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How Outsourcing professional services could be a cost effective business strategy: 0

How Outsourcing professional services could be a cost effective business strategy:  There are a lot of people who do not have a great experience when it comes to employing consultants and guiding firms when it comes to establishing a business in UAE. It is a fact that people are moving their startups to Dubai because of the benefits that anyone would receive after starting up a business in this land. UAE has become a central point of the international business. But as much open hearted UAE has become, those who do not have any know how of the workings of business there have to deal with a lot of problems as well. It is important to employ some agency to help you out with the steps of the process without having to be bothered at all.

It is a whole new set of difficult procedures that one has to follow when they look forward to establishing a good business in UAE. That is why the need of consultants becomes even more relevant. But not everyone understands the real way of finding out the best service provider and this lead to wrong choices that are made in order to get whatever best one could get but they turn out to be huge blunders. The number of benefits that you are going to get in UAE is amazing. There are a lot of people who would love to set up a business in UAE because of the numerous benefits that are visible.

But having a consultant does not mean that you do not have to do absolutely anything at all. Most of the times your consultants will do nothing much and charge a lot of fees which would be very harmful for the businesses who are starting up with smaller investments at hand. It is crucial to understand which services are being offered and what are the things that you have to do by yourself. Having a clear mind before you get started will make things very easy for you.

The most important of all these services that you require are the professional services. These services constitute a wide range that is why you cannot afford to hire different professionals for all the services that you need. Even if you plan to hire in house employees for a certain professional service you would need a lot of them because certain services require a lot of experts to be done perfectly. If you plan to have and Company setup in Dubai you would need some professional services too. We would recommend you to find good firms and outsource all these PRO services for the following reasons.


The best part about outsourcing the PRO work of your company is that you will get to enjoy the expertise of your service provider. The company who is providing a particular service must have a complete knowledge of the new trends in that field. You will get so much knowledge and the best sort of work from them. That is what makes outsourcing a better option than in house staff. Because even if you hire them they will be doing work just for one company which means that they would lack diversity and up to date knowledge.

Lesser time consuming:

Since you are to get your employees’ and their families’ visas and get them the resident permit, you will have to do a lot of work by yourself. This includes those visits to the visa office and waiting in queue for a long time. When you will outsource all this work you would not have to wait in lines for a long time and save a lot of effort and time as well. This is a reason enough to look out for a professional service provider and get everything done saving a lot of time.

Cost effective:

Hiring an in house employ is a very expensive work to do. You will have to manage another employ including all his expenses like visas, ticket, residence and so on. You do not want to take up all this problem on your head instead of getting professional and high quality services from professional agency. A wise person would sit down and calculate the costs of both the processes and understanding the quality of work that an agency can provide you, outsourcing is the best option.


If a team has to work on the same type of projects for a longer period of time, not only their skills would improve a great deal but also there would be more interested in their work. Working together will make their expertise rise to a great deal. It is a known fact that UAE Company formation cost is reasonable as well. The dedication of such teams is shown in the work that they do. Finding a service provider with all these benefits and 24/7 availability is not something that you would want to miss out at all.

Under Control Services:

Having a professional service provider is the most reliable way to get started with the things. This is because you will not have to face any last minute failures. For example if you are going to get residency visa you do not want to find out the night before you leave that your visa is not accepted. All these things are taken care of by the agencies that have spent years in doing this thing. There in nothing that could beat the experience. You will feel your control over everything that is being done which is very important for efficient working.

Transparent mechanism:

Companies that are well reputed in their work always provide their customers with the proper information including all the expenses that they have done. You will get a complete and understandable report which makes this whole procedure very transparent. On the contrary you might have to do all this record keeping by yourself which is a very time consuming work.


The company that you would employ for providing you with PRO services will be updating you at every single step making it easier for you to understand how your work is going on and how you are supposed to make it better. A good company will keep you updates and all these things would be easier for you than ever.

Risk free:

Employing in house staff means that you have to take up all the responsibility on yourself and this might be a risk if you do not have an experience in that field. Employing an agency will make things risk free since they will take on all the responsibility and deliver you what was promised. This is the reason enough for you to consider outsourcing your work to these firms.