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5 Best Study Hacks Taught In CBSE Schools In Amravati 0

Like every month, today also I went to attend the parents-teachers meeting in CBSE schools in Amravati. As the final exams are heading close, most of the parents were attending the meeting. It was shocking to know that most of the parents were complaining about one particular reason.

It was the big complaints from the parents that their wards have lack of concentration while studying. Because of it, the students are unable to secure the good marks. It was becoming a trouble for the parents to make their wards sit for hours to study.

The teachers including me were patiently listening to it. The supervisor of the school stood up to pass on some major study hacks that have been of great help for many students previously. I too grab it all the study hacks for my kids. Here below listed are those study hacks that can be helpful for any kid.

The best study hacks CBSE schools in Amravati


  1. Keeping the studying area clean

The surrounding ambiance increases the productivity and it is very much proved. It is essential for parents and kids to keep their study table well-organized and the surroundings neat. The messy place distracts kid’s concentration, spoils the mood, and fills the environment with a lazy feeling.

Putting fresh flowers on the corner of the table, a pen/pencil stands with other added accessories, books are piled neatly, a night lamp for extra light if needed, desk-top, a jar filled with water and covered, etc is needed to be done properly.

These are the proven ways which increases productivity.


  1. Make a goal

To start study unsystematic is close to wasting half the time. The junior kids with the help of the parents and the senior can manage a timetable for daily studies. They must prepare a  time-table for each subject and also place a target for everyday studies. They should not end up the studies of the day before they completed their targeted subjects and its chapters.


  1. Take small breaks

Today’s kids are loaded with many subjects and heavy home works. To complete it timely, it takes hours. The kids should take small breaks of 10-15 minutes in between after every hour or completing one subject. This refreshes their mind. The empty stomach growls and, therefore the concentration often get distracted. The kids can be provided with the light snacks in their breaks.

A glass of juice, milk, soup, or oats, etc can be the right thing to eat or drink. Just remember don’t eat heavy food and too much as it makes you feel sleepy.

Listening light music is the best choice during small breaks.



  1. Avoid watching televisions or using mobiles

Television and mobiles are the worst mind distraction elements during studies. The parent’s and kids both are needed to be determined not to use watch television and use mobiles before completing their studies.

Again it is advisable for them to use it in limit. This habit will help them to concentrate easily on studies.



  1. Sound sleep

Sound sleep is essential to stay mentally fresh and physically fit. During exams, students force them to study overnight or often parents also expects from kids to study late in the night. At least, the students needs 6-7 hours of sound sleep during night. It keeps them fresh and their mind. Rather than studying too late in the night, it is better to wake up early and have revisions. It is noticed that study at early hours with a fresh mood is more beneficial. The early hour studies can be easily memorized for long.


The above listed the best study hacks are proven and useful. It literally helps anyone who determines to follow it with discipline and regularly.

CBSE Schools In Amravati Displays The Importance Of Education In Life 0


The world of knowledge

The world of knowledge

CBSE board schools in Amravati, the well-known educational centers are meant to impart quality and conceptual education in every candidate’s life. In today’s competitive world, do you agree to a point that educational centers are availing 100% quality education? Do you agree that most of the educational platforms are running with a business prospects?

Well, if anyone can explain what is education or quality education? As far, I think education is a collection of information from various sources that adds valuable knowledge in your life. It is a piece of knowledge that differentiates between a human figure and a wild jungle being.

CBSE board schools in Amravati is getting views for imparting the quality education that truly displays the importance of education in life.

Like, CBSE schools in Amravati, all other educational institutes also work for the same job. Then what is specially noticed in CBSE schools in Amravati?

Specialties of CBSE board schools in Amravati

  1. The teachings through projects are one of the practical and entertaining ways to teach the students about the different topics. While making the projects, the students browse the different websites. It allows them to learn about the internet which is essential in every working field.

While collecting the related information on internet, they come across much other valuable and important information that adds the huge amount of knowledge in them.

The project making is a not only requires writing work, but it also entertains the creative mind and unique ideas. This is helpful when in the later stages the students need to ready the presentation on large board.

  1. These schools interestingly arrange the excursions every year for all the grade students. Arranging a simple tour of a family requires lots of preparation. Imagine the regular and proper arrangements by these schools to arrange the educational tours for every grade students.

The aim of this educational tour is to allow students to relate the textual historical and cultural stories in reality.

  1. Sports and extracurricular activities are regularly found in schools. There are students who have extreme talents in sports and extra-curricular activities. The CBSE schools in Amravati provide the platform for them to continue with their extreme talents to state, national, and even up to international levels.


CBSE schools have remained outstanding from the last two decades for their excellent performances. Thus, the CBSE schools in Amravati are following the same path and are remarkable in the place.

How To Find The Best CBSE Schools In Amravati? 0

Finding CBSE board schools in Amravati for guardians and parents is now a tough task. The academic progress of these schools in Amravati has given tough competition among schools. What are the factors need to measure to select a school for your ward from the list of the best CBSE schools in Amravati that can be the best for imparting the knowledge of the importance of education in life?

kids studying in CBSE board school

kids studying in CBSE board school

How to select the CBSE school in Amravati?

  • Check the reviews of these schools online and read the testimonials. Evaluate the reviews from the parents of old students.
  • The faculty is the key root for the good academic results. The schools’ faculty should be well-educated and experienced. It is essential to collect the faculty’s report from the school, kids, and parents
  • The infrastructure of the school measures a lot. The arrangements of the classroom, number of students per classroom, desk and chair arrangements, windows, fans, drinking water and washroom facility, etc are the essential factors that need to be checked
  • The arrangements of extra-curricular works and sports activities should be checked
  • The number of installments to pay the yearly fees should be calculated
  • The study methodology, if it includes practical and projects along with conceptual studies
  • Library and exams halls for board exams are available
  • Teacher to child ratio is essential. A teacher must attend a maximum of 30 students per class.


The above-listed points are helpful selecting the best CBSE schools in Amravati. These are helping guidelines for any guardian or parent.

The Best 5 Advantages Of Coed CBSE Schools In Amravati 0

In this modern and developed economy, schools are favoring mostly for Coed education. Coed educations means the education imparted to both males and females under the same roof, together.

Nowadays, the different educational boards like CBSE schools are implementing platforms to provide Coed education.

For example, the CBSE schools in Amravati has set an excellent message for everyone that education is the work done by mindful good thoughts, but not with two different bodies. Therefore, unlike in the olden days, the mean and rotten thought of not allowing two different sexes to acquire knowledge under the same roof should be avoided. Rather, supporting this Coed education in CBSE board schools have various benefits towards both the sexes, and society as well.

  1. Developing mutual respect

When you are allowed to spend time and work together on any projects, for sure you will develop some common understanding in-between. This slowly grows into respect towards each other. This has been greatly proved beneficial for both the genders to bind in good friendship and overcome many mental and health problems because when you survive in favoring ambiance, it naturally affects your mental and health status.

There is a list of CBSE board schools in Amravati who has found remarkable growth in the student’s academic progress.

  1. Overcome fear of opposite gender

There are students from CBSE board schools who being intelligent lacks behind in many other extracurricular activities, like games, sports, dance, drama, ect. These students have somewhat shy nature. They hesitate to get part in these activities.

When both the genders acquire the knowledge under the same roof, they are able to overcome their shy nature and hesitation to great level. This also increases the confidence level and develops personality to an extent.

When the students from CBSE board schools in Amravati are observed, you can find the extreme level of unity, confidence, and respect.

  1. Competition level

Competition to an extent is a healthy part in any field, personal or professional. In olden days, the competition either personally or professionally between two different sexes was considered not less than a war. But, acquiring education in Coed institutes has wiped this ill-thought and generates new ways of thinking.

Now, the competition between two sexes is meant maintain your dignity and educates to learn from each other rather than feeling low.

  1. Self esteem

In today’s advanced stage, self-esteem has to be built in good ways. The Co-education institutes of CBSE boards are the right place to lay early foundation for dignity and self-esteem.

The reputed Coed institutes separately held the session for those who feel low in them compare to others. This feel mostly captivates one mind when they are faced to opposite sex.

Acquiring education under same roof by both the genders and the counselling session helps such students to overcome the low feeling.


Education is birth right for everyone, either male or female. It was in very olden days that females were not promoted for education. But, as the day move on and the computer age approached, the importance of education started growing vastly.

Now, unlike those olden days, the females are not sitting in the houses, but they are aggressively moving out for advance studies.

Schools are the educational institutes that are meant to serve the purpose of availing knowledge and information to both the genders, male and female.