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Best Hearing Aids Brands & Price in India? 0

Best Hearing Aids Brands & Price in India?

Hearing aids in India are relatively (if you compare it with income and other techs) is cheaper than the rest of the world.

You can get something as cheap as in 5000 and something as expensive as 2 lacs!

When talking about the best price, it depends on your budget and requirements. There are several varieties based on the features. Most of the time, cost depends on they’re fitting – Behind The Ear (BTE), inside the canal, etc. Some are compatible with your phone, some connect to Bluetooth and some others are invisible to the eye. I would recommend you consult an audiologist for the best fit and model for your needs. Head over to Hearing Sol for qualified professional advice.


A price of hearing aid depends on factors like…

The technology used in hearing aid. The chip that is used in it. Every year technology gets improvised and every year a new set of aids come into the market.

The size. Practically speaking smaller the size costlier the aid. There is a custom model available at the same price as behind the ear type hearing aids

The manufacturing company. Siemens is the number one company in India, But Oticon and resound do a better job

Automatic versus manual. So the automatic ones are costlier.

In short, inexpensive aids, its performance will be better. The re-selection should be done by an audiologist, rather it should be bought online or through ENT.

Below are some of the best hearing aid companies and their hearing aid price in India for people with hearing disability.


The most popular and well-liked brands in Siemens Sound Technology, Siemens have assured to provide quality and reliability in their search. The product ranges from BTE (from the ear) to the instruments of ITE (ear). The company successfully launched some authorized health care center (HCC) across the country to provide a range of quality hearing health care services at various centers as per the requirements. The price of these hearing aids is around RS13k in India.


The best hearing aids companies in India create the tools that provide excellent voice by making innovative applications in search of their hearing aid. The company has various types of hearing aid devices, including the latest digital hearing aid and some powerful superpower hearing aids that can provide you access to some quality sound hearing even after some significant damage to earbuds.

The company offers its divine quality service in more than 25 countries, with more than 80 distributors in various parts of the country.


OTICON is one of the companies that take care of customers’ problems and needs and then offers their services accordingly. The company is one of the most recognizable brands that play an important role in breaking the gap between communication and hearing. The company has relevant experience in this field and there is some expertise that is working dedicated to giving new style and innovation to hearing. Price range in India Rs.80 k to 205400.


The main purpose of the Phonak is to provide quality and standard in the health care system, which mainly focuses on improving hearing disorders. Hearing health is important to human beings, and therefore, keeping only this approach, the company has produced many hearing aids which are economical, viable and reliable.

The company has a group of audiologists who are working to include listening experience with new technology and they have achieved relatively deeper. The company takes care of and the advisory service makes it easy for the customers to provide the best. Price range in India approx Rs.203000 to 254000.


The Danish-based company Widex has been in the field of providing the best hearing aid since its incubation in 1956. Currently, the company is one of the leading manufacturers of hearing aids in more than 100 countries with auditory centers and retail outlets. A group of 4,000 experts.

the company has distributed some unique hearing aids, featuring some of the digital advancements in its products featuring wireless connectivity. The company also diagnoses the customer before assigning any BTE or ITE device. The Company’s mission is to provide full quality and standard of hearing aid and customer service. Price range13k to 50k.


The founder of the company William F. Austin started an enterprise with a mission in 1984. While taking care of Austin’s vision “So the world can hear”, the organization is currently treating more than 1 million hearing impairments annually. The Foundation now works with the quality and experience of the audiologist to bridge the gap between hearing and general lifestyle. Price limit Rs 5000 / – RS7 lakhs.


The only Indian manufacturer of hearing products with the certified company, which was established in the year 1967. With the view to deliver the best and cheapest hearing aid product for those who are suffering from hearing disabilities. The company supplies all types of hearing aids, which vary according to the degree of hearing disability in the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment. Price range: RS 2500-4 lakhs per unit


Axon is one of the popular brands when it comes to listening devices. There is a diverse range of auditory aids manufactured by the company, which is ideal for meeting various hearing problems. All the newly manufactured products of the company are technically sound and digital fit. It also comes with various features, such as people such as volume adjustment, amplifier

Price range – Rs 400 – Rs. 2000 / –


Aplifon is a decent and award-winning company to provide the best hearing care solutions and treatments in India. The company deals with the creation of latest technology based digital hearing aids to deliver the best hearing experience. The company has more than 175 hearing aid centers in India.

It is also relatively important to accept that the company has more than 5,500 hearing centers in 22 countries. The company has delivered a large number of satisfied customers

The same hearing aid can be sold at different prices, and at some places with discount and at some places at a higher price.