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Credit Score

A credit score is a rating that credit agencies give you. They share the same information with banks and lenders who may want to offer a loan for you. Your credit score is a three-digit number that lenders use to decide how likely you are to repay on time if they extend you a loan.

A good credit score plays a crucial role when availing a loan or a credit card. If you’re looking to know how to improve your credit score, it won’t happen overnight. Credit score or credit rating consider years of past payment behaviour and not just your current financial condition.

The best approach to boost your credit score is to manage it responsibly. Start with checking your credit score online, which is available for free. Some of the free mobile apps including the one offered by BankBazaar, offer to check your credit score online without hassle.

If your credit history has not improved your credit score, then the following simple tips will help you start the process of improving your credit score.

1.Setup Bill Payment Reminders

Lenders review your credit report and they’re very interested in understanding how reliable you are when it comes to paying your monthly bills. This way they’re able to consider your application for a credit card or a loan by knowing your past payment performance, which is usually considered a good indication for future performance.

You can positively impact this credit rating parameter by paying your monthly bills on time as agreed. Your score could be negatively affected by paying late or settling a credit card outstanding amount for less than agreed.

Set up payment reminders to help you pay off not just loans or credit card balance, but even your utility bills such as rent, phone, etc. If you’re behind the payment due date, bring them to current at the earliest. Although late or missed payments impact your rating negatively, over time it loses effect over more recent times.

2.Dispute any Errors in Your Credit Report

The credit report offers an insight into your past payment behaviour and the different kind of financial products utilised. However, it’s imperative that you check for any errors or discrepancies. Incorrect information can decline your credit score. Verify each of the credit accounts listed on the credit report and get it corrected if there are any inaccuracies.

3.Apply for a Small Loan

If your credit rating is good, but not good enough to get you a lower interest rate, you may want to improve the score by taking a small loan amount and repaying it as agreed with the creditor. By adding a positive payment behaviour through this small loan, it helps your credit history. Also, this will add to your credit mix thereby influencing the credit score positively.

4.Focus on Your Credit Card Total Outstanding Amount

Another important factor influencing your credit history is the credit utilisation ratio. It’s calculated by adding all your credit card balances and dividing it by your total credit limit. Lenders prefer to offer a credit card or a loan to an individual with credit utilisation ratio under 30%. For example, if your credit limit is Rs.1,00,000, then your revolving credit utilisation ratio should be not more than Rs.30,000.

This helps lenders know that you managed credit well and have not maxed out the credit limit. You can improve your credit utilisation ratio by paying off your debt and keeping credit card balances low. Remember that the interest rate on credit card balances is the highest among other credit products. It makes sense to pay off the balances and you could save you some money as well. The faster you make those payments the faster the credit score improves.

5.Ask for an Increment of Your Credit Limit

This approach doesn’t involve paying off your debt or any other traditional methods of boosting your credit rating. Since credit score is influenced by the difference between your credit limit and the amount of credit utilised, an increase in your credit limit will improve your credit score. By this method, you invariably increase the distance between the amount you can borrow and the amount you actually utilised. The more the distance between these two parameters, the higher the credit score.

6.Use Various Types of Credit Products

A good credit mix is another important factor which will boost your credit score. Lenders would like to know how well you handle different types of credit products. Also, if you have multiple credit cards or old loan accounts, do not close them. Utilise all these products prudently and pay their bills on time. A revolving credit, where credit limit is utilised and payments are done on time, improves your payment behaviour and in turn your credit score.

That said, make sure you don’t open too many accounts which could dilute you, as lenders consider multiple applications for credit cards negatively. While credit mix doesn’t have the biggest influence in improving your credit score, it does give you a decent increase in your credit rating. By having a strong credit mix will help you gradually boost your credit score over time.

7.Be Persistent and Patient

While persistence and patience might not be primary factors used to calculate your credit rating, it’s essential to have these two principles in repairing your credit score. Your credit rating didn’t become poor overnight, so don’t expect it to increase immediately.

Continue to pay off your debts on time each month and over time you’ll see the fruits of your persistence and patience. While it’s okay to save some money through your saving account for that important purchase, don’t neglect the regular bills that you need to pay off.

Now that you have a fair understanding about how to improve your credit score, you might wonder how long it takes to boost your credit score. If your credit report reflects negative information, you should pay your bills and await your scores to improve. Time is the key to a good credit score. There’s no short cut to help boost the credit score.

In conclusion, a good credit score can open up a wide range of opportunities. From helping you get the best interest rates and tenure when you avail a credit card or a loan to impacting your future goals, a good credit rating always comes to your aid when you need it the most.

Keep in mind the primary factors which influences your credit score are payment history, credit utilisation ratio, credit age and credit mix. Each of these factors is influential in improving your credit score over time.

Quality Services Of Minibus Hire Slough 0

Minibus Hire Slough

There are different reasons by which people require the services of different companies offer their fleets on rent or provide pick and drop in demanding time. Many people who love to travel but have no car they prefer to get the services from some company and those who have a car but do not fulfil the capacity of riders, they also prefer to hire the services from different companies. Besides, many times people want to attend some function with their family and retain the services of minibus hire Slough that meet their requirements of seating capacity, timing, as well as budget.

Reliable Cars:

Apex Cars Bracknell provides the vehicles of their company to the customers to visit different places. They know that people require the services of minibus hire Slough to go somewhere with family members or friends. The professional staff members of the company try their best to accommodate all the people in their cars and their luggage as well to satisfy their customers. The varieties of vehicles that they offer to their customers are as follows.

  • They have a reliable vehicle that accommodates four passengers and also have enough space that can be utilised to carry their luggage as well.
  • Secondly, classic Mercedes S-class is a comfortable fleet in which eight passengers can enjoy their journey having their luggage with them. It is also one of those vehicles that Apex Cars Bracknell offers to its demanding customers.
  • Mercedes Viano that has limousine style and can accommodate eight passengers, as well as their luggage and its luxurious factor, allow people to trust the company and their quality services.
  • They also offer Mercedes Sprinter in which sixteen passengers can travel with their luggage and can enjoy the ride with all individual caring factors.

All the cars are fully equipped and maintain that provide a luxurious journey to their valued customers, and the professionals try their best to make the trip of their clients memorable and more enjoy-full with their friendly behaviour.

Private Hire Services:

Many times it has observed that people require the services of private hire. From Apex Cars Bracknell to attend different events or places. However, in these events they include, corporate events, theme park days, night outs, football match days. Theme park days out, social events, rugby match days, and also horse racing days. The company has experience of providing their vehicles as well as reliable services to their demanding clients. Especially when it comes to the functions of pick and drop of football and rugby teams.

No Delay:

Apex Cars Bracknell is a reliable option when you have any issues related to the timing. Because the professional administrations of the company get the booking of your ride when you said without any delay and wasting time. They will provide you with all the available required facilities. And has given the training to their drivers taking the sensitivity of timing issues into account.

All the chauffeurs are qualified and full-trained. And that is why they never waste the time of their customers instead give pick and drop on the desired time. However, they have gone through hard training and have driving skills with the help of which they tackle all issues during the journey. They use the latest and modern technology to check the condition of traffic on their routes. And use alternative routes in case of the crown and saving time to satisfy their customers.

Booking Prices:

The Apex Cars Bracknell has gained respect, reputation, and experience in the company after a long struggle. And providing quality services to its customers. They do not take a risk on their status and never compromise on the quality of their services. Professionals offer reasonable prices of their services to their clients. That meet their maximum requirements and also do not disturb their budget.

However, customers can also demand an estimated price before booking a ride for their family, friends, or their own. It will give an idea to the customers what services they want to get and what they want to skip that do not suit their budget.

When Do They Serve?

The company offers 24/7 customer services to its valued customers. And allow them to visit the website of the company anytime. They can place their order of booking ride on the online site of the company. And can also get the services of booking. However, the staff members are highly qualified and give all required information through the website, phone call, and even e-mail. They never want to disappoint their clients and give their best to tailor the maximum requirements of their valued customers. Customers can also pay their bill through an online system and even in cash.

Tips to buy perfect Passport Cover with Name Online 0

Do you often travel? Do you own a passport or do you carry important documents along with passport? If the answer is yes, then a personalised passport cover is a solution to all these concerns. All you need is a customised cover that helps to place passport and other important documents safe and keeps away from any damage. When choosing the passport, ensure that you give full handy protection and get a beautiful cover from the available options. Passport covers available in the market both online and in the physical market are a made of synthetic leather and other strong materials that give it a perfect touch, feel and experience to the owner.

Tips to find the best passport cover with name online

When you look to purchase a passport cover with name, be aware that you discover the best one from the wide range of passport covers. Choose from the smart and stylish passport cover that look effective and differently. You can also find the personalised covers with a name for the couples that make it a perfect gifting item. You can get them in classic and bold colour options. We know that passport covers are the best travel accessories that you love to own when fond of travelling to new and long places.

passport cover with nameWhen you have a passport cover with your name on the top, you can easily identify it in a luggage bag. Such cover looks super fashionable and definitely adds an extra organisation of other important cards and documents. Along with all such benefits, these covers provide additional protection to the digital information. Thus, when you consider buying a passport covers over online, you should consider all these factors. In addition, when you look for a name cover, you should approach the best online store. This will ensure that you get high-quality passport cover with affordable price.

With the best online store, you also get the surety of the real brands and service from designers who also provide necessary appeal and look to the cover you purchase. This depends on an individual choice in which style and font you wish your name to be printed on the cover. Thus, ask the expert and know what is the best style and design you can get on your passport cover as per the length of the name. Along with this, you should know your budget, quality you look for and the usage of the passport cover.

You should also consider factor like do you place passport cover in the pocket of jeans or in a luggage bag. This will decide the wear and tear chance and need to consider it when making the purchase. You can also make research over the internet of the top brands and latest options available in passport covers with additional features. With all these tips, you will definitely end up finding the right passport cover with the beautiful name written on it that adds additional beauty to its look and provide a class to the personality. You should also know the pros and cons of using the passport cover before you finally purchase it.

Every Woman Should have knowledge of these facts related to the heart 0

Cardiologist in Chennai

Every woman should have knowledge of these facts related to the heart

The main reason for the death of women in comparison to any other disease is cardiovascular disease. According to a new study, three out of every five women in India are at risk of getting heart disease from the age of 35 years. But most women believe that they are protected from heart disease by at least 50 years of age. Therefore every woman should be aware of the facts related to heart disease and also those men who love her.

The risk of death from heart disease-

Every year, more than more women are killed due to heart disease and stroke. In the United States, every 90 seconds a woman suffers from a heart attack. The biggest health hazard for women is the lack of knowledge due to the major cause of heart disease. According to the report of the American Heart Association (AHA), about 42.1 million women had heart disease in 2004 and as a result, 461 thousand deaths were also reported.

How to control heart disease-

Approximately 80 percent of women aged between 40 to 60 can be controlled or reduced to one or more risk factors for one or more heart disease. Risk factors can be reduced by controlling the level of salt, smoking, higher LDL cholesterol level or lower HDL (good) levels, high blood pressure, obesity, physical inactivity, uncontrolled diabetes, and high-stress levels.

Lack of treatment –

Women are less likely to test and treat heart disease at the right time than men. Women who are at risk of cardiovascular disease are also not sent for clinical trials like men.

If you have any problems with heart disease, then you can join the CREDIHEALTH website, which is a good platform for the medical assistance company, can also get information about cardiologists in Chennai or any other city in India.

More risk of stroke –The risk of stroke is more due to more heart rhythm, more frequent heart attack in a woman, but she is not recognized. Under doctoral evaluation and treatment of women, because they do not reveal high risk like men, especially if they are young and look healthy.

Symptoms of Heart Attack Different from Men –

Women may have different symptoms of heart attack compared to men. Women are more likely to experience shortness of breath, fatigue, stomach pressure, nausea or jealousy, or jaw, neck, back, or upper shoulder pain.

Factors Affecting the Heart Disease –

Often, women believe that there is no need to worry about heart attack when cholesterol and blood pressure are normal. Although both cholesterol and blood pressure contribute to cardiovascular disease, other factors can also affect it. Family history is of major importance. Apart from this, excess weight and blood sugars can also be risk factors.

Young women also suffer from heart disease –

Estrogen and other hormones protect women from heart disease, so young women do not need to worry. This is the biggest misconception that young women do not have to worry about risk factors associated with cardiovascular disease. According to J. Julia Shin, a cardiologist at the Montifio Medical Center in New York City, young women also have heart problems and they are often fatal.

Health problems during pregnancy –

Health events that occur during pregnancy – such as preclampsia or gestational diabetes – may later be risk factors for heart disease in life. Preclampsia, Gestational Diabetes During pregnancy, hypertension is always said that these problems are removed after the birth of a child. But their effects increase the risk of heart disease. Due to preclampsia a woman increases the risk of heart disease twice in the middle age. While in gestational diabetes, glucose intolerance often paves the way for other conditions, and contributes to obesity and other risk factors for heart disease.

Hot Flash is not always a sign of menopause-

The hot flash is often associated with hormonal changes in menopause. But do you know that it can also be a sign of a heart problem? It depends on how and when it happens. If the problem of a hot flash is on TV or on the phone, it is hormonal. But during this exertion, it can be the symptoms of angina. Angina is a form of heart disease that has a heart muscle problem.

Every possible effort has been made to ensure the accuracy, timeliness and reality of this information, although its moral obligation is not ours. We kindly request you to contact your doctor before trying any solution. Our aim is to provide you with information.

Want Designing and Reliable Bi-Fold Doors in Kent? 0

Bi-Fold Doors

many companies that provide the services of manufacturing and designing bi-fold doors in Kent to their demanding customers. The demand for these doors is increasing in the market day by day due to which many people have started their business in manufacturing these doors for their customers. These doors play an important role in making the property and premises of the property more beautiful. However, these doors can easily turn and help in widening the space for anything moving there.

Benefits of bi-fold doors:

There are many benefits of bi-fold doors Kent that people can avail by getting the services of installation of these doors at their places. These quality benefits include the light effect in the property and its premises because it allows users to hold the door and allow the sun to shine on their floor of shop or home. Also, it gives a clear vision of see-through to its users that are very important for the safety and security of the shop and home.

It plays a great role in transforming the space of two different places and joins them by the installation of the bi-fold doors in the property. However, it also enhances the beauty of the premises of property as well as adds some more space for the moving ways. They are very clear and neat from the edges and its reliability depends on its finishing as well.

Reasonable Prices:

The company does not charge any hidden or extra amount from its customers and allow people to save a handsome amount of money. They do not allow any person to question their credibility and guarantee market competitive rates to ensure their quality services.

People can get an estimate before hiring their quality services and can choose the desired services that suit their budget and also do not disturb their routine budget. Besides, people can get all the information on a single phone call and also through an e-mail.  They have facilitated their customers by providing an online system through which people can place their orders and can also pay their bills without any stress and hassle.

Therefore, AMCO architectural and fabrications Ltd is an experienced and trustworthy company because of its professional staff members and reliable services that they offer to their customers in committed time.

Designed Bi-Fold DoorsServices offered by AMCO Architectural and fabrications Ltd:

There are many companies that are facilitating their customers in manufacturing the doors and windows to make their properties interior and exterior beautiful and attracting. AMCO architectural and fabrication Ltd is one of these respected companies that offer their quality services in facilitating their clients. However, the services they offer to their valuable clients are written below:

  • Manufacturing and designing of Shopfront, auto door, aluminum windows, aluminum doors, sliding doors, shutters, and curtain walling.
  • Also, they offer the services of installation of all manufactured items or products at their customer’s property.
  • The repairing and replacement of the shop front, shutters, doors, and windows are also provided by the company to facilitate its valued customers.
  • Fire exit doors are also installed by the professionals of the company to entertain the needs and desires of the people.

High-quality Material:

The professional craftsmen know that the reliability and durability of the products depend on the quality of the material they use of manufacturing and designing. They never use low quality or cheap material because they have gained respect after the efforts and experience of a long time. They cannot compromise on their respect and because the professionals are up to date they know all, the factors of material and use accordingly. The professional manufacturers use high-quality material to ensure the durability of their products and the reliability of their services because they give guarantee and warranty of all their services to their valued customers. The professional designers use the latest tools and equipment and modern technology for designing and installing a bi-fold door at their customer’s place that gives confidence and guarantee to the people.

Customized Services:

People can demand bifold doors in different shapes, styles, and designs from the professional craftsmen of the company. The company offers customization services to its clients and facilities according to their needs and desires. They have provided an online catalog of the company on the website and people can also introduce and ask for his own design from the company in his desired color and material.

They provide customize bi-fold door in Kent because their aim is to facilitate people with best-demanded services and offer free expert advice. It allows people to get services according to their needs and the services that are suitable for their property.


Why Should You Choose Fortis Hospital Gurgaon? 0


About Fortis Hospital Gurgaon.

Fortis Hospital was established in 2001 by Mr.Mvinder Mohan Singh and Mr.Shavinder Mohan Singh. In a worldwide investigation of the 30 most advanced technology hospital in the world, it’s lead, the Fortis Memorial Research Institute was positioned in No.2 and put in front of numerous other medical institution in the world. In India, Fortis Hospital is a leading mutual healthcare delivery provider. The company’s health vertical comprises mainly hospital, diagnostics and day care speciality facilities. At present, the company offering healthcare facilities in India, Sri Lanka Mauritius and Dubai with 43 health facilities.

Reasons, why should you choose Fortis Hospital Gurgaon?

Fortis Healthcare is a 1000 bedded multi super speciality hospital. It is located in Gurgaon, With the vision of becoming healthcare maize, Fortis Hospital Gurgaon has tried dynamic endeavours to accomplish efforts in patients care. Fortis Hospital, Gurgaon is considered that it is a Next Generation Hospital. Fortis Memorial Research Institute is a multi speciality quaternary care institute which is carefully operated by selected medical professionals. It includes reputable physicians including reputed international faculty, super sub-specialist and well-trained nursing team. Experts and nurse supported by state-of-the-art technology and strong managerial staff are known to give excellent results. It is furnished with the top tier innovation for medical care and diagnostics, including some equipment which is first in India and first in Asia. Care services in Fortis Memorial Research Institute, Gurgaon are designed to provide genetic care and special attention for each patient.

Specialities in Fortis Hospital Gurgaon :

  • Anaesthesia: Anesthesiology is a full administration division that is accessible to respond to any surgical procedure, respiratory, heart failure and maternity coverage.
  • Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery: The Department of Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery improves or resolve weight-related conditions and diseases, including diabetes, certain cancer, coronary illness, rest apnea, sleep apnea, GERD, hypertension, and joint issues, elevated cholesterol having some expertise in laparoscopy and progressions in careful procedures.
  • Blood Disorders/ Haematology: Hematology Department is a specialist team for treatment and diagnosis of blood diseases. Our haematologist analyzes and treats patients with various types of conditions such as increased or low white cells, anaemia, etc.
  • Breast Surgery: Our Endoscuscler and Vascular surgeon treat the conditions of the blood vessel and lymph system to restore maximum health and well-being.
  • Caric Surgery/ Cardiothoracic Vascular Surgery: We offer a range of treatments, including abdominal aortic aneurysm, thoracic aortic aneurysm, and endovascular or open repairs of thoracic aneurysm.
  • Cardiology-Interventional: The Cardiology Department provides excellent services in terms of precise diagnosis and the best treatment. We have the experienced team of specialize doctors in cardiac bypass surgery, interventional cardiology, minimum invasive surgery and non-invasive cardiology etc.
  • Dental & Dermatology: The Department of Dental Sciences offers administrations to kids, teenagers, grown-ups and patients with special healthcare needs. Our experienced team provides specialised and routine diagnostic methods and medicines like Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Orthodontics, Periodontics, Advanced Conservative Treatment, Paedodontics, Esthetic Dentistry, Dental Implants, Endodontics and Restorative Dentistry.
  • Diabetes & Endocrinology: The branch of Diabetes and Metabolic issues offers complete inpatient and outpatient services and is run through a fantastically certified and skilled crew of scientific professionals. The Department of Diabetes and Metabolic disorders provides complete inpatient and outpatient offerings and is run by using a relatively certified and experienced crew of medical experts.
  • ENT/Otorhinolaryngology: The clinic boasts of extraordinarily professional group of medical experts who use modern technology to perform endoscopic nasal surgical procedures, skull base surgical procedures, ear and cochlear implant. the remedy of ear, nostril and throat conditions in adults and kids, along with troubles in hearing and deafness, ringing inside the ears, cancers of the ENT are dealt with.
  • Eyes / Ophthalmology: The Department of Ophthalmology deals with the physiology, structure, anatomy and diseases related to the eyes.
  • General Surgery: The general and Laparoscopic surgical treatment department is equipped with the latest technology and infrastructure, supported by using a skilled group of surgeons. The branch specialises in performing all fundamental surgeries regarding stomach, pores and skin, breast, gentle tissues, and hernia.
  • Gynaecology Oncology: Gynecological malignancies are second maximum common malignancy in Indian ladies. timely control of those cancers is important. we are offering comprehensive superior management to genital malignancies.
  • Liver Transplant, Hepatobiliary Surgery: In Fortis, Liver transplant is done by the most experienced and patient-friendly team of experts in the country, who have outstanding records in terms of patient care and results.
  • Neurology: Neurology Department is committed to integrating its extraordinary medical expertise, technology and innovation in order to best serve class treatments.
  • Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgery: The Department of Cosmetic Surgery has a team of experienced technicians and surgeons who are in the latest technology to come up with the least invasive cosmetic reconstruction methods effectively with the cosmic best.
  • Radiology: Radiology Department provides radiological services related to MRI, CT, ultrasound, fluoroscopy, mammography, DEXA, X-ray and intervention procedures.
  • Urology: Radiology Department provides radiological services related to MRI, CT, ultrasound, fluoroscopy, mammography, DEXA, X-ray and intervention procedures.

If you want to check more details for Fortis Hospital Gurgaon, (ie) Contact Number, Address, Doctor List, Book appointment, Check availability for dermatologist, neurologist, pediatric surgeon, cardiologist, urologist, bone and joint, bariatric surgery, liver transplant, kidney transplant, robotic surgery and many more specialists. Then Credihealth is here to help you out. Credihealth is an online healthcare service which provides you start to finish administration it will give you information regarding Doctors, Hospitals, various types of medical ailment and treatment and their implications. Through Credihealth website you can book an appointment online with a doctor can check appointment fee, OPD timing and get discount from Credihealth.

Chartered Accountancy Course Fees Structure in India 0


If you are appearing for your 12th std examination this year then you might have started looking for the professional courses that suit your interest and pocket. So, Our today’s blog will be focussed on CA Course fees in India. 

I recently read this line by Sir Claus Moser that, Education cost Money, But then so does Ignorance, which was meaningful to me. I actually believe that spending money on your education is not the  expenditure but investing in your future.”A well-researched Investment”.

CA is a professional course which specializes in financial and economic understanding and management. Several students aspire to become CA in India because of the goodwill and remuneration received by this fancy profession.

CA is 4 .5 years course and is completed through 4 different levels.





CA course is quite an economical course as compared with another course of the same stream.

Here are approximate cost of some of the competitive courses after 12th std.which can be insightful in making the decision regarding your post-graduation plans.

CA Course Fees and Other Fees Comparison

CoursesApproximate cost
MBBSMore than 5 lakhs
BTECHMore than 3 lakhs
ACCAAround 3 lakhs
MBAMore than 2 lakhs
CAAround 1 lakh
Fashion Designing CourseAround 1 lakh
ICWA/CMALest than 1 lakh
CSLess than 1 lakh

Total fees need to be paid during the CA  course: The overall fees paid during the CA course sums up in between to  Rs90,000 to Rs1,00000 only if you clear all your exams in the first attempt

The registration fees and examination fees are different for all levels.

The registration fees for Foundation ,Intermediate(single/Both group) and Final are Rs9000,Rs11000/15000,Rs22000  respectively.The students from abroad can also register for the course after paying the fees.

Table showing registration fees for all levels of Ca course :

ParticularFoundationIntermediate  single groupIntermediate Both groupFinals
Registration FeesRs9000110001500022000
Registration Fees overseasUs$700Us$600Us$1000Us$1000

The  Exams fees or Examination Fees is different from registration fees. The examination fee is paid to enrol to sit in the exam.The examination fees for Foundation ,Intermediate(single/Both group) and Final are Rs1500,Rs1500/2700,Rs3300  respectively.

ParticularFoundationIntermediate  single groupIntermediate Both groupFinals both groups
Examination fees1500150027003300

Along with registration fees, there are few other fees that need to be paid at different intervals.

Some of the other fees are

Journal membership fees ICAI provides updated magazine to its student throughout the course. Amount of Rs 200 is paid ad journal fees during the time of registration made for the first time. After that Icai provides these magazines free of cost. This fee is optional to students.

Revalidation Fees Revalidation Fees or Foundation, Intermediate(single/Both group) and Final are Rs500, The registration can be validated again by paying this fees along with registration form respectively.

The fee for changing from old to the new course( Conversion Fees): From June 2017 ICAI has introduced new syllabus and has seized the registration under old syllabus, If Any student who has a valid registration but want to change it to their new course, they pay Rs 500 as conversion fees.

Practical Training  Fees: CA students have to undergo practical training scheduled by ICAI for proper and complete exposure of the syllabus.The training schedule cost around 15000 at Intermediate and Final level.

Articleship Fees: The  3-year compulsory training programme  Articleship of CA course is registered after paying fees of Rs 2000.

Form Fees: The online form to register for levels is for Rs 200webinars.

The total Fee structure of CA course prescribed by ICAI  is around RS 80,000 but the gravity of this course is such that student usually registers in coaching centers for personalized and advanced studies.ICAI also hot webcast and podcast, webinars and also despatches study material to the registered student, but still as CA being the toughest exam to crack, students prefer to take coaching from the India best coaching institute.

One such Institute of Jaipur  MCC provides the CA coaching for rs 1 lakh for both Foundation and Intermediate level. They also provide personalized coaching for particular subjects of Final papers.

I also want to mention that while doing Articleship for 3 years, you receive a stipend which is around 2500 per month as prescribed by ICAI. However, if you choose good and reputed CA firm or Financial Institution as your Principal, you might receive RS 10000 per month as your stipend.

If I account this in my analysis on Fees structure of CA, then the Fees paid for the Ca course ( it might sound bit flashy) but you do it for free of cost.

Top 10 Antioxidant foods You Always Need to Consider 0

Antioxidant foods

To limit aging due to free radicals, it is advisable to have a diet rich in antioxidants. Here are the 10 richest foods.  Oxygen gives birth in the body to derivatives that attack our tissues: free radicals (today we use the more general term of Reactive Species of Oxygen or ERO, free radicals are part of the ERO). However, free radicals are involved in aging and in a large number of pathologies: cancer, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, age-related macular degeneration, etc.

When the amount of free radicals in the body exceeds its capacity to neutralize them, it is called antioxidant stress. To maintain proper antioxidant status and limit our vulnerability to oxidative stress we must ensure that our diet is rich enough in antioxidant compounds. No risk of overdose with food: at a nutritional dose, the action of antioxidants is certainly beneficial.

The foods richest in antioxidants are the vegetables and more precisely the fruits. But it is the spices and aromatic herbs, used certainly in smaller quantities, which beat all the records. However, the other food categories are not to be neglected: it is important to diversify its diet in order to consume the “palette” of antioxidants as wide as possible because the antioxidants complement and act in synergy.

Mumbai Square propose here a classification of the most commonly consumed foods the most antioxidants, according to their antioxidant power calculated thanks to the ORAC index  (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) which makes it possible to evaluate the capacity of absorption of the oxygenated radicals (that to neutralize or curb the damage caused by free radicals).

1 – Chocolate powder (unsweetened)

As we know, chocolate (black of course) has many health benefits! Effects may be due to its antioxidants since it has a high ORAC index: 40 200 μmol TE / 100 g.

2 – Fresh chestnut pollen

The fresh pollen is a product of the hive. Rich in flavonoids, phenolic compounds, essential oils and other powerful organic compounds, it has a strong antioxidant power. Moreover its ORAC index is very high: 30 200 μmol TE / 100 g on average.

3 – Wild raspberry

Thanks to its many protective compounds, raspberry would help reduce the risk of certain cancers, cardiovascular diseases and so-called civilization diseases. It has an ORAC index of 19,220 μmol TE / 100 g, a good reason to make cures of wild raspberries during the summer.

4 – Pecan nuts 

The pecan is a food of exceptional nutritional quality, is a good source of trace elements, minerals, vitamins and protein and good fat. Consuming it would limit many diseases including cardiovascular disease. Rich in antioxidants, this nut has an ORAC index of 17,940 μmol TE / 100 g.

5 – Walnuts

The nuts are good for health, either to protect cancer, cardiovascular disease, metabolic. They are rich in protective elements including antioxidants, with an ORAC index of 13 541 μmol TE / 100 g. In a salad, a cake or as an aperitif, they are easy to eat so do not deprive yourself.

6 – Raisins

The grapes dry have many virtues to the brain, heart and vessels … Here’s a new reason to drink: they are powerful antioxidants with an ORAC of 10,450 micromol TE / 100g.

7 – Hazelnut

The hazelnut has many health benefits, it would protect, such as walnuts, cardiovascular diseases, cancers and certain metabolic diseases. Moreover, thanks to its wealth of antioxidants, it helps to limit aging. Its ORAC index is 9645 μmol TE / 100 g. Just add a little everywhere (compotes, salads, desserts), or eat it as a snack.

8 – Boiled artichoke

The artichoke is a vegetable that helps regulate transit, facilitate urinary elimination and stimulate the liver. In addition to these virtues, it is rich in antioxidants with an ORAC index of 9416 μmol TE / 100 g.

9 – Prune

In addition to its laxative and protective effects, the prune has a good ORAC index of 8059 μmol TE / 100 g. His cousin, the red plum, is also a good one to fight against oxidative stress, with an ORAC index of 7581 μmol TE / 100 g.

10 – All the aromatics

Enriching one’s dishes with spices and herbs is important for both taste and health. They have a lot of healthy virtues including the fight against oxidative stress.

The 5 herbs with the highest ORAC number are:

  • Cloves in powder 290 283 μmol TE / 100 g.
  • Dried oregano 175 295 μmol TE / 100 g.
  • Dried thyme 157 380 μmol TE / 100 g.
  • Cinnamon powder 131 420 μmol TE / 100 g.
  • Turmeric powder 127,068 μmol TE / 100 g.

DesignCap Review: The Easiest Way to Make Flyers & Posters 0

Every new restaurant needs to make flyers to advertise, because professional flyers can not only speak for your brand but also makes your food stand out from the crowd and attract many more potential customers for you. However, it will cost a lot and take a long time to try out different graphic editing programs. If you are still looking for an easy-to-use and free graphic editor, you are in the right place. I highly recommend you all to use DesignCap especially for whom needs to make flyers but don’t have a budget, time or design skills.

What is DesignCap

DesignCap is a powerful editor of online flyers that help you make a professional flyer in minutes. It provides hundreds of predefined templates, thousands of resources, powerful editing tools, so you can get the job done quickly and easily.


Key features for DesignCap

  • DesignCap is web-based software, so your computer will not be overwhelmed by large memory graphic editors.
  • It does not require any registration or sign in, and you can access all its features and resources.
  • This tool aims to provide an intuitive and clear interface which is great for beginners.
  • The result supports the PNG format with a transparent background.
  • DesignCap is free to use. Of course, no watermarks left; you can feel free to use the results in personal or commercial purpose.

How DesignCap works

Get directly to the DesignCap homepage, and then you can get started and begin your design. The design process is so simple that only three steps to make a professional flyer:

Step 1: Choose a template

You need to select a template to start your flyer design. DesignCap provides hundreds of well-designed templates for you. No matter what you need, promotion, music, sport, festival, and so on, you will find a preferred one here. There is a list of selection bar under the template, which will help you to search ideal categories.


Step 2: Customize your design with photos, text, clipart, and background

After you choose the template that you like, you can customize it intuitively by dragging and dropping. First of all, you can upload your own picture to work on. It is also available to search images from its photo library. Secondly, DesignCap allows you to select from a variety of text fonts if you are not satisfied with fonts of the template. Thirdly, there is a wide range of clipart which can be used to complement your design. At last, it is possible to change the background color of your design, including solid color, gradient color, and some texture patterns.


Step 3: Save and download the result

Once you finished your design, you can save it in different formats including JPG or PNG. Besides, DesignCap also gives you four options to choose the download size, such as small, medium, large, xlarge. The only request you can download your result is to “share DesignCap on your social media.” 



It is a good choice if you want to quickly make flyers for advertising products, events or any other services. With it, there is no need to learn any design knowledge or skills because all the features are easy to use. And as I mentioned above, you don’t need to pay a penny for your flyers. DesignCap is totally free to use! Try out DesignCap now, and I believe you will get a satisfied result in minutes.