared to waxing. In addition to the rumors regarding skin damage, it is true that laser treatment is not suitable for every individuals and should not be administered when the individual is pregnant or are taking specific kind off medications. Still it is one the most widely used and popular hair removal procedure today, making it one of the best hair removal procedure available in the market.

How does the treatment work?

In laser hair removal the light is concentrated at the hair follicles that are the small sacs in the inner layer of the skin, this is where the hair growth takes place. This concentrated laser is converted into heat that either destroys or damages the hair facials. After the completion of the treatments the hair takes longer to grow back. Since laser is concentrated on the color which is melanin, therefore the best results are achieved on individuals with light complexion and have dark hair. Laser treatment is considered the best hair removal due to its long lasting results but, to achieve them it requires multiple sessions. If any hair follicles have not been destroyed in the first session and only have suffered minor damage, in the second session it will affect the concentrated area even further causing hair follicles to become dormant and resisting hair growth for a longer period of time.

Types and benefits of Laser Hair Removal

These are the most common type of laser treatments and are only performed by certified dermatologists.

  • Pulsed Diode Array.
  • Intense Pulsed light.
  • Alexandrite laser.
  • Ruby Laser.

All of these laser treatments have similar benefits which can be summarized into three points:

  • The treatment is fast as it only takes minutes to complete the session. Although the time depends on the covered area and the desired results, still as compared to waxing it is the fastest producer out there.
  • Laser treatment works with absolute precision, targeting the area where unwanted hair is to be removed.
  • The results are long lasting and improve over the time. As the treatment is repeated hair follicles become dormant.

How to determine which hair removal procedure to go with?

In order to get the best hair removal, consider the following things:

  • Is the procedure safe?
  • What results are achieved?
  • Is it time consuming?
  • Is it expensive as compared to other procedures?
  • Consider the long term cost.
  • Consider the methods by which procedure is being performed.
  • Always consult a doctor before any procedure to check for any abnormalities in the skin tissue.

By considering the above points any individual that is choosing to go through with a hair removal procedure can make a decision on the basis of their needs. Considering the alternates, it can be said that indeed Laser is the best hair removal treatment. It is less time consuming, the results are long lasting, it is administered by a certified dermatologist that can run a basic medical diagnosis before the session, it takes fewer sessions and lastly it is considered the safest hair removal procedure to date.