Why Is Yahoo Mail Not Sending Emails From the iPad?

Why Is Yahoo Mail Not Sending Emails From the iPad

The iPad’s Mail application allows you to centralize all of your email accounts in one app for quick email access and response. If you have the Yahoo Mail configured to run through the iPad Mail, but it is now difficult for you to send emails, the issue may be in the account’s advanced setup section. Email services like Yahoo Mail use the different email server for outgoing emails, so setting up the outgoing mail server should fix the problem. At this time, you can try one of the given solutions to solve email issues.

Simple Troubleshooting

Before changing the service settings, check to make sure if the error is limited to the sending emails. Open the Safari or any other web browser and search something over it. If you’re able to find something related to your keyword, then your connection isn’t the troubling you in sending emails. If you’re unable to surf the Internet, then check your network connection. After ensuring that you have the Internet access, you can try resending your Yahoo emails.

Reset Your Account

If you have configured your Yahoo email account on iTunes instead of the iPad, it can cause problems at times. To solve this matter, you need to remove and restore the account on your iPad. Go to the ‘Settings’ app, select the ‘Mail, Contacts and Calendars’ option, followed by the Yahoo Mail and continue with the steps to get rid of it. After completing the deletion process, go to the mail settings and choose the ‘Add a new account’ option. Enter the details of your Yahoo account and continue with the setup process. Once the restoration is completed, you can send a test email to ensure if the problem is fixed.

Setup Advanced Settings

If the problem persists, you may require manually setting up the SMTP server settings for emails you send. Open the ‘Settings’ app; select the ‘Mail, Contacts and Calendars’ option, followed by the Yahoo account. Click the Right arrow under the ‘Outgoing Mail’ section, where it shows ‘SMTP.’ Sometimes, you need to select the ‘Advanced’ tab. Touch next to the server box that says ‘Off’ to enable it or turn it into the ‘On,’ such as the primary and other SMTP servers. If these fields are empty, then type the server addresses manually. It will restore your outgoing mail server settings.

Common Glitches

Restoring the iPad may get rid of application problems like unable to send emails. If your Yahoo email account worked earlier and you haven’t made any changes to the settings, app glitches may be encountering the issue. Press the ‘Sleep/wake’ and hold the button until your iPad screen displays the slider that says ‘power off.’ Later on, slide your finger over this in the way specified. Wait until the iPad is powered down completely, and then power it on. Check your emails to ensure if your account works.

However, if your Yahoo email account is still not sending emails on the iPad app, it’s advised to contact professionals via the Yahoo customer service number for further help and solutions.

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