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4 Awesome Writers of 2018

The year 2018 has seen the release of some great literary work. It has been a great year for writers, literature lovers as well as the bibliophiles. Every year we see the growth of English literature as we see great writers coming up with new stories to tell in a unique way.

Here are some of the writers who released their books in 2018 and made the year more fun…  Voice culture workshop

  1. Sally Rooney

All of 27, this writer is fiery, feisty and charming and so is her writing which has charmed numerous bibliophiles all across the globe. Last year she released a book called Conversation with Friends which was an intelligent page-turner. This year she released a book called ‘Normal People’. It has garnered great reviews worldwide and is a story about politics and love. Way to go Sally Rooney!

  1. Anjali Sachdeva

Anjali is one the awesome writers of the present generation. She has appeared in many reviews such as the Yale Review, The literary Review and many more. She also has taught writing in many universities such as University of Iowa and University of Pittsburgh. Her book ‘All the names they used for God’ has been received very well in this year. Kudos to this writer 

  1. David Chariandy

He is also one of the celebrated authors of 2018. He won the Toronto Book Award this year for his excellent work. Born and brought up in Canada, David’s novel ‘Brother’ which was released last year was well received across the globe. His writing showcases depth and maturity and a peak into reality in a special way.  Voice over workshop

  1. Richard Osmond

Richard is a wild food forager and his first work ‘Useful Verses’ is a box full of informative treasures. His poems display varied emotions and information about plants and other living things that he has been dealing with. The poems also depict various attributes of human and digital environments. His work basically is a mirror to many aspects of the modern as well the ancient world.

These were some of the writers of this year, do you have more to add to the list?

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Marathi Audiobook App

Top Picks Of The Month

Ebooks have a come long way since their inception. Due to the advancement in technology and increase in the standard of living, now-a-days people indulge into a lot of electronic mediums and devices. Kindle definitely has become a rage and this has given rise to lot of eBook publications. Not only English eBooks but even Marathi eBooks and Hindi ones are getting popular.

At Bookhungama, our aim has always been to release great eBooks that would captivate our readers and enhance their love for literature and reading.

Some of picks for this month are as follows…

  1. Kahi Sahityak : Kahi Sahityakruti by Bhimrao Kulkarni

This eBook is a collection of various literary works and it also talks about the great writers behind those literary works. Once you take a book in your hands and start reading it you are able to gauge the idea behind it and the writer’s mindset. Every book has a story behind it and in this Marathi eBook Mr. Kulkarni has tried to convey the thought of the writers while writing those books. This eBook is basically a collection of the literary artists and their amazing literary work.

You can grab this eBook here – http://bookhungama.com/kahi-saahityik-kahi-sahityakruti/


  1. Mahabharatatil Alakshit Katha – Shri R Bhide

Our mythological stories are epic and very engaging. Our rich culture and heritage is reflected very well in these mythological stories. Since centuries these stories have been passed on from one generation to other generation and even today people take the same interest in these stories as they used to before. Mahabharata is one of our giant epic literary gems. There are many stories in Mahabharata that have been neglected or less told. Our writer Shri R Bhide, has thrown light on these forgotten sagas of the epic Mahabharata. He has made a collection of all such less famous Mahabharata tales in this amazing Marathi eBook.

You can buy your eBook here – http://bookhungama.com/mahabharatatil-alkshit-katha/

Indulge in eBooks because reading is a great hobby to possess. Bookhungama also provides its readers with eBook reader app to download eBooks and also with an audiobook app to download audiobooks.

So wait no more, buy your favourite book, select your favourite corner and start reading!

Website: – http://www.bookhungama.com

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Audiobooks You Can’t Miss

Audiobooks have come a long way. These audiobooks prove to be very beneficial for visually impaired individuals. Through audiobooks even they are able to enjoy and follow their love for literature and language. While for other folks audiobooks are a great medium to connect to the story deeply. Many people believe that listening to a story has a deeper effect than reading it. The emotions of the story teller reach the listeners thus having a bigger effect and impact.

At Bookhungama we publish many audiobooks for audiobook lovers. We also provide our readers with an audiobook app through which you can easily download audiobooks.

Here are some of the great audiobooks you should listen to

  1. Manachi Ekagrata – Rahul Siddhartha Dalvi

Along with physical health it is very important to take care of the mental health. People often neglect their mental health and are not able to diagnose the problems. In the recent times, our country has been taking notice of the mental health scenarios and illness such as depression, anxiety and much more. In this audiobook , Rahul Dalvi addresses various mental health issues and talks about the vitality of peace of mind. This audiobook actually provides a bit of training and therapy for those suffering. Mr. Dalvi has also instructed the listeners about meditation techniques and various other ways to have a peaceful mind.

You can buy this amazing Marathi audiobooks here – http://bookhungama.com/Manache-Operation-Session-1/


  1. Smrutichitre Part 1 – Laxmibai Tilak (Orator – Priya Jamkar)

Laxmibai Tilak was a great human being. Not only was she an important part in the freedom fight but she was also a very strong woman. Smrutichitre is her autobiography which has been written beautifully. While listening to the autobiography, you would not even realise, when the characters in the audiobook would become your own. The writing connects you in a deep and sincere manner to all the characters in the audiobook. This audiobook would definitely be special for you.

You can listen to this audiobook in the voice of Priya Jamkar here – http://bookhungama.com/Smruti-Chitre-Part-1/

You can download the Bookhungama audiobook app for free and if you want to check out more audiobooks then click here – http://bookhungama.com/audio-books/?cat=4

Website: – http://www.bookhungama.com

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Different Formats Of Audiobooks

Audiobooks have come a long way. Many people consider them a great form of entertainment and a way to enter into the world of literature. Since these are the recorded versions of books they are of great use to people with poor or no eyesight.

There are various formats of audiobooks some of them are as follows…

  1. MP3 (.mp3)
    1. You can burn MP3 audiobooks to CDs.
    2. MP3 audiobooks are suitable and can be played on various devices.
    3. You can download and listen to MP3 audiobooks from suitable apps depending on whichever platform you are using such as Windows, Mac, Chromebook and mobile devices.
    4. There are various categories of MP3 audiobooks in iTunes.
  1. Windows Media Audio (.WMA)
    1. It is basically a file extension used with windows media player.
    2. It is a series of audio codecs programmed and formulated by Microsoft.
  1. Advanced audio coding (.ACC)
    1. This format is supposed to be a successor to the MP3 format.
    2. It achieves better sound quality at a bit rate same as MP3
    3. .ACC format has been standardised by ISO and ICE

At Book Hungama we provide you with best audiobooks. You can download audiobooks easily from our audiobook app. We have audiobooks in various languages such as Marathi Audiobooks and many more.

Head to our website and get hold of some amazing audiobooks!

For more such Marathi eBooks you can visit our site: http://www.bookhungama.com/

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