Wrist Pain: What are the causes and the Treatments?

Wrist Pain

Wrist pain is a common joint pain in hand. This can be caused by sprain or strain in the wrist. Pain in the wrist can also be due to the injuries, or other problems like repetitive stress, arthritis, and carpal tunnel syndrome.

As there are many factors which can cause wrist pain, so diagnose the pain in the wrist can be complicated.


Symptoms of wrist pain may vary from person to person depending on the cause of the pain. However, you can feel the reduced motion of the wrist. You can also feel an aching pain in the wrist.



Damage to any of part of your wrist can cause pain, and can directly affect the ability to use your wrist.


Injuries can be of many types. However, here we will discuss the sudden impact and repetitive stress.

  • Sudden Impact

The common cause of wrist injuries is when you fall forward on your hands and knees. This condition can cause sprains, strains, and even fractures. This type of fractures may not show on X-rays, right after the injury.

  • Repetitive stress

An activity that includes repetitive wrist motion can cause stress in the wrist. These activities can be hitting a tennis ball, or bowing a cello. These activities can cause stress and fractures into the wrist. These fractured hurt badly and can restrict your movement.

Pain in wrist


  • Osteoarthritis – This type of arthritis occurs when the cushions both ends of the joints deteriorate over time. This condition is common in people who have injured their wrist in the past.
  • Rheumatoid arthritis – This is a disorder in which the immune system of body attacks its tissues, a common cause of wrist pain. In this condition, if one wrist is affected, the other one hurts too.

Other disease and condition

  • Carpal tunnel syndrome

This syndrome usually develops the pressure increased in the median nerves. As it passes through the carpal tunnel, which is a passageway in the palm side of your wrist.

  • Ganglion cysts

This condition occurs most often on the part of your wrist opposite your palm.  In this, pain may worsen when you move your wrist.

Risk Factors

Wrist pain can happen to anyone, at any age. However, some conditions can increase the risk of fractures.

  • Sports participation – Wrist injuries are common in athletes. Every sports which includes the repetitive motion of wrist and involvement of wrist impact. These sports can be football, bowling, golf, snowboarding, and tennis.
  • Repetitive Work – Any professional work that requires the repetitive motion of a joint can cause pain and fracture. Even knitting and cutting hair can also cause wrist pain and breakage.
  • Specific disease – Pregnancy, diabetes, obesity may increase your risk of developing carpal tunnel syndrome.


We know that this pain in the wrist can be worse for many people. To reduce the pain, you can use painkillers. You can buy dihydrocodeine online to ease the pain. This medication produce the calming effects in the body and relaxes your muscles and nerves as a result you feel relaxed.


As you know, wrist help us to do all our work and is impossible to avoid injuries

  • Build bone strength 

Getting the adequate and handsome amount of calcium every day can help prevent fractures of bones and joints.

  • Prevent falls

In most cases, falling onto an outstretched hand is the leading causes of most wrist injuries.  To prevent you from falls and such damages, you should wear sensible shoes. You also can remove all hazards from your house to prevent falls.

  • Use of gear

If you are doing work on high-risk activities, you need to wear wrist guards to prevent yourself.

  • Pay attention to ergonomics

If you spend a long time at a keyword, take regular breaks. When you type, try to keep your wrist relaxed and in a neutral position.

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