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Top Picks Of The Month

Ebooks have a come long way since their inception. Due to the advancement in technology and increase in the standard of living, now-a-days people indulge into a lot of electronic mediums and devices. Kindle definitely has become a rage and this has given rise to lot of eBook publications. Not only English eBooks but even Marathi eBooks and Hindi ones are getting popular.

At Bookhungama, our aim has always been to release great eBooks that would captivate our readers and enhance their love for literature and reading.

Some of picks for this month are as follows…

  1. Kahi Sahityak : Kahi Sahityakruti by Bhimrao Kulkarni

This eBook is a collection of various literary works and it also talks about the great writers behind those literary works. Once you take a book in your hands and start reading it you are able to gauge the idea behind it and the writer’s mindset. Every book has a story behind it and in this Marathi eBook Mr. Kulkarni has tried to convey the thought of the writers while writing those books. This eBook is basically a collection of the literary artists and their amazing literary work.

You can grab this eBook here – http://bookhungama.com/kahi-saahityik-kahi-sahityakruti/


  1. Mahabharatatil Alakshit Katha – Shri R Bhide

Our mythological stories are epic and very engaging. Our rich culture and heritage is reflected very well in these mythological stories. Since centuries these stories have been passed on from one generation to other generation and even today people take the same interest in these stories as they used to before. Mahabharata is one of our giant epic literary gems. There are many stories in Mahabharata that have been neglected or less told. Our writer Shri R Bhide, has thrown light on these forgotten sagas of the epic Mahabharata. He has made a collection of all such less famous Mahabharata tales in this amazing Marathi eBook.

You can buy your eBook here – http://bookhungama.com/mahabharatatil-alkshit-katha/

Indulge in eBooks because reading is a great hobby to possess. Bookhungama also provides its readers with eBook reader app to download eBooks and also with an audiobook app to download audiobooks.

So wait no more, buy your favourite book, select your favourite corner and start reading!

Website: – http://www.bookhungama.com

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Ebook Duo Of The Month

At Bookhungama we have always encouraged our readers to go out there and try different genres of literature. Literature of various languages has so much to offer that you can’t just get enough. You would always be on a quest for more. Every month we release all kinds of eBooks be it Marathi EBooks, English Ebooks or Hindi Ebooks. Our eBooks range from informative ones to romantic stories to murder mysteries to suspense thrillers.

We also encourage writers to publish their own eBooks. We provide one of the best ebook publishing services as we provide best ways to publish an eBook.

Here are some of the fun eBooks of this Month…

  1. Kay Mhanta? Balala Bara Nahi? – Dr. G.A. Tamhankar

It is not a child’s play to take care of children. These days you have to be well prepared if you are bringing a child into this world. The author used to write columns under the same name in many women’s magazines and now those columns have been amalgamated into a book. This book is especially for mothers and parents. This would help them to take care of the health of their babies.

This eBook could be a perfect gift for your friend whose child is still young. You can buy the eBook here – http://bookhungama.com/kaya-mhntaa-balala-bra-nahi/


  1. Vegle Vyavasay Veglya Vata – Chandrashekhar Joshi

Choosing the right profession after high school or Junior college is a very essential task. Many of the Indian Students opt for the generic paths such as Engineering or Medical. Most of them have no idea about the other professions, courses or learning centres. It is very vital for a child to know his interests and head towards that direction rather than just going off on the path that has been taken by the herd. The author Chandrashekhar Joshi has enlightened everyone with the knowledge of various professions and pathways, children and students can take up as a career. His book throws light on various careers that are booming in the current world and have a large scope.

Grab this informative eBook here – http://bookhungama.com/vegale-vyavasay-vegalya-vata/


We are sure you would love these eBooks. To have a look at more options of Marathi eBooks or Hindi eBooks or English eBooks click on this link – http://bookhungama.com/purchase-books/

Website: – http://www.bookhungama.com

Download Ebook Reader app Free – https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.bookhungamareader

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Why Reading Should Be Your New Year Resolution

It is the New Year, which means it is the time for resolutions, the time decide to take out time for what you love to do or explore something new. Every individual has a list of things and we are sure that ‘Reading’ has made it to many of the lists this year. This one is for those whose list doesn’t include reading. We are going to talk about why you should indulge into this great habit this year.

Indulging into reading be novels, stories, autobiographies or even eBooks brings a huge change in a person’s life. Here are some of the reasons why reading more should be one of your New Year resolutions

  1. You will feel alive!

Reading is a great habit to have. Indulging into a tiny story or a novel will make you feel great. It is great for your health and overall well- being. Reading the correct material also induces a lot of positivity in your life.

  1. Keeps stress at bay!

We understand you, at some point, have to go through a lot of stress your lives be it professional or personal. Reading has the ability to take you in a whole another world away from yours and this reduces stress to a great extent. Reading regularly will keep your mind healthy.

  1. Knowledge and Vocabulary

There is no two way about the fact that reading increases knowledge. You could read anything, fiction, non-fiction, informative or even an autobiography, every book teaches something. This habit also significantly expands your vocabulary. Every book you read brings you closer to the language by introducing new words.

  1. Increases the ability to focus and concentrate

In today’s world of distractions our mind is drawn in different directions by so many things around. Reading helps you to focus on one and thing and thus improves your ability to focus and concentrate.

At Bookhungama we totally support reading by releasing great eBooks and audiobooks. We provide ebooks belonging to various languages be it Marathi eBook or Hindi. We also provide an eBook reader app and an audiobook app. Being one of the best eBook publishers we provide eBook publishing services and encourage the writers to publish their eBooks.

Visit our website and allow us to help you stick to your resolution!

Happy reading and happy new year!

Website: – http://www.bookhungama.com

Download Ebook Reader app Free – https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.bookhungamareader


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Bad Reading Habits To Avoid In 2019

Reading is a great activity. It is a joyous time for the reader and the book has a power to take the reader in a whole another world. Reading can also prove as a stress buster. Bad reading habits can be harmful. They also make you lose your concentration and focus. These habits affect your reading speed and also your memory. They have a huge effect on your power to understand what you read and also the mind’s power to recall. Free Ebooks Download For Android

Following are some of the bad habits that you should avoid…

  1. Losing focus

Sometimes books and their stories tend to take you into a whole another world. This might lead an individual get engrossed in imagination while still reading ahead. In such cases the person has to go back and read the things he did not focus on. So such kind of habits can be avoided by focusing on the sentence that we are reading rather than on the previous topic or paragraph.

  1. Reading in bad Lighting

This is the basic requirement. Reading books in a bad light might affect your eyesight. Be it children or adults it is very important to read your favourite book or novel under proper lights that aren’t harmful for the eyes. These days people do indulge in reading a lot of eBooks through kindle but still you have to take care of your eyes and the light. Best Ebook Reader App

  1. Poor Posture

Here’s another basic practise that should be followed. Having a correct posture while reading is very essential for your back to avoid back aches and other back and neck related issues. Be it an adult or be it kids everyone needs to maintain a proper posture to prevent back aches or craning of the neck. This also causes problem in concentration where it makes you tend to forget what you have read.

  1. Wrong Assumptions and end reading

You should never judge a book just by looking at the cover. Try and read the front and back write ups to get a clear idea of what the book is about. Also while reading the book try not to read the end first, this might spoil the whole fun process of reading the whole story.

  1. Folding pages

Never fold the pages of a novel. It’s not a right thing to do. Instead use a book marker.

These were some of the basic bad habits to avoid. At Bookhungama we publish a lot of great eBooks for you folks and to cater to your love for reading.

Website: – http://www.bookhungama.com

Download Ebook Reader app Free – https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.bookhungamareader


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4 Ways in which Reading Uplifts Mental Health

We at Bookhungama have always endorsed reading. It is one of the most important habits to possess. Reading helps you become stress free. We would always recommend that never read anything because you have to or as if it is one of the tasks you need to accomplish. Read because you would love to, read because reading helps you to travel in a world other than yours and helps you to forget the worries and difficulties of your existing world.

Reading has a great effect on the mind of an adult as well as a child. This great habit proves beneficial for the mental health of both adults as well as children.

Here are some of the ways in which the habit of reading helps to maintain a sound mind and boost the mental health

  1. You become very understanding

Studies have proven that reading helps you to become very empathetic towards others. Reading various stories and going through many characters helps a human being to become very perspicacious. In this way they become more inclined and open towards how others feel especially the ones who are not in the same situation as theirs.

  1. Reading helps you to deal with your difficulties

While reading a self-help book or any book by some great thinker or philosopher you tend to get answers to many of your own problems. While reading any story or a novel at times you are able to relate to certain characters and are able to deal with your situations by reading the journey of the characters.

  1. Increased intellectual capabilities

Reading definitely assists you to make your memory sharp and increase your knowledge. Informative books prove to be great knowledge boosters and novels prove to increase your vocabulary. Good vocabulary is always an indication of great intellectual capabilities.

  1. Great stress buster

As we mentioned before reading definitely helps you to virtually travel into a whole another world which may or may not be different from your own. Reading a funny novel or a completely different refreshing story helps your brain to rejuvenate and assists it to become stress free.

At Bookhunagama we always release great ebooks and audiobooks to increase our community of readers. We also provide a two in one app, an app which is an ebook reader app as well as an audiobook app.

So what are you waiting for, just download it and curl at your favourite corner with your favourite book!

Download Ebook Reader app Free – https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.bookhungamareader

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All about Srujan (part – 2)

Srujan is platform for all the budding writers, music composers and short film makers. We have made sure that we assist and help these folks in spreading their work across masses, globally. Be it eBooks, audiobooks or eComics, we indulge into everything.  We help you publish your own eBook.

Our core values comprise of integrity, passion, execution, candour and care. To perform all our actions we take inspiration from the virtue of integrity. We are super passionate about getting the real art to the digital platform. We execute what we promise. We at Srujan never compromise on the quality and service and we also care for our stakeholders.

Management Team – Our warriors!

Vikram Bhagwat

He is the man behind ‘Ek Shunya Shunya’ – the first ever super hit crime series in India. He has authored many TV series and Marathi commercial plays. After a long tenure of 35 years as a general manager in Bayer CropScience LTD, he retired and became one of the forefront members of Srujan. Be it providing best eBook publishing services through Srujan’s BookHungama or publishing Marathi Audiobooks he does it all.

Jayant Ponkshe

Being in the field of Information Technology since 1985, he has fulfilled many roles successfully such as Solution Architect, Project Manager and IT Manager with many companies such as Patni(now known as iGate) and Bayer(India). Mr. Ponkshe is a huge cinema lover and loves reading as well. He has participated actively in many cultural festivals. He is one of the pillar members of Srujan. He encourages ebook readers and actively participates in eBook publishing with Srujan.

Sunil Govardhan

He is a chartered accountant and has been practising it since 1986. He is highly experienced in the field of core taxation and also corporate, system and management audit. Mr.Sunil Govardhan is also the director on the board of couple of companies.

At Srujan we would love to give you many opportunities to showcase your product to the world. We aim at taking the world of ebook publishing to a whole another level by giving best ebook publishing services.

We take care that we protect your product from piracy by encrypting it. Infinite copies of your ebook/audiobook can be sold.

So visit our site and start your journey right away!

For more such Marathi eBooks you can visit our site: http://www.bookhungama.com/

Download Bookhungama Android App FREE – https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.bookhungamareader&hl=en


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Free Ebook Reader App Download For Android

E-Books you can’t miss!

E-books are something that we all enjoy reading. In the form of ebooks you can carry multiple books and read them anywhere and everywhere you want. This most convenient form of reading gives us a very pleasurable experience. Ebooks belonging to any language such as Marathi Ebooks, Engligh Ebooks or Hindi Ebooks are always fun to read & Best Ebook Reader App

Some of our interesting eBooks are as follows.

  1. Fitness & Beyond

Fitness is very important part of life. You may be a woman or a man, a young adult or a person in 60s or even a teenager, fitness is important in all stages of life. The writer Ulhas Shirke has tried to comprise all the aspects of fitness in this book and has also tried to answer the age old myths and the unanswered questions regarding fitness. He has also spoken about fitness for celebrities and the regime they follow. This book not only deals with physical fitness but also talks about mental fitness. Along with these things it also discusses breathing techniques and diet.

So all you fitness buffs grab your copy right away


  1. A Competitive Exam Key to Success

Competitive exams are perceived to be very difficult but with right amount of hard work and correct efforts things can be worked out and can get easy. The author Ajita Vishwas has put forward some brilliant insights and way to prepare for competitive exams. The author states that this book is not ‘self-help’ book because according to her somebody else can’t provide ‘self-help’.  This ebook is an effort by the author to prepare candidates for the road ahead.

You can buy this eBook here – http://www.bookhungama.com/index.php/e-book/english/a-competitive-exam-key-to-success.html

  1. On the Ball?

Are you a football fan? Well then this ebook by Dr. Paul Gaffney might interest you. This is a unique book that compares the game of football with various mental stresses in life. Mental health is very important and is usually overlooked. This book uses the universal language of football to help you deal with mental stress and face the difficulties in your life. The author Dr. Paul Gaffney has very beautifully used the message of sportsmanship that football teaches us to talk about our daily stress and how to fight it.

Get you copy here – http://www.bookhungama.com/index.php/e-book/english/on-the-ball.html

Along with providing you with great eBooks BookHungama also provides best ebook publishing services and also helps you to publish you own ebook & Free Ebooks Download For Android

For more such Marathi eBooks you can visit our site: http://www.bookhungama.com/

Download Bookhungama Android App FREE – https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.bookhungamareader&hl=en


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