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Are you looking for best online Quran tutor for your kids 0

Every human wants his kids to get knowledge from a good teacher. They want to choose a Best Teacher for them. So I will recommended you that if you are looking a best Teacher for your kids, then, you are at the right place. Here is a guide that will help you know the ways from which you can get Best Online Quran Tutor for your kids. Moreover, we will also highlight the imperative reasons why kids require Islamic Education.

Today the trend of the online Business has becoming booming, especially from those days since people have been comfortable studying at home and preferred education. Furthermore, parents also feel very gratified with their kids studying at home right in front of us.

Our organization hires an intelligent and experience teachers who teach Quran for kids. That’s why our online Quran tutors are very capable and experienced.  They are aware of the fact that different types of children read here those who pay attention to different ways. Not all the kids will appreciate something the same way. This is the way, the best online Quran tutors will make sure that they adopt effective teaching methods so that the student’s education is greater and the student has to benefit from the tutorial.

The messenger of Allah PBUH said: “Expertise your children to pray when they become seven years old, and shattered them for it (prayer) when they become ten years old; and place their beds (to sleep) distinctly.”

Top Reasons why Islamic Education is Important for Kids

There are many reasons for Muslim children to study the Holy Quran. In order to understand religion, the teachings of Quran and Islam are essential because they will help them to be better Muslims and better people.

Following is a list of the top reasons why Muslim kids are required to study Islam.

Instills the Foundations of Islam

For a Muslim so that life can be asked by Allah, it is very important that Islamic education is given to them in young age. Islam is not just a religion; it is a way of life. Islam is a religion, which tells us how to deal with our life is written in the Qur’an. Muslims should be adopted it by all Muslims. To do this, we need to teach our children Islamic knowledge.

Basic needs of Islam can be taught to students so that they learn at this stage where it is the most effective. The values and principles of Islam should be known.

Some parents wish to educate their children in the Qur’an and Islam. I agree that they have done this right decision and kids adopted Islamic education. But the biggest problem in this is that children learn Islamic teachings but there are some teachings that they cannot learn from their parents. So they need to keep a Koran teacher and teach it to the teacher’s teacher all Islamic teachings that he does not learn from his parents. Online Quran Tutor gives Islamic education to its student So that education of the Quran for kids is easy due to the online tutorial.

How To Find The Best CBSE Schools In Amravati? 0

Finding CBSE board schools in Amravati for guardians and parents is now a tough task. The academic progress of these schools in Amravati has given tough competition among schools. What are the factors need to measure to select a school for your ward from the list of the best CBSE schools in Amravati that can be the best for imparting the knowledge of the importance of education in life?

kids studying in CBSE board school

kids studying in CBSE board school

How to select the CBSE school in Amravati?

  • Check the reviews of these schools online and read the testimonials. Evaluate the reviews from the parents of old students.
  • The faculty is the key root for the good academic results. The schools’ faculty should be well-educated and experienced. It is essential to collect the faculty’s report from the school, kids, and parents
  • The infrastructure of the school measures a lot. The arrangements of the classroom, number of students per classroom, desk and chair arrangements, windows, fans, drinking water and washroom facility, etc are the essential factors that need to be checked
  • The arrangements of extra-curricular works and sports activities should be checked
  • The number of installments to pay the yearly fees should be calculated
  • The study methodology, if it includes practical and projects along with conceptual studies
  • Library and exams halls for board exams are available
  • Teacher to child ratio is essential. A teacher must attend a maximum of 30 students per class.


The above-listed points are helpful selecting the best CBSE schools in Amravati. These are helping guidelines for any guardian or parent.

7 Website Designing Trends For 2019 0

7 Website Designing Trends For 2019

Yet another change of calendar brings us to a fresh start of trends, this is the time when we learn from old trends and create new ones. In the past 10 years, the internet has created several trends, got rid of some and carried some to the future. With the onset of this beautiful year let us have a look which trends the best Website Designing Company in Delhi will be displayed in front of us:

  1. A Stronger User Interface

With increased web awareness, comes the skill to use it and people have become net- savvier than ever before. They expect a flawless online experience and the failure to provide that can hinder your business growth. A recent study by Forrester Research found that a competent UI design could increase your web conversions by up to 200%.  This is the reason Website Design Company are now focussing on this aspect in 2019 more than ever.

  1. More white space!

The simple and subtle design has now overpowered cluttered websites. The focus of Website Designing Company in Delhi in 2019 is to focus on the most important elements of the site where it is easier to read and navigate, leaving plenty of white spaces that act as a relief to the eye of the visitor. Technically the background need not be just white but white spaces mean a subtle background without much of information, one may also add soothing images in the background. This trend is not new but will be gaining momentum this year and you need to catch up, if you haven’t already!

  1. Customized Graphic Design and Illustrations

According to Crowdspring, 75% of consumers judge the credibility and trustworthiness of your business from your website’s design. If your company website aims to stand out in the market, then it is necessary to have a visually distinguished website. But this cannot be done with regular website templates. In this year, the website design company in Delhi will focus more on this trend as the competition has become fierce and customized designs and illustrations are great tools for helping websites become the best face of one’s business.

  1. Bright Colours and Use of Gradients

Colour has always been a powerful visual tool and if used correctly the right color is known to improve readership by stark 40%. This happens because the use of correct color makes it easier to read and looks visually appealing to the eye. Gradients also seem to be very well interlinked with the colors we see on the websites. Gradients add subtle interest to the visual appeal of the website and the best website design company Delhi consider this trend so important that they prefer to call it a standard.

  1. Improved mobile integration between responsive design and apps

People are always connected to their mobile phones and it will be naive of any of the web design companies Delhi NCR to ignore this trend. As per research by ComScore, the mobile users spend double the amount of time on screen than the desktop users. Also, Google suggests that about 48% of all the users started their search for some product from their mobile devices. This is the reason website design companies are integrating mobile apps and responsive designs with mobile phones with even more force and precision in 2019.

  1. Using Integrated videos

A video can capture the audience’s attention like no other media tool and it can also help boost your SEO ranking. This is why videos need to become a strategic element for web designing this year.

  1. Evolved Chat Bots

Chatbots are a common web design necessity but they have finally jumped into the spotlight in 2019. This has definitely been motivated by the advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning which makes the chatbots more efficient and effective.

The newer versions of chatbots have lots in store for us, such as being more and more available on the web pages with an improved level of customization. This can also be taken a step further by introducing friendly mascots for representing a brand and giving the chatbots a personalized identity. The best Web Design Company in Delhi, Jeewangarg helps in the field for more than 8 years has massive experience in how trends change and are absolutely adept with a highly qualified team of in house designers. They help you build a website keeping in mind the current designing trends.

The Best 5 Advantages Of Coed CBSE Schools In Amravati 0

In this modern and developed economy, schools are favoring mostly for Coed education. Coed educations means the education imparted to both males and females under the same roof, together.

Nowadays, the different educational boards like CBSE schools are implementing platforms to provide Coed education.

For example, the CBSE schools in Amravati has set an excellent message for everyone that education is the work done by mindful good thoughts, but not with two different bodies. Therefore, unlike in the olden days, the mean and rotten thought of not allowing two different sexes to acquire knowledge under the same roof should be avoided. Rather, supporting this Coed education in CBSE board schools have various benefits towards both the sexes, and society as well.

  1. Developing mutual respect

When you are allowed to spend time and work together on any projects, for sure you will develop some common understanding in-between. This slowly grows into respect towards each other. This has been greatly proved beneficial for both the genders to bind in good friendship and overcome many mental and health problems because when you survive in favoring ambiance, it naturally affects your mental and health status.

There is a list of CBSE board schools in Amravati who has found remarkable growth in the student’s academic progress.

  1. Overcome fear of opposite gender

There are students from CBSE board schools who being intelligent lacks behind in many other extracurricular activities, like games, sports, dance, drama, ect. These students have somewhat shy nature. They hesitate to get part in these activities.

When both the genders acquire the knowledge under the same roof, they are able to overcome their shy nature and hesitation to great level. This also increases the confidence level and develops personality to an extent.

When the students from CBSE board schools in Amravati are observed, you can find the extreme level of unity, confidence, and respect.

  1. Competition level

Competition to an extent is a healthy part in any field, personal or professional. In olden days, the competition either personally or professionally between two different sexes was considered not less than a war. But, acquiring education in Coed institutes has wiped this ill-thought and generates new ways of thinking.

Now, the competition between two sexes is meant maintain your dignity and educates to learn from each other rather than feeling low.

  1. Self esteem

In today’s advanced stage, self-esteem has to be built in good ways. The Co-education institutes of CBSE boards are the right place to lay early foundation for dignity and self-esteem.

The reputed Coed institutes separately held the session for those who feel low in them compare to others. This feel mostly captivates one mind when they are faced to opposite sex.

Acquiring education under same roof by both the genders and the counselling session helps such students to overcome the low feeling.


Education is birth right for everyone, either male or female. It was in very olden days that females were not promoted for education. But, as the day move on and the computer age approached, the importance of education started growing vastly.

Now, unlike those olden days, the females are not sitting in the houses, but they are aggressively moving out for advance studies.

Schools are the educational institutes that are meant to serve the purpose of availing knowledge and information to both the genders, male and female.


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Best selenium Training in Bangalore

KRN Informatix – programming testing preparing in Bangalore

Java | cucumber |  real time projects

BEST Selenium Training In Bangalore

BEST Selenium course In Bangalore

Welcome to KRN Informatix – Selenium (Center Java) and Cucumber Programming Testing Preparing in Bangalore, India

KRN INFORMATIX is a built up center point for IT Instruction in Marathahalli, Bangalore, India. What the organization has is an ability in conveying Corporate, Open, and execution of Programming Testing Tasks incorporates Selenium Computerization Testing, Cucumber testing and a wide range of Testing Arrangements in Bangalore. The foundation furnishes IT programs with a push on long-haul profession capabilities and top of the line, transient projects in data innovation. The foundation additionally has huge business nearness in the institutional portion where it offers Add up to Learning Answers for People, Corporate, and Government. KRN Informatix is a stop search for programming testing Preparing Administrations in Bangalore, India. This organize gives youthful occupation hopefuls, the ideal platform to assemble a satisfying profession in the developing IT area. Other than preparing, we likewise give situation help to our understudies and the majority of the huge corporations in the corporate world will enlist our prepared ability. Among every one of the students in KRN INFORMATIX, 100% of the learners are filling in as IT experts in different MNCs.This shows obviously that the KRN INFORMATIX encouraging philosophy is past the business models. We have helped Fresher’s, Programming Architects, Working Experts, business pioneers; Corporate Organizations and people fuse the Information into their Psyches through hands-on constant preparing.

There is a platitude that “Achievement will never contact you incidentally”

We are here for you to assemble your very own future for your better tomorrow…

Our identity

KRN INFORMATIX is a stop look for programming testing preparing administrations. This organization gives youthful employment wannabes, the ideal platform to assemble a satisfying vacation in the developing IT segment. other than preparing, we additionally give position help to our understudies and the vast majority of the enormous corporate in the corporate world will contract our prepared ability. Among every one of the students in KRN INFORMATIX,100% of the learners are filling in as IT experts in different MNCs.This demonstrates obviously that the KRN INFORMATIX encouraging technique is past the business principles. We have helped Fresher’s, Programming Specialists, Working Experts, business pioneers; Corporate Organizations and people consolidate the Learning into their Brains through hands-on constant preparing.

KRN INFORMATIX is the place ability meets opportunity and we trust your look for the fantasy work or the fantasy proficient finishes here. In particular, our strategy is useful and planned by our customer’s needs and necessities. The people who were regarded from different species can exertion supernatural occurrences, where we call them as “Innovation”. KRN INFORMATIX is the main association required to drag you towards the” Innovation”. Our establishment trusts that “The individual who has everything will be in a position that the triumph anticipates for him regularly called Good fortune. We are here to put the things so as to improve the hole between the modern prerequisites and what our organization at present offering for satisfying those necessities.

There is a platitude that “Achievement will never contact you unintentionally”

We are here for you to assemble your very own future for your better tomorrow.

About KRN Informatix

KRN INFORMATIX is a setup center for IT Training in Bangalore. What the establishment has is the ability in conveying Corporate, Open, and execution of Programming Testing Tasks and a wide range of Testing Arrangements. The organization gives IT programs a push on long-haul profession capabilities and top of the line, momentary projects in data innovation. The establishment likewise has huge business nearness in the institutional section where it offers Add up to Learning Answers for People, Corporate, and Government.

Why KRN Informatix

Vocation Situated and Esteemed Capabilities

Famous and Perceived No 1 Programming Testing Foundation in Bangalore

Our Capabilities are commonsense situated and planned in accordance with the Market request

KRN INFORMATIX has tied-up with different IT/ITES Organizations to give inside and out Preparing and Live Project. KRN INFORMATIX has been effectively engaged with Occupation Arrangement Help as esteem included administration in the Product Preparing System. With the reinforcement of a propelled preparing educational modules and ongoing business ventures. The Product Preparing Projects are suited by persistent evaluations and sharing normal Meeting FAQs.Students is urged to proactively take an interest in Workshops on Meeting Taking care of Aptitudes. Starter Arrangement guarantees that our Understudies can perform unquestionably in Meetings even it was their First Meeting. As a piece of our Fruitful and Constant Employment Position Help, we keep up the track for our understudy reference

Manual Testing

This procedure includes physically testing programming for imperfections which requires an analyzer to assume the job of an end client and utilize all highlights of the application to guarantee correct conduct.


Selenium is a convenient programming testing structure for web applications. Selenium gives a record/playback device for creating tests without taking in a test scripting dialect ().It additionally gives a test area explicit dialect (Selenese) to compose tests in various famous programming dialects, including C#, Cool, Java, Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby and Scala.

The tests would then be able to be kept running against most present day internet browsers. Selenium sends on Windows, Linux, and OS X stages. It is open-source programming, discharged under the Apache 2.0 permit, and can be downloaded and utilized without charge.

ETL Testing

An ETL instrument separates the information from all these heterogeneous information sources, changes the information (like applying estimations, joining fields, keys, expelling inaccurate information fields, and so forth.), and burdens it into an Information Stockroom. This is a basic instructional exercise that clarifies every one of the essentials of ETL testing.


QTP represents Snappiest Expert, a result of Hewlett Packard (HP). This apparatus causes analyzers to play out a computerized practical testing consistently without checking once content advancement is finished. HP QTP utilizes Visual Essential Scripting (VBScript) for mechanizing the applications.

Load Sprinter

Load Sprinter is a product testing instrument from Hewlett Packard Venture. It is utilized to test applications, estimating framework conduct and execution under load. HPE obtained Load Sprinter as a major aspect of its procurement of Mercury Intelligent in November 2006


Worldwide Programming Testing Capabilities Board (ISTQB) is a product testing capability affirmation association that works universally. Established in Edinburgh in November 2002, ISTQB is a non-benefit affiliation lawfully enrolled in Belgium.


jmeter is an Open Source testing programming. It is 100% unadulterated Java application for load and execution testing. jMeter is intended to cover classes of tests like load, practical, execution, relapse, and so on., and it requires JDK 5 or higher.

Portable testing

Portable application testing is a procedure by which application programming produced for hand held cell phones is tried for its usefulness, ease of use and consistency. Versatile application testing can be computerized or manual kind of testing.

Arrangement Help

Go along with us at KRN INFORMATIX, and appreciate the captivating administrations of situation help cell. This place is very much outfitted with experts, and they will manage you through your whole occupation sacking prospect. The essential point of this cell is to direct the qualified hopefuls through position technique and offer them with help. In the wake of being a piece of our course, you need to experience Taunt meet. We offer free help administration to our understudies. It implies you don’t need to pay a solitary penny additional for the help benefit, from our arrangement help cell. It accompanies the bundle, and you will effectively get the best occupation with any of the best worldwide MNCs.

Giving Understudies position help through different On Grounds Drives, Meetings at organizations, Occupation Fests and so on where hopefuls can locate a correct association to coordinate their range of abilities &interests. They discover enough choices to pick the correct organization with the goal that they could without much of a stretch fit into the corporate world. The understudies are hand-held till they get set. Aside from the hypothetical adapting, each instructional class has Viable Lab sessions, Introductions, Tests and Dialogs wherein Group Learning and Certainty gets improved.

Head Office:

KRN Informatix +91 9700779923

Third Floor, Opp. Imaginative Multiplex, Smash Arcade, Above LG Showroom, Marathahalli, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560037.

What Is The Importance OF Education In CBSE Schools 0

Importance of Education

Education is the base for bright future of every individual. Undoubtedly, there is no such reason to avoid education in anyone’s life. In short, education is knowledge gain.

While collecting the importance of education from CBSE schools in Amravati for today’s life, I pick up so many reasons to favor it: –

  • Imparts the knowledge about the world we live in
  • Keeps us in touch with the regular changes that happens across
  • Dictates the manners and discipline to lead a respectful life
  • Develops the art of looking at life
  • A source to gain information about various elements in surroundings
  • A way to interpret the things among others

Nowadays, there are many boards of education. But, very few of it is counted reputed and certificates from those are valued in everywhere. CBSE and ICSE are two main boards that are largely measured the best ones.

In this article, let’s read out how and why CBSE is getting popular, nowadays.

What roles CBSE educational institute plays for every aspirant?

CBSE educational centers are building to impart knowledge in human beings. It plays an immense role to provide the cemented platform for human beings to gain information and knowledge to lead a respectful and successful life.

Educational institutes are not only the houses or buildings that are stood in well framed manners just to read aloud the lessons from the textbooks. But, it is the first house of every child apart from his/her parental home.

The CBSE schools in Amravati are the best educational home for every kid. The kids here live a welcoming ambiance that makes feel at home. Long list of CBSE schools in Amravati itself marks its reputation.

As, in private sectors relocation has become regular among officers. Shifting with family to a new destination distracts to a great level to kids concentration in studies. It’s not an easy task for every kid to adapt the different curriculum every few years. The CBSE educational centers based in all the corners of the country and across avails the same platform for the relocating students. It becomes easier for the CBSE aspirants to continue the studies without any disturbances in study curriculum and patterns.

More and more CBSE centers are spreading due to its identified pros. This avails the easy admissions of more numbers of desired aspirants. As, nowadays, the young generation is much conscious in making career; they opt for many competitive exams. The CBSE board students get the biggest advantage as most of the competitive exams are based on CBSE syllabus, especially JEE and AIPMT.

Why CBSE board education is preferred highly, nowadays?

  • It has the branches all over the country and abroad
  • When anyone is relocating, it gets easier to continue with the same stream
  • The study pattern remains same for the students
  • It includes the various different ways of imparting practical knowledge among kids through projects
  • It aims to impart quality knowledge in addition considering the physical and mental growth
  • The weekly test series makes easier to learn and complete the chapters in a better way
  • The grading system in exams are meant not to pressure the kids
  • It gives the subjects choices
  • It has limited the books and study hours that lowers the heavy burden from students head
  • The projects’ submission in CBSE education system is literally helping the kids to achieve both theoretical and practical, both
  • The education gained in CBSE board is much helpful in preparing for the competitive exams
  • It has higher standards that provides immense exposure through projects and problem solving methodology
  • CBSE teachings is all the way in English and English is the universal language
  • It follows the concentric curriculum which is the continuation of the previous year
  • The certificate from CBSE board is recognized throughout the country
  • The subjects are fewer compare to other boards
  • It favors both English and Hindi languages as the intermediate language
  • It is mostly based on reasoning and analytical ability
  • The fees structure is made easier to pay in installments


Education is most essential in everyone’s life. It is the platform that completely transforms one’s life. It has always remained a debate for every parent which board to choose for their kids. They like to compare the pros of every board to make their kids future bright and successful.

In, last two decades CBSE board is ranking top and its popularity is spreading. Its way of conceptual studies through theory and practical projects are unique.

Best Stock Market Training Workshop & Classes In Pune 0

Share Market Workshop In Pune

Learn the Art of making money in stock market.   Learn Technical Analysis 

Workshop date: 15 & 16 December 2018.

Days:- Saturday and Sunday.

Time:- 10 am. to 6 pm.

Contact:- +91 8097 7979 70

Venue:- Near Nal Stop, Pune

Technical Analysis Content:

• Basics of Technical Analysis

• Types of price charts

• Concept of Trend – Price – Volume (identify & ride the trend)

• Tops & Bottoms & Trend Reversal

• Trendline & Trend Reversal (predict target & identify trend reversal)

• Moving Averages (importance of cross over – convergence & divergence)

• Oscillators

• Patterns (identify patterns – take action after breakout – predict the target)

• Reversal

• Continuation

• Money Management

• Short-term Trading –

• Investing

• Intraday

If you are interested to attend this Workshop  then please fill the below form. So we will get in touch with you.

2 Myths About Heat Pipes Busted – Best Piping Institute in India 0

2 Myths About Heat Pipes Busted

Myth #1: If heat pipes break, they will get liquid on my electronics.

Fact: Heat pipes rarely, if ever, break. And if they do, the small amount of liquid held in the pipe would be fully saturated into the wick and extremely unlikely to drip or damage your electronics.

Heat Pipes are inherently robust and are a purely passive system that does not wear down over time as active systems often do. A well-engineered heat pipe would require cutting or a copious amount of repeated bending to break. This is one of the reasons why heat pipes are used in industries such as aerospace and defence, where high reliability and long lifetimes are required.

If the seal of a heat pipe were to be broken, the tiny amount of liquid actually within the pipe would be fully saturated into the wick so that no fluid would drip out. The wick would keep any liquid within the heat pipe with capillary forces. Furthermore, heat pipes are charged with a vacuum while being filled. This process ensures that a certain amount of the fluid contained in the pipe is always in vapour form and therefore will not drip.

Myth #2: Heat pipes are heavy.

Fact: Heat pipes can remove more weight than they add to an assembly.

Engineers from Top Piping Institutes in India often integrate heat pipes into custom cooling solutions in order to decrease the weight or volume of the overall solution. Although most often made of copper, heat pipes are hollow and can decrease the weight of your solution while improving thermals in a variety of ways. In many assemblies, heat pipes are used to transfer heat to a cooler, more open area of the device, where a fan can be added to decrease the size and weight of your cooling solution.

Another common example is replacing a traditional copper spreader with an aluminium heat sink base that has embedded heat pipes. These heat pipes can be arranged to target spreading to specific locations while reducing the amount of copper needed and therefore reducing the overall weight and cost of your solution.

Are you looking for Piping Engineering Institute In Mumbai

Pune Address : 5th floor, A-Wing, Office No. 74-79, K.K. Market, Sr. No. 674-675, Dhankawadi, Pune-Satara rd, Pune-411043.

Phone : +91 20 24361091 / +91 20 24361099

Mobile No : +91 9822086802 / +91 9822093666

Email ID :,


Mumbai Address : L-326, Dreams The Mall, Near Bhandup Railway Station, Bhandup West, Mumbai- 400078, Maharashtra, India.

Mobile No : +91 9822086802 / +91 9822093666

Email ID :


Basics of Piping System – Best Piping Design Institute in India 0

Basics of Piping System

Piping Engineers studying from the best piping design institutes in India are trained about the basics of the piping system. A piping system is an assembly of pipe, fittings, valves, and speciality components. All piping systems are engineered to transport a fluid or gas safely and reliably from one piece of equipment to another.

Piping is divided into two main categories:

Small bore lines and Large bore lines

As a general practice, those pipelines with nominal diameters 2” (50mm) and under are classified as small bore and greater than 2” (50mm) NB as the large bore. In this blog, let’s explore the basics of the piping system, which is all about designing, fabricating and constructing lines for conveying fluids.

Abbreviations of Piping System:

NPS – Nominal Pipe Size

DN – Diamètre Nominal

ID  – Inside Diameter

OD – Outside Diameter

SCH – Schedule (Wall Thickness)

STD – Standard Weight Wall Thickness

XS – Extra Strong Wall Thickness

XXS – Double Extra Strong Wall Thickness

Basics of Pipe Sizes

Pipe sizes are designated by two numbers: Diameter and Thickness. In the US, pipe size is designated by two non-dimensional numbers: Nominal Pipe Size (NPS) and schedule (SCH). Let’s look at some key relationships:

Nominal pipe size (NPS) is used to describe a pipe by name only. Nominal pipe size (NPS) is generally associated with the inside diameter (ID) for sizes 1/8” to 12”. For sizes 14” and beyond, the NPS is equal to the outside diameter (OD) in inches.

Outside diameter (OD) and inside diameter (ID), as their names imply, refer to the pipe by their actual outside and inside measurements. Outside diameter (OD) remains same for a given size irrespective of pipe thickness.

Schedule refers to the pipe wall thickness. As the schedule number increases, the wall thickness increases, and the inside diameter (ID) is reduced.

Nominal Bore (NB) along with schedule (wall thickness) is used in British standards classification.

Piping Design Course in Pune will help you learn and master these basics thoroughly.

Reference: Process Piping Fundamentals, Codes and Standards by A.Bhatia

If you want to know more about Prospects of Piping and Process Engineering

Pune Address : 5th floor, A-Wing, Office No. 74-79, K.K. Market, Sr. No. 674-675, Dhankawadi, Pune-Satara rd, Pune-411043.

Phone : +91 20 24361091 / +91 20 24361099

Mobile No : +91 9822086802 / +91 9822093666

Email ID :,


Mumbai Address : L-326, Dreams The Mall, Near Bhandup Railway Station, Bhandup West, Mumbai- 400078, Maharashtra, India.

Mobile No : +91 9822086802 / +91 9822093666

Email ID :


Role of a Quality Control Inspector – Piping Inspector Course in India 0

Role of a Quality Control Inspector

The Piping and Mechanical Quality Control Inspector offers on-site knowledge of quality control and assurance. Piping Inspector Course in India states that the responsibilities of a Quality Control Inspector include conducting routine inspections, testing, and material compliance of services, products and overall standard of strike’s Quality Management System.

Project Specific Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Inspect all welding on above ground piping for conformance to codes and client requirements.
  • Inspect all welds against the detailed Spool Sheets for conformance to general arrangement, material grade, and dimensional compliance.
  • Inspect, record, and mark all received pressure parts and bolt-up materials.
  • Review MTRs for specification conformance and maintain files about project-specific and surplus materials.
  • Monitor storage and use of materials for designated applications on a per-project basis.
  • Maintain surveillance of welding and fitting practices for conformance to WPS, Code, and client specific requirements (i.e. preheat, tacking, electrode storage, weld parameters).
  • Receive and review all NDT reports for completeness and accuracy of code and client required information and correct identification of welds per location and line #.
  • Provide field surveillance of subcontractor activities such as NDE, boring, spray insulation, Hydro-torque, etc.
  • Supervise/participate in the production of weld maps and the markup of as built
  • drawings with a welder, NDE, and MTR information.
  • Piping Engineering Course in Mumbai emphasises on assisting in the production of hydro test packages, joint torque packages, and final redline
  • drawings for permanent record and client turnover.
  • Provide inspection of assemblies before hydro testing to ensure all MTRs, NDE, and
  • visual inspections are complete and issue punch list/test clearance forms before hydro.
  • Witness hydro tests to ensure all required analysis and calibration documentation are available
  • and relevant and that the test procedures conform to Park L, code and client requirements.
  • Receive, review and file/submit all field reports related to civil and earthworks (i.e. ditching, backfill, crossing reports, etc.)
  • Build a photo record of the project as laid out by project management personnel.
  • Perform final acceptance inspections of pipelines and facilities for conformance to
  • P&IDs, piping isometric drawings, and client specs. Record results on inspection checklists or other designated reporting formats.

Non-project Responsibilities Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Maintenance of testing equipment calibration records.
  • Keeping abreast with code revisions and client specifications.
  • Gaining additional certifications and code endorsements as needed.
  • Development of training aids and instructional manuals.

Are you looking for Piping Engineering Institute In Mumbai

Pune Address : 5th floor, A-Wing, Office No. 74-79, K.K. Market, Sr. No. 674-675, Dhankawadi, Pune-Satara rd, Pune-411043.

Phone : +91 20 24361091 / +91 20 24361099

Mobile No : +91 9822086802 / +91 9822093666

Email ID :,


Mumbai Address : L-326, Dreams The Mall, Near Bhandup Railway Station, Bhandup West, Mumbai- 400078, Maharashtra, India.

Mobile No : +91 9822086802 / +91 9822093666

Email ID :