Why should you choose Hydesen Slim 20000mah Power Bank? 0

In this era where rechargeable devices are in our hand, our home and even our pockets, a best Portable chargers or powerbanks is necessary for us. Isn’t it? Yes, it is. Every person who uses a cell phone and laptop they want it to maintain its charging. Hydesen Slim 20000mah portable power bank is one which does not keep you far away with your phone.


  • High capacity portable charger
  • Good battery timing
  • Smart and Slim design


  • Takes much time to fully recharge

Features Everyone Need in Portable Chargers

Everyone wants that the powerbank they are using will charge their phone every time as they charge it with simple plug charger. But it is not possible. Power bank itself is a rechargeable device which is also need to be charge after some time. Now what we can do in this situation?

We have to choose a good quality power bank that gives us the backup of a minimum of 24 hours. The good portable charger charges your phone minimum 4 times a day.

Hydesen Slim 20000mah portable power bank has all that features which we all want like fast charging, good quality cable, 4 Led lights show different reports and the lightest weight which is about half kg.

If you want to buy the best portable charger for laptop you need to choose the power bank have minimum 50000 Mah. The more MAh it is the more time you can charger your laptop.

Hydesen Slim 20000mah Portable Power Bank Design

It is a well shaped and a slim design power bank which is easily carried in our pockets. Four blue color LEDs are installed at the top of this portable charger. If we take a look at the front of it we have seen different ports.

One of these is USB ports which are used for charging devices like cell phones and other rechargeable devices under the 5V battery.

One port is used to charge the power bank. On the right side of this portable charger, there is on and off button.

The whole dimension of Hydesen Slim 2000mah portable charger is 6.65354*5.47*4.5 inches.

Hydesen Slim 20000mah Portable Power Bank Performance


The maximum capacity of the Hydesen powerbank is 20000mah. It means if the battery of the cell phone is 2000mah it will charger the phone 10 times. So I think It is enough capacity to maintain our phone’s battery. If I recommend this portable charger the reason behind it is its capacity.

Input and Output:

The hydesen portable charger has the one USB input port for charging its battery. It takes 5V energy to charge. It can be charged by any simple plug charger of 1A or 2A. It has two output ports to charge your cell phone. One of the port will provide QC 3.0 and another one is QC 2.0. These are the fast charging technology signs.

Charging timing:

The maximum time takes by Hydesen to fully charge is 540 minutes which is equal to 9 hours. In that hours avoid charging the phone with power bank. Also, do not unplug the charger until it is fully charged. Ones it is fully charged then you can charge your phone multiple times.

Backup timing:

As I said above until it is fully charged please do not remove it from charging. Once it is, it will give you a backup of 220 minutes which about four hours of continuously charge any devices.


The four LED lights are installed in it on the front of the powerbank. One of these lights show you powerbank are on or off. The rest of the lights show you the reports about the level of the battery remaining in the powerbank and when it needs to charge.


It takes 9 hours to fully charge and then give you a good backup. If you unplugged it and it doesn’t charge completely it will give you the backup of hardly 1 hour.

Our about Verdict Hydesen Slim 20000mah Portable Power Bank

It is the best smart and slim power bank very easy to carry in the pockets or hand. A nice battery backup, can charge your phone not a single time but multiple times. A portable charger with all that features that I mentioned above is good and easily affordable for all.

Pogue Supply Has Spa Replacement Parts At Great Prices 0

Companies that repair spas know two things. First, fixing spas is difficult because the spaces they work in are limited in many cases and it takes time to repair or replace equipment. Second, making customers happy while trying to make a profit isn’t easy when the local spa parts dealers mark up the equipment 40% to 50% or more. That’s where Pogue Supply comes into the picture by offering high-quality Spa Replacement Parts and all kinds of other spa and pool equipment at discounted prices.

Save Time and Money Online

The smart repairs are made with OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts because they fit better and function better since they are made for the equipment being repaired. OEM parts, however, can get pricey when sourced from a local dealer. That’s really where Pogue Supply excels. They have all thespa and pool replacement parts needed for any repair. At PogueSupply.com, customers can see photos of the parts being purchased, reducing mistakes and speeding up the repair cycle significantly. Customers save money because the prices are excellent and the shipping is free.

Major Manufacturers’ Replacement Parts

As an online resource for spa and pool replacement parts, Pogue Supply maintains an inventory of over 20,000 parts ready for shipment. Chances are whatever part or piece of equipment you may be searching for, Pogue Supply is going to have it on hand. Pogue Supply stocks parts for:

• Jacuzzi
• Balboa
• Flo Control
• Hayward
• Jandy
• Pentair
• Valterra
• Waterway
• Polaris
• Pool Guard
• Power Vac
• Zodiac and more

Customers Are Always Important

Buying products and equipment on the Internet can be a dicey deal sometimes, but not with Pogue Supply. With over 20 years of experience supporting customers, the folks at Pogue Supply know how to help get the job done. Many pool and spa contractors, pool and spa maintenance companies, and homeowners with a spa know how valuable Pogue Supply’s customers support staff is when there are questions or problems that need to be resolved. Customers can go online to PogueSupply.com and submit an inquiry or they can send an email to info@poguesupply.com for help. There is also a telephone line customers can call to speak directly with a customer support expert who can answer any questions or help resolve any problems. That number is 866-739-5658.

Spa and Pool Replacement Parts and Much More

Customers who go online to the website find a lot more than just parts listings. Customers also find a registration section to receive emails on special promotions and sales. There’s a blog section with information and tips about maintaining spas. Customers can shop for spa chemicals, accessories, and other types of parts and equipment to customize a spa and make it just right to enjoy fully.

Trust and Value

The reason Pogue Supply has been providing spa replacement parts for over twenty years is the trust their customers have placed in the company to not only sell the right products at the right prices but also to take care of their business. It’s one thing to sell parts and pieces, it’s another thing to do so with customer care as the guiding principle. As a family-owned business, the folks at Pogue Supply know and respect the importance each and every customer deserves. Big or small, corporate or just a homeowner looking for a solution to a problem, every customer matters and will always matter.

Put It All Together and It Just Makes Sense

Saving money and working with a knowledgeable and trusted resource makes sense. Choosing from over 20,000 items on a website that’s easy to navigate makes sense. Working with a company that has experience for over 20 years in the industry makes sense. Pogue Supply has all the puzzle pieces assembled properly for their customers and they just make sense when it comes to purchasing spa replacement parts.

For more information about Swimming Pool Spare Parts and Swimming Pool Pump Parts Please visit : Pogue Supply.

Stainless Steel Bracelets- A New Trend in the Jewelry Industry 0

Most of the people are now preferring to wear the jewelry made of stainless-steel metal. They don’t prefer to use costly gold and diamond jewelry. The stainless-steel made bands or bracelets are not only affordable but also, they are beautiful. You can use them as the best alternative for gold jewelry.

The stainless steel bracelet also offers some health benefits aside from beauty. But the important thing is choosing the best one. It is difficult but not an impossible task. All you need to consider certain factors very carefully and you are ready to buy the perfect one for you.

Useful tips for buying a perfect stainless-steel bracelet for you

  1. Length of the bracelet:

The first and the most important thing that you need to consider when purchasing the bracelet is its length. Generally, the average length that will go perfectly with all type of men is around 8 to 9 inches. Make sure the length of the stainless steel bracelet is adjustable.

  1. The width of the bracelet:

The average width of the bracelet should be around 9 to 10 millimeters. If the bracelet has a proper width, it will be very comfortable to wear and will quite noticeable. The width is quite important like the length.

  1. Size of the bracelet:

The size should not be excessively large or small. Before purchasing, it will be better for you to try the bracelet. If you are buying online, make sure that the site has a return policy.

  1. Bracelet’s quality:

While shopping for the bracelet, you need to do more than just style. You should check the quality of the ring. A good bracelet come with high-quality stainless steel and you will find the polishing work amazing.

  1. The weight of the bracelet:

Check the weight of the bracelet. If the bracelet is too heavy, it will feel a little uncomfortable to wear. This will make you feel rigid. On the other side, buying a very thin one is also not good. A medium sized bracelet will be perfect for all. If you are not getting the right kind of bracelet or band, try out the red and black men’s wedding band. They are unique and comfortable to wear.

  1. Check the clasp:

Generally, there are two types of clasping used in silver bracelet one is a small latch and another one is a locking clasp. The clamping mechanism is easy to open and close. Under the locking clasp mechanism, a small door is used to lock the bracelet. Make sure that the lock mechanism used in the bracelet is good.

  1. The metal used in the bracelet:

It is the 316L metal which is largely used to create stainless steel bracelets. The reason behind this is this metal is resistant to corrosion and rust. Apart from this, it can withstand extremes weather condition. Bracelets created using this metal are quite durable and will last for a longer period.

  1. Bracelet’s accents:

There are some bracelets which come with 18 karat gold accents. This adds more style and shine to the bracelets and will look quite appealing. But the price will be a little higher than the normal bracelets.

  1. Cost of the bracelets:

Take your time and compare the price of the bracelets available at different stores.  By comparing the price, one can buy the best one under the budget. You can easily compare the price while buying the bands or bracelets online.

  1. Bracelets conditions:

Stainless steel metal can last for a long time like the tungsten metal. All you need to take a little care. Their look remains shiny for a long time. If you are buying a second-hand ring, carefully check the condition.

If you have enough budget, try the red and black men’s wedding band or else stainless steel made bracelet can work best.

Budget Air Supply Has the Perfect 3 Ton Package Heat Pump 0

In the winter, you need the heating, and in the summer, you need the cooling, and now you can get both in a 3 Ton Package Heat Pump from Budget Air Supply. This is a popular size package for many homes, condos, and offices because it provides environmental control to about 1,800 square feet of residential or commercial space. Different than the old furnace and air conditioner set up, this equipment is designed and engineered for many years of service providing cooling or heating as needed when needed.

What is a 3 Ton Package Heat Pump System?

Heat pumps can do two things. They can push heat into a space or they can draw heat out of a space. Unlike the old heater furnace/air conditioner systems of the past, this system uses the condensers to heat or cool as needed by drawing air over heater elements to push warm air into the space or by drawing air over the condensers to remove heat and thereby cool the air being circulated. It’s a better way to accomplish the task while saving money on equipment and electricity.

Today’s Heat Pump Systems Are Better Technology

Contractors, architects, building maintenance managers, and many homeowners know the best way to save money is to utilize the variable speed motors available on HVAC systems which reduces the amount of electricity they draw. Improvements in heating and cooling systems make modern heat pumps a much more reliable and durable system. Budget Air Supply sells at wholesale prices only the best-manufactured products in North America such as American Standard, Goodman, Daikin, Rheem/Ruud, Cooper & Hunter, Mitsubishi and more.

With Better Technology Comes Better Warranties

Most manufacturers now offer extended warranties on their products of up to 10 years for parts and service. That means the heat pump systems have extreme durability and longevity. However, it takes a service-oriented organization to support the systems that have been certified to provide not just the systems, but also the parts and service equipment to keep the systems running. Budget Air Supply has the expertise to provide their customers with knowledgeable and professional customer support and that’s why they have received certification from all their suppliers that prove their commitment to customer service. If a customer has a question or needs additional information, they can email the company at contact@budgetairsupply.com or they can call 855-473-6484 and speak with a customer support professional.

Customers Have Been Happy With Budget Air Supply for Many Years

Starting out as a small, one-truck operation in 2009, Budget Air Supply has been growing ever since. In 2011 the company went online to help satisfy the need for high-quality products to be sold at reasonable prices with the kind of customer service people wanted. Since that time, many customers have done business with Budget Air Supply, which is why the company now has two more sales and service locations added to the original location in Central Florida. Customer demand has provided for a company sales and service location in Wichita, Kansas to serve the Midwest and another sales and service location in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Find Out Why Budget Air Supply Sells So Many HVAC Systems

When customers go to BudgetAirSupply.com, they find an entire universe of HVAC equipment like 3 ton package heat pump systems and many other sizes and capacities of systems. Split systems, all-in-one systems, ductless systems and many other varieties and styles of HVAC systems can be seen and analyzed. If customers need one system or five hundred systems for a real estate development project, they can find exactly what they need at Budget Air Supply. With their price match guarantee and free shipping, customers quickly discover Budget Air Supply is the best resource for HVAC products, parts, service tools, and service advice in America.

For more information about Air Conditioner Online and Goodman 2 Stage Furnace Please visit: Budgetairsupply.

Outsourcing Custom Software Development- A Catalyst For Growth 0

The standard software is no longer useful in today’s enterprise world as every brand aims to use custom software, developed specifically to cater to their needs. However, developing custom software application is not an easy job. It requires the help of an expert to develop specific application software with a user-friendly format and easy to navigate feature. For enterprises and organizations which are low on funds or lack expert software development teams, outsourcing the job is the best choice. It will reduce the challenges and act as a catalyst for the company’s growth.

Every business enterprise needs software application in the current digital world. Be it for automation of internal affairs or to improve customer experience, a custom software application is a requirement. Outsourcing your custom software development can go in two ways. One form is to hire a team of experts to work in your office while utilizing your internal resources and the other one is to outsource the project to a software development company that works with their resources.

Is outsourcing necessary?

Hiring an expert developer works if you already have the infrastructure and tools required to develop software in your organization. Outsourcing the development entirely is good for companies that have neither infrastructure nor developers. Outsourcing software development boosts the productivity of the enterprise by helping to complete the projects on time.


With ever-changing technologies, it is a vain attempt for small firms to set up an IT department and waste resources and budget in trying to acquire tools needed for software development. Outsourcing is a much cheaper option when compared to setting up a separate team for development. You can hire the best team anywhere in the globe and get your custom software developed in the specified time span.

The need for extra office space, infrastructure and pay for IT team can all be avoided by outsourcing your development needs. Outsourcing can be a profitable and cost-effective option only when you choose the best software development partner that can deliver results without delay or errors.

Reasons to outsource software development

Running a business successfully and handling the competition in the present global market is not an easy task. Organizations need to evaluate their business frequently to see if they are on par on the latest trends. One of the best business decisions a firm can take is to outsource their software development to keep pace with changing trends.

  •    Budget deficiency

Organizations need staff, software experts, developers, adequate tools, licenses, and infrastructure to start software development. Developing software is a costly affair and not every organization has adequate funds to give their IT department the funds to start custom software development.

The costs keep on getting added with time and need. Hence outsourcing the development process is the right decision. It gives the company a way to anticipate development costs and keep control over the software development budget. Outsourcing is the most cost-effective solution for start-up companies too.

Setting up the infrastructure for software development is also another problem. State-of-the-art infrastructure and its maintenance need a lot of resources. Apart from just installing and managing the infrastructure, the development team should focus on the security of the data.

  •    Core operations

Managing a business requires juggling various works at the same time. If IT operations are taking up all the time and focus from your work, it is better to outsource the software development and concentrate on core business activities. Invest time and shift focus on other works like strategizing and marketing to increase the sale and revenue.

Free yourself from software development projects and work towards developing the company. Streamline the company operations, establish a sense of leadership and involve in customer satisfaction services to help the firm grow to a better position.

  •    Lack of expertise

The work of software development is technical in nature and it requires professionals that have good knowledge and understanding of the company. If it is difficult to maintain an IT department or hire skilled and experienced developers, look for outsourcing services.

Choose an outsourcing company that has skilled developers, and can understand your project needs. You can get your custom software developed in a specified time and budget without disrupting the core operations. Experienced developers can easily anticipate the problems which come during the project and provide solutions to increase the ROI.

  •    Support team

The work of a software development team does not stop with the delivery of the software. Its aftercare is a lengthy process which includes continuous support to the software problems and its rectifications. Modification, monitoring and updating the software is a continuous process which needs the help of the development team.

If your organization does not have a dedicated team of developers to meet the demands and expectations of the consumers, outsource the development project to an expert. The outsourced team will be responsible for fixing the bugs and adding new features from time-to-time on par with the current trends.

  •    Quality control

The outsourced development team is quite experienced in handling all the matters related to software development right from coding to quality assessment till launch. They send the custom software for a trial run to see if it met all the expectations. The program is run diligently for testing and trial before it hits the market. The development team is responsible for the aftercare and to enhance the user experience.

The software developing team is on par with the latest trends and has good experience with marketing strategies to make the software successful. The enterprises can pass on all the development and marketing strategies to the outsourced team to refrain from dealing with product outcome.

Your software development partner should understand your business and be able to communicate with you before developing the ideas to viable software. Put a clause with the development team that all changes should go through the management before implementing new strategies to avoid confusion and delay. It is necessary to discuss the risks and ROI generated to see if the budget spent on custom software development is yielding positive results.


Author’s Bio: I’m currently working as a Software developer with Adreno Technologies. I have a great passion for Software Management Systems and understanding of analyzing MySQL queries for performance and writing queries that will scale well. Apart from Software Development, I have focused on investing my efforts on Web Services, Business Intelligence India, and Verification of Software Systems, Business Process Management, Case Management, Intelligent User Interfaces.

Private Renting: Landlord Responsibilities in UK 0

Owning a home is a great dream for some, but it does come with a lot of responsibility. When something goes wrong on a rental property, you may be inconvenienced, but it’s not up to you to fix it. As a renter, it is always a good idea to know about landlord responsibilities.

Beyond normal wear and tear, many things can go wrong. Many apartments or rental homes have appliances that come with the property. When something happens to the washer or the stove, you don’t have to fix it. This is one of many landlord responsibilities.

Besides appliances, the general upkeep of the exterior of the house is also part of landlord responsibilities. This might include wind damage to siding, peeling paint, broken steps or gutters. You should have a look through your lease, but usually part of landlord responsibilities includes the upkeep and maintenance of the yard if you have one, and any trees or shrubs. The landlord may pay you to take care of lawn mowing, or they may hire a landscaping company.

Landlord responsibilities also extend to your heating and water systems. They should have your heating system inspected each year before it is turned on. If there is a problem with the plumbing or heating, they should fix it, or contact someone to fix it, as soon as possible. If you have any questions about landlord responsibilities, refer to your lease. if the lease fails to help you understand, don’t be afraid to call your landlord and ask for specifics. Simple communication is often the key to avoiding huge issues between landlord and tenant.

Perhaps one of the biggest landlord responsibilities is to keep records and make sure your security deposit is returned to you when you vacate the premises. Your lease should spell out what is expected when you move out. If you are sure everything is as it should be, and you haven’t received your money, you can file a complaint. As a last resort, you can get legal help in regards to landlord responsibilities. If you feel you are mistreated or that your living situation is dangerous and your landlord won’t do anything about it, don’t be afraid to ask for legal help.

Birmingham offers a warm climate all year round, with plenty of outdoor activities to indulge in, such as the beaches, 26 golf courses, rambling, skiing, water-sports, breathtaking countryside, and attractive Spanish culture.

Property prices in Birmingham being much lower than in their home countries, people are ready to afford a holiday or second home, or are seeking to relocate to the country on retirement. The UK property market continues to be at the top of the list for investment and holiday homes.

Birmingham offers a wide range of properties from city apartments in Seville to luxury villas in Costa Blanca and stone farmhouses in Galicia. Lettings by Apex property also offer investors great “Buy to Let” opportunities in an already established market.

With about 2.8million foreign residents in Birmingham, apart from growing tourism figures, Birmingham is a top destination for foreign property investment.  According to Birmingham Ministry of Tourism, more than one million foreigners are likely to buy homes on the UK coast in the next six years, and this figure is likely to triple by 2025.

Birmingham offers a large flourishing rental market, with good rental potential, achieving excellent returns. Birmingham is a top choice for tourists enjoying a variety of accommodations, such as private villas and apartments. The property can be rented out for six months of the year to cover costs and can be used on one’s own free of charge for the rest of the year. There is an increasing tendency seen among youngsters below 30s to buy a property in Birmingham.

Birmingham property investment has been quite popular among investors for a long time now, and continues to be the favorite, particularly for UK investors due to numerous low budget airlines connecting UK and Birmingham. Most investors buy properties in Birmingham seeking a secure rental income from their investment, as Birmingham is a safe option for rental yields, with reliable tourist industry having proved it several times.

Current Property trends in Birmingham

The Birmingham property market is cooling off and it is yet to be determined whether it is a bubble ready to burst or if it will continue with its positive and milder increases.

Although in some aspects UK property market is deteriorating with transactions dropping by more than 40 percent this February, as against February 2018, in major regions the construction works are proceeding normally, with property continuing to be the best form of investment. Despite the fact that newly built properties are having better resale values, developers are facing a terrible time with sales down by 60 percent since September 2018, with unsold properties and growing stock. But, that is only a vague overview of a complex situation with several other exceptions.

Birmingham has a stable and mature property market, with prices of properties have increased by 48 percent during the past three years. However, an increase in price has been predicted in the near future, in both popular coastal resorts, and in inland regions, according to experts.

Property experts suggest that this is the ideal time for an investment in UK  property, as the interest rates are low, and the economy is strong, and there is a huge demand for rental accommodation, which is further fuelled by the revolution of internet bookings.

What You Need to Know About Travelling Alone! 0

Travelling alone

Travelling alone can be quite intimidating for a beginner. You have never been away from your home alone before and all of a sudden, you find yourself in a strange city or town, surrounded by people you do not know. There might be a lot of things going through your head and you might even have the urge to go back. But, honestly, do not panic!
As much as it is a little difficult in the beginning, travelling alone can have a rather positive effect on you and your life. It makes you confident like never before and you get that triumphant feeling of being able to do anything in the world. It is actually extremely necessary for a person to travel alone at least once in life. It opens you up and away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, you discover yourself in a whole new way!
However, while travelling alone, you need to keep certain things in mind, the foremost of which is your safety. So, considering that and more, here is what you need to know about travelling alone!

1. Pick a destination
When you have made up your mind to travel, the first thing you need to do is pick a destination. Now, since there are infinite places to go to in this world, it might be a little confusing as you start searching over the internet for that one perfect getaway. Do not fret! Remember to ask yourself some important questions such as: Are you a hills person or more of a beaches kind of person? Do you like wildlife? How much money can you really afford for a trip at that point? Would that place be safe for someone travelling alone? And then you will get your answer! It would actually be very easy for you to pick a destination if you keep these things in mind before deciding on a particular place.

2. Fix a budget
Fixing a budget is very important for any trip, but especially for a solo trip because when you travel alone, you would have to pay all the money alone as well. There would be no one to share the expenses with. So, pick a destination that you can afford. There are many budget tours available on the internet, which would fit anyone’s budget easily. At Avian Escapes, we help you to choose a destination, according to your budget, so that you can make the most of your time with the limited money you have. However, if you have a dream destination that you really want to go to, no matter what, then the best advice that we can give you is to start saving up. If you save methodically and consistently, then there is no place in the world that you cannot reach. It’s all about saving smart and saving hard!

3. Take your time to explore the place
As you find yourself in a new town or city all alone, it can be a bit overwhelming for you at first. Take some rest the first day you arrive there. You don’t have to rush if you do not want to. Try and get a travel map, so that you don’t get lost while exploring the place. If you still get confused on the way, don’t be shy to talk to strangers and do not forget to smile while asking for help. You will be amazed to see how helpful people can be in strange lands. Soon you will start warming up to the people as well as the place!

4. Be safe
Safety should be at the top of your list of priorities when you are travelling alone. Carry a pepper spray with you, because you never know when you might need it. Also, try to follow some safety rules as well, such as do not get too drunk when you are in an unknown place, do not ask for lifts from strangers, do not go out too late at night all alone and some more you can add to this list yourself. But, at the end of the day, a lot depends on your intuition. If you get a feeling that you should not talk to someone or you should not go somewhere, do not do it and always remember to follow the rules of the city or town you are visiting. Give all the details of the place you are staying at and the places you are going to go to as well, to your family and friends, so that in case, something bad happens, they can come looking for you.

5. Talk to the locals
Visiting a new place doesn’t only mean enjoying the scenery. It means to get to know the people and the culture of that region as well. Make an effort to talk to the locals, to get to know them, their language and their way of living. It will make you feel a lot less alone in a new environment. Soon, you will see yourself becoming good friends with them. Imagine having friends in so many towns and cities and countries in the world! Also, find a local guide if possible. He or she can take you to all the must-see tourist attractions of that place. Thus, you will be saved from the headache of locating everything all by yourself and can instead concentrate on having only fun!

6. Make beautiful memories
Just because you are all alone in a strange land, that doesn’t mean you can’t have as much fun as you would have had if you had a group of friends with you. In fact, this new experience can be just as fulfilling, or even more. Go to all the tourist attractions that you had always wanted to visit. Live those moments to the fullest. Click beautiful pictures. Do not forget to carry a selfie stick with you, as you must click some of your pictures too visiting those places, or you can even ask someone to click those for you. Remember, this is your time, only yours! Make the most of it! Make beautiful memories!

Buy Swimming Pool Pumps Online from Pogue Supply and Save Money 0

A lot of people don’t realize they can Buy Swimming Pool Pumps online. They haven’t discovered the ease of ordering online and the savings they get from buying online. Pogue Supply has been changing the paradigm for more than 20 years.

Homeowners, Contractors, Repair Shops and Everyone Else Gets a Great Deal

Pogue Supply has built a solid reputation for providing the best quality products at rock bottom prices. When anyone in the world of aquatics needs parts, service tools, or other equipment to maintain their swimming pool or spa, they can turn to Pogue Supply with confidence. With over 20,000 parts in inventory, Pogue Supply is the go-to resource for anything swimming pool or spa-related. Pogue Supply inventories equipment and parts from all the major manufacturers including:

• Hayward
• Jandy
• Pentair
• Polaris
• Sta-Rite
• Zodiac
• Jacuzzi
• Balboa
• Waterway

Pogue Supply carries all the parts and pieces to keep your swimming pool or spa running clean and efficiently.

Swimming Pool Pumps Are Not All the Same

When it comes to working with the best manufacturers, Pogue Supply chose Hayward because they make the best swimming pool pumps on the market. Hayward offers their swimming pool pump motors in the following models:

• VS Omni™
• TriStar VS®
• EcoStar® VS
• Super Pump® VS
• MaxFlo VS™
• TriStar®
• Super II™
• Super Pump®
• MaxFlo XL™
• MaxFlo™

VS designation indicates Variable Speed motors, which operate using less electricity than a standard swimming pool pump motor.

Commercial and Home Swimming Pools Benefit from Pogue Supply

The size of the swimming pool doesn’t matter to the folks at Pogue Supply; they carry every size and flow capacity pump motor available from Hayward. What’s important is the customer’s desire to save money and get value from their swimming pool equipment resource. Prices on pool supplies and equipment can get out of hand in a hurry when buying from local pool products retailers. They tend to mark up the products they handle by 40% to 50% or more. That’s where Pogue Supply helps pool owners and operators when they buy swimming pool pumps or anything else online.

Customer Service When It Counts

Pogue Supply knows when customers buy equipment from an online company they have concerns and issues which must be overcome for the sale to go through and for the customer to be happy with their purchase. Customers can easily contact the company by submitting their questions or inquiries on the company website at PogueSupply.com or they can send an email to info@poguesupply.com. No one knows swimming pools and spas like Pogue Supply and it’s nice to know they are only a call or click away.

Great Values on All Swimming Pool Equipment

Not only are the prices on all the 20,000 items in inventory really great, but there’s also free shipping on all orders in the continental United States. First-time customers can also get an additional 10% off their order. No other swimming pool products resource on the Internet can sell and support customers like Pogue Supply. Whether a customer needs to buy one swimming pool pump or they need to buy swimming pool pumps by the dozen, they can get it all and every part to complete the job at Pogue Supply.

Every Part and Every Piece for Swimming Pools

Going to the Pogue Supply website opens many doors for those who need quality pool supplies, equipment, and parts. When it comes to shopping with ease and confidence, customers rely on Pogue Supply to have what they want in stock and ready to ship quickly. Nobody likes to wait for their online orders to arrive and Pogue Supply turns their orders around quickly. No matter what the need, Pogue Supply has the expertise, professionalism, and care to keep every customer’s swimming pool running great and looking beautiful. Visit them online, today!

For more information about Automatic Pool Cleaners Parts and Swimming Pool Filters Parts Please visit : Pogue Supply.

How to Plan Your First Trek to Indian Himalayas 0

How to Plan Your First Trek to Indian Himalayas – Expert Advice

Do you want to go on a trekking tour to the Indian Himalayas? Are you confused about the starting point of your adventurous trip? We have got your back mate. Here is a useful guide to planning your first trek to the Indian Himalayas.

Planning the trip to the Himalayas

Trekking in the Indian Himalayas needs proper planning as this is the thing that can make or break the trip. Take all the time you need to plan your budget, time the trek and design an awesome itinerary.

Let’s get started!

Design itinerary

For this, you need to test your own interests. The remote mountain passes or ancient culture – what appeals you more? If it’s the latter (ancient culture), the monasteries of Ladakh is your place to explore. If you want to go on a trek through thick forests, include Sikkim in your itinerary. In case you are that ambitious adventurer with a dream of exploring the mountain passes, the trails of Garhwal are the best of Indian Himalayas.

However, being too ambitious can be dangerous. So, have enough time for acclimatization, keep the weather conditions in mind and have an extra day in hand for camping. Exploring and understanding the Himalayas is not a one trip adventure. It can take all your life to achieve! Just be patient and enjoy your first trekking in the Himalayas.

Fix a budget

If you are a planning an independent trek, figure out the cost of porters, hiring a tour guide, food, transportation, and accommodation. Now double it. This way you can manage any unforeseen costs, a normal situation when on a travel expedition. If you are going with one of the most popular trekking companies in India, have 10% of your budget with you in cash.

Time the trek

Months from March to June is the best time for trekking but ensure you learn about the weather conditions in the Himalayas. Be aware of the changing climate as the weather pattern across the Indian Himalayas is so complicated that even travel experts find it difficult to figure out at times. The areas of Darjeeling, Himachal, Sikkim, and Uttaranchal experience heavy monsoons so avoid planning the trip in the months of July and August.

Take safety precautions

Trekking in India is no normal travel plan but is considered as a specialist activity which needs you to know about acclimatization and does not have blind faith on your GPS for directions. Sometimes, even the detailed contour map can be misleading in remote areas. The better option would be to hire a local experienced guide.

Pack your gears

You need not impress anyone in those remote mountain passes. Just forget about fashion and ensure you have a sturdy gear to withstand the constantly changing weather in the mountains. If your trekking gear is new enough and in good condition, don’t go for the latest version. If you are going to trek the Himalayas under a trekking company, make sure the things included in your gear.

Significant Tips for the trek to Indian Himalayas

Be positive throughout the journey

You need to be in the right state of mind along with being physically fit to go on the trek. Places of the high altitude can lead to panic and frustration but these are not the right places to unleash your emotions. Just try staying calm and positive during such moments of frustration. Keep chanting the trekking mantra “Short steps, deep breaths” and you will be fine.

Protect your trekking gear

Keep your gear in a sturdy kitbag. You can easily replace it after contact with jagged rocks, thorn blushes and when offloaded at dusty campsites. It is better to protect it in the kitbag than getting it damaged.

Have the essentials handy

A water bottle, windcheater, dry pair of socks and sunhat must be carried along on the trek. Keep all your essentials handy to ease the pain of packing and repacking all the way. Buy an umbrella from the local market in the town to keep away from rain and sun. It can also work as a shield when you are on the bathroom breaks in the mountainside.

Be polite to the locals

This is an important tip during Himalaya trekking for beginners – always be polite and courteous to the locals. If you want to get closer to the all-new culture, courtesy and friendliness are what you need.

Carry all the essential medication

Carry all your medication and essential tablets along with you on the trek. Also, carry the prescriptions with you. There are certain medicines which you can’t have without a prescription.

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