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5 Top Reasons to Study MBA in Netherlands 0

Netherlands is one of the most developed and peaceful countries in the world. The technological advancement and traditions run hand to hand in this West European country. MBA in Netherlands is one of the most beneficial educational programs in the world. Here are the reasons why MBA in Netherlands should be on your list if you are a business and management student.

1. Diversity in Netherlands:

Talking about Amsterdam alone, there are people from 170 different countries. Netherlands is a potpourri of people from different cultures and ethnicities. When you pursue MBA in Netherlands, you are part of a multicultural environment. Where there is an immensely positive exchange of cultural values, tolerance and respect for every culture.

The Culture is rich in art, and historical architecture. The Anne Frank house in Amsterdam, Van Gogh Museum and Rijksmuseum are just some of the places to look forward to. The old cycling routes around canals are an experience to relish.

2. Quality Education

The institutions in Netherlands are accredited by many entities such as NAVO (National Accreditation Body), AMBA and EQUIS. The Universities in Netherlands are well known for their practical approach towards the education, and the quality of it. Many universities in Netherlands feature among top Universities in the world every year. The classrooms are always interactive and challenging.

Universities in Netherlands try to balance the students and faculties for both the dutch and international. That creates a diverse and dynamic culture at the Universities, and every student stands to benefit from that.

3. After Study Opportunities:

After you study MBA in Netherlands, there is no shortage of jobs. Netherlands is home to many MNCs where you can see your future shining bright. To name some of them: Shell, Philips, Unilever and many more. All of them have high research opportunities, and they also have tie-ups with these Universities for internships and innovational projects many a time.

Netherlands is also known for the largest port in Europe, the port of Rotterdam. This suggests the amount of business and opportunities Netherlands create for its management students.

Apart from all this, Netherlands is a perfect entrepreneurial country. The Government and culture encourages the startups and the economy is helpful, too. If you have an entrepreneurial spirit, Netherlands is for you.

4. Dutch Way of Life:

Netherlands is one of the most happiest places not only in Europe, but in the world. The Dutch have high standards of living and they are always concerned about the life of inhabitants of Netherlands. The country offers tremendous work-life balance and the workers are one of the happiest in the world, too.

5. Be a Bilingual:

In today’s competitive world, everybody is expected to have a unique edge. That is where being a bilingual helps. Not only it boosts up your chances to get employment  in Netherlands, but puts you a cut above the rest. People in Netherlands will appreciate you, and employers will prefer you more, obviously because you know the local language. While it is a fluent English Speaking country, and you can survive completely knowing English only, Dutch will take you to the places in Netherlands.