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Flowers symbolize the beauty of nature. If you gift someone flowers then it clearly represents your love and care for them. The nature has provided limitless varieties of flowers, but there are some common species of flowers which are used in a bouquet namely Roses, Lilies, Orchids, Gerbera, Carnation etc. Now, the way to gift flowers to your loved ones is also a big point. It can be a single rose to as a mothers day gift , a bunch of flowers randomly collected or a bouquet in which flowers are arranged in a particular manner.
The arrangement of flowers matters a lot and depends upon two factors mainly i.e. occasion and to whom you are gifting flowers. If we talk about a moment, event or occasion, you can’t use a bouquet of red roses for an official purpose and similarly every person is given different kind of flowers as per your relation with them.

Types of Arrangements

A single flower is suitable for some particular moments only, such as proposing your loved one and carries some meaning with it. On the other hand, a bunch or bouquet is used for different occasions. When we talk about a bouquet, it becomes important to notice the arrangement of flowers as well. you can give flower arrangement on mother day events for personalized mothers day gift .
Let us see, how many arrangements of flowers we commonly use for gifting purpose:

Horizontal Shaped Flower Arrangement:

This type of flower arrangement can be used for table decoration. In this floral arrangement, different size, color and type of flowers are arranged horizontally on a solid base in zig-zag manner. The arrangement looks very beautiful and can be gifted on any official or unofficial occasion.

Vertically Arranged Flowers:

This arrangement consists of several beautiful flowers arranged in vertical manner. It is one of the most common types of floral arrangements used in a bouquet as well as in a basket. If you gift someone these flowers, he/ she will be glad to receive them.

Triangular Shaped Flowers:

In this type of floral arrangement, flowers are trimmed and arranged in triangular fashion. The uppermost part of the bouquet is pointed one and then it continues to expand to bottom. The shape is quite similar to a Christmas Tree and looks extremely attractive.

V-Shaped Flowers:

The V-Shaped flowers arrangement looks very stunning. The flowers are grouped in V-Shape in a glass case or bouquet. The shape looks very simple and sober but has its own unique impact on everyone. Flowers can be collected in a bunch and be arranged in v-shape. The arrangement is suitable for all occasions.

Spiral Shaped Flower Bouquet: It is one of the most beautiful and breath taking arrangement of flowers. As the name suggests, the flowers are organized in spiral form in a pot, glass case or bouquet. In this arrangement, mostly same shape, color and type of flowers are arranged in spiral case. This arrangement of flowers is enough to translate your warm emotions to someone.

Basket Flower Arrangement:

In this floral arrangement, a basket is decorated with different colored flowers. This is the best floral arrangement to show your empathy for someone in their tough times like funeral. You can prepare a basket of white lilies, white and red combination of roses or light colored flowers for sympathetic occasions. Also, a cute basket filled with different colored flowers is a best gift option for any occasion.

Wreath Arrangement:

Wreath floral arrangement is nothing but a circular arrangement of flowers as a ring. The flowers are arranged at the rim of the circular ring. You can use a white flowers wreath to give your tribute to someone’s grave. On the other hand, it is also used in christian weddings.

Oval/ Elliptical Flower Arrangement:

It is one of the most recommended floral arrangements due to its classy and simple look. In this oval arrangement, various flowers of different or same colors, as per your need, are arranged in elliptical fashion.

Heart Shaped Arrangement of Roses:

On the occasion of mothers day gift we make sure this arrangement is prepared by single colored roses mostly and the color you can use as per your requirements. Mostly, this type of flower arrangements is used by the lovers to show their love, care and affection to each other. Also, it can be used at the time of proposing them.

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Roses For Valentine's Day Delivery

Why do we celebrate Mother’s Day?

“Mumma, you’ve always been there for me. There’s no way I could ever wholly express my gratitude for all you’ve done for me. I love you!”

Mother’s Day isn’t just a recently devised new holiday. Its origination can be traced back to the spring celebrations of ancient Greece to commemorate mother of Gods – Rhea. Cakes, drinks, and flowers were offered to the goddess at dawn. In the United States, Julia Ward Howe, a Boston renowned writer suggested a Mother’s’ Day in 1872. She dedicated the day to peace.

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Anna Jarvis from Philadelphia is the one who brought the official observance of Mother’s Day in its present form. She wanted to honor her Mother on her birthday that was in May. President Woodrow Wilson, in 1914 made it official – Mother’s Day would be celebrated on second Sunday in May every year, and it would be a dedicated national holiday. He mentioned that mothers are the most significant source of strength and inspiration.

Today we celebrate and honor our Mothers by giving her gifts and arranging her favorite flowers. Beautiful blooms are staples in everything from simple, personal celebrations to elaborate, culture-wide festivities, and are prized for their charm and fragrance. If you are planning to send flowers online on Mother’s Day, then we would suggest that you go for locally grown ones.

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A few suggestions:

Premium Roses: Select a stunning color combination of soft pink and ivory sweet avalanche roses decked along with silver cinerea eucalyptus.

Grace: Craft a visually enticing bouquet of pink Sorbonne oriental lilies and peach avalanche roses, add beauty with crisp white textured blooms.

Danu: Danu was honored as an Earth goddess of Ireland. This goddess of magic was also associated with fertility. Danu bouquets include foxglove, burnet roses, wild violets, and thistle.

Abek: Also known as the goddess of fertility, Abek is worshipped in Sudan and Africa. Abek flower arrangements might include lilies, hibiscus, or desert roses.

Lily: This most popular spring flower symbolizes purity and refined beauty. Simply put, it is an ideal way to catch Mom’s eye and capture her heart!

Love to all the Moms!

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Send Mothers Day Flowers

Say Happy Mother’s Day With These Beautiful Flowers

Mother is the most important woman in our lives. Her sacrifices cannot be counted. Apart from her birthday or wedding anniversary, there is one more day you can make her feel special and express your gratitude. No prizes for guessing, it’s Mother’s Day!

Flowers are a perfect way to celebrate her. So, don’t just order a bouquet or place some flowers on the table, personalize them! With personalization, you would gift her that ultimate feeling of being loved and wanted.

Wondering how you can personalize flowers to impress your Mommy Dearest this Mother’s Day? Read along, and you will know.

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Roses and Roses: A mother is a friend, a guide, a giver and what not. You could sum up all the love for her with a gorgeous bouquet of Roses. For a voguish mom, cut short the rose stems and arrange them in a square vase. Don’t forget to select her favorite color roses only. For a traditional momma, wrap fabric around the bunch of fragrant roses and secure it with a pretty ribbon. If you are staying far from home and are inclined on send mothers day flowers, then go for a bouquet crafted with fragrant lilies, cheerful chrysanthemums, and irises. If she is more of a gardener, then you can also send some potted plants with messages. We bet, she would love them thoroughly

Orchids are lovely too: Orchids are exotic in every way and add a modern twist when used as cut flowers. For Mother’s Day, you could pick up some white or purple dendrobium orchids with butterfly-shaped blooms. The best part about Orchids is that they last pretty long and look amazing too.

Tulips will freshen mommy dearest: The entire day Mom works like a machine. Help her relax with a lavish bouquet of bright tulips and brighten her regular day. Sending flowers for Mother’s Day is a loving gesture that will remind her you’ll be there for her – always and forever!

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I am working as a SEO & internet marketing consultants, which can improve website ranking in search results for generating leads and business. Also working on social media platforms like facebook, twitter, linkedin, instagram, youtube, pinterest etc.

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