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How Linux Hosting is Different from Windows Hosting 0

There are two different types of operating systems. They are Linux and Windows. With the influx of advanced technology and increased demand for these technologies by businesses, Linux has emerged as one of the most popular operating systems for web servers. So unless or until you have a website that requires specific Windows applications, Linux is considered to be the most preferred choice.

Let’s go through this post and get insights into Linux web hosting, hosting plans, etc.

Windows vs. Linux Hosting

Linux hosting is any type of hosing that uses the operating systems called Linux on the server. It is believed to be a Unix-like operating system which is provided as an open and free source choice. Linux is the most common and vastly used operating system in the web hosting industry.

Even though Windows OS is also widely used OS for computers due to its simplicity to use, there is not the case with Windows Hosting. But, Windows hosting is very complex and difficult and complex to be used when compared with Linux hosting. And Windows OS does not support PHP, a scripting language which is very simple and vastly used. Such things make Linux hosting a preferred choice. This is the reason that about 80% of web servers across the globe are using Linux hosting power.

The second point is that every one of us is very much pricing -conscious. We look for top-notch features at very lower prices. Linux hosting is such technology which is available at affordable costs and offers better solutions. This is why Linux Hosting is supposed to be the most preferred choice unlike Windows Hosting.

Linux Hosting in India

The challenge is to search for the best Linux hosting provider in India. You should look for a company that deals in providing the best service for the money that you can shell out. There certain things you need to keep in mind when searching for Linux hosting service providers. There are some companies in India that are known for providing good service. But they can dent in your savings. Among the best providers are HostGator, HostPapa, GoDaddy that provide the best Linux hosting services in India at affordable prices.

Why Should You Choose Linux Hosting?

There are more than a few reasons to go for Linux Hosting. Actually, this type of hosting solution does wonders for you when it comes to performance and other things. It supports CMS like Joomla, WordPress if you happen to pick the best hosting companies in India. Linux solution can provide you with a highly secure environment. This is possible because it can rid you from the worry of attacks and hacks.

In addition, Linux web hosting is easy to use industry standard web hosting software. One of the software is cPanel. So, moving hosts is longer very disruptive. When you choose Linux, it can keep the costs down so you can turn a significant amount of money that can be used for other gainful purposes.  Not only this, the Linux platform, the work tends to be rather standard from one host to another.

Above all, Linux can be typically configured as per the LAMP standards. That is:

  • Linux OS
  • Apache Web Server Applications
  • MySQL
  • PHP programming language.

This standard lets you get all that you need to run and manage an acceptable and modernized online portal.

Some of the features that make Linux web hosting services right are the following:

  • Linux hosting is Cheap
  • It is powerful managed WordPress hosting
  • It gives a reliable service.
  • It is known for free SSL
  • It allows daily backup
  • Good at security and firewall
  • It is easily scalable
  • It is the best custom pricing
  • It is quicker customer support with live chat.
  • It gives extended support


If you are not sure which of the two operating systems such as Windows and Linux you should choose, you should keep in mind that not all popular scripts and languages can require Linux. For example, WordPress can easily be installed on a Windows Server. Also, PHP and Perl through Strawberry Perl can be supported to Windows. There are many users and experts who have a belief that PHP and Perl through Strawberry Perl are not well supported. And it cannot be a good option to work with.

Experts are of the views that Linux servers do support .NET, IIS, and ASP. So, if you want to work with these tools, then you should go with Linux hosting. This is an advanced hosting system that is an excellent platform where most applications work relatively well.