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BEST Selenium Training In Bangalore

BEST Selenium course In Bangalore

Welcome to KRN Informatix – Selenium (Center Java) and Cucumber Programming Testing Preparing in Bangalore, India

KRN INFORMATIX is a built up center point for IT Instruction in Marathahalli, Bangalore, India. What the organization has is an ability in conveying Corporate, Open, and execution of Programming Testing Tasks incorporates Selenium Computerization Testing, Cucumber testing and a wide range of Testing Arrangements in Bangalore. The foundation furnishes IT programs with a push on long-haul profession capabilities and top of the line, transient projects in data innovation. The foundation additionally has huge business nearness in the institutional portion where it offers Add up to Learning Answers for People, Corporate, and Government. KRN Informatix is a stop search for programming testing Preparing Administrations in Bangalore, India. This organize gives youthful occupation hopefuls, the ideal platform to assemble a satisfying profession in the developing IT area. Other than preparing, we likewise give situation help to our understudies and the majority of the huge corporations in the corporate world will enlist our prepared ability. Among every one of the students in KRN INFORMATIX, 100% of the learners are filling in as IT experts in different MNCs.This shows obviously that the KRN INFORMATIX encouraging philosophy is past the business models. We have helped Fresher’s, Programming Architects, Working Experts, business pioneers; Corporate Organizations and people fuse the Information into their Psyches through hands-on constant preparing.

There is a platitude that “Achievement will never contact you incidentally”

We are here for you to assemble your very own future for your better tomorrow…

Our identity

KRN INFORMATIX is a stop look for programming testing preparing administrations. This organization gives youthful employment wannabes, the ideal platform to assemble a satisfying vacation in the developing IT segment. other than preparing, we additionally give position help to our understudies and the vast majority of the enormous corporate in the corporate world will contract our prepared ability. Among every one of the students in KRN INFORMATIX,100% of the learners are filling in as IT experts in different MNCs.This demonstrates obviously that the KRN INFORMATIX encouraging technique is past the business principles. We have helped Fresher’s, Programming Specialists, Working Experts, business pioneers; Corporate Organizations and people consolidate the Learning into their Brains through hands-on constant preparing.

KRN INFORMATIX is the place ability meets opportunity and we trust your look for the fantasy work or the fantasy proficient finishes here. In particular, our strategy is useful and planned by our customer’s needs and necessities. The people who were regarded from different species can exertion supernatural occurrences, where we call them as “Innovation”. KRN INFORMATIX is the main association required to drag you towards the” Innovation”. Our establishment trusts that “The individual who has everything will be in a position that the triumph anticipates for him regularly called Good fortune. We are here to put the things so as to improve the hole between the modern prerequisites and what our organization at present offering for satisfying those necessities.

There is a platitude that “Achievement will never contact you unintentionally”

We are here for you to assemble your very own future for your better tomorrow.

About KRN Informatix

KRN INFORMATIX is a setup center for IT Training in Bangalore. What the establishment has is the ability in conveying Corporate, Open, and execution of Programming Testing Tasks and a wide range of Testing Arrangements. The organization gives IT programs a push on long-haul profession capabilities and top of the line, momentary projects in data innovation. The establishment likewise has huge business nearness in the institutional section where it offers Add up to Learning Answers for People, Corporate, and Government.

Why KRN Informatix

Vocation Situated and Esteemed Capabilities

Famous and Perceived No 1 Programming Testing Foundation in Bangalore

Our Capabilities are commonsense situated and planned in accordance with the Market request

KRN INFORMATIX has tied-up with different IT/ITES Organizations to give inside and out Preparing and Live Project. KRN INFORMATIX has been effectively engaged with Occupation Arrangement Help as esteem included administration in the Product Preparing System. With the reinforcement of a propelled preparing educational modules and ongoing business ventures. The Product Preparing Projects are suited by persistent evaluations and sharing normal Meeting FAQs.Students is urged to proactively take an interest in Workshops on Meeting Taking care of Aptitudes. Starter Arrangement guarantees that our Understudies can perform unquestionably in Meetings even it was their First Meeting. As a piece of our Fruitful and Constant Employment Position Help, we keep up the track for our understudy reference

Manual Testing

This procedure includes physically testing programming for imperfections which requires an analyzer to assume the job of an end client and utilize all highlights of the application to guarantee correct conduct.


Selenium is a convenient programming testing structure for web applications. Selenium gives a record/playback device for creating tests without taking in a test scripting dialect ().It additionally gives a test area explicit dialect (Selenese) to compose tests in various famous programming dialects, including C#, Cool, Java, Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby and Scala.

The tests would then be able to be kept running against most present day internet browsers. Selenium sends on Windows, Linux, and OS X stages. It is open-source programming, discharged under the Apache 2.0 permit, and can be downloaded and utilized without charge.

ETL Testing

An ETL instrument separates the information from all these heterogeneous information sources, changes the information (like applying estimations, joining fields, keys, expelling inaccurate information fields, and so forth.), and burdens it into an Information Stockroom. This is a basic instructional exercise that clarifies every one of the essentials of ETL testing.


QTP represents Snappiest Expert, a result of Hewlett Packard (HP). This apparatus causes analyzers to play out a computerized practical testing consistently without checking once content advancement is finished. HP QTP utilizes Visual Essential Scripting (VBScript) for mechanizing the applications.

Load Sprinter

Load Sprinter is a product testing instrument from Hewlett Packard Venture. It is utilized to test applications, estimating framework conduct and execution under load. HPE obtained Load Sprinter as a major aspect of its procurement of Mercury Intelligent in November 2006


Worldwide Programming Testing Capabilities Board (ISTQB) is a product testing capability affirmation association that works universally. Established in Edinburgh in November 2002, ISTQB is a non-benefit affiliation lawfully enrolled in Belgium.


jmeter is an Open Source testing programming. It is 100% unadulterated Java application for load and execution testing. jMeter is intended to cover classes of tests like load, practical, execution, relapse, and so on., and it requires JDK 5 or higher.

Portable testing

Portable application testing is a procedure by which application programming produced for hand held cell phones is tried for its usefulness, ease of use and consistency. Versatile application testing can be computerized or manual kind of testing.

Arrangement Help

Go along with us at KRN INFORMATIX, and appreciate the captivating administrations of situation help cell. This place is very much outfitted with experts, and they will manage you through your whole occupation sacking prospect. The essential point of this cell is to direct the qualified hopefuls through position technique and offer them with help. In the wake of being a piece of our course, you need to experience Taunt meet. We offer free help administration to our understudies. It implies you don’t need to pay a solitary penny additional for the help benefit, from our arrangement help cell. It accompanies the bundle, and you will effectively get the best occupation with any of the best worldwide MNCs.

Giving Understudies position help through different On Grounds Drives, Meetings at organizations, Occupation Fests and so on where hopefuls can locate a correct association to coordinate their range of abilities &interests. They discover enough choices to pick the correct organization with the goal that they could without much of a stretch fit into the corporate world. The understudies are hand-held till they get set. Aside from the hypothetical adapting, each instructional class has Viable Lab sessions, Introductions, Tests and Dialogs wherein Group Learning and Certainty gets improved.

Head Office:

KRN Informatix +91 9700779923

Third Floor, Opp. Imaginative Multiplex, Smash Arcade, Above LG Showroom, Marathahalli, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560037.

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4 Ways in which Reading Uplifts Mental Health

We at Bookhungama have always endorsed reading. It is one of the most important habits to possess. Reading helps you become stress free. We would always recommend that never read anything because you have to or as if it is one of the tasks you need to accomplish. Read because you would love to, read because reading helps you to travel in a world other than yours and helps you to forget the worries and difficulties of your existing world.

Reading has a great effect on the mind of an adult as well as a child. This great habit proves beneficial for the mental health of both adults as well as children.

Here are some of the ways in which the habit of reading helps to maintain a sound mind and boost the mental health

  1. You become very understanding

Studies have proven that reading helps you to become very empathetic towards others. Reading various stories and going through many characters helps a human being to become very perspicacious. In this way they become more inclined and open towards how others feel especially the ones who are not in the same situation as theirs.

  1. Reading helps you to deal with your difficulties

While reading a self-help book or any book by some great thinker or philosopher you tend to get answers to many of your own problems. While reading any story or a novel at times you are able to relate to certain characters and are able to deal with your situations by reading the journey of the characters.

  1. Increased intellectual capabilities

Reading definitely assists you to make your memory sharp and increase your knowledge. Informative books prove to be great knowledge boosters and novels prove to increase your vocabulary. Good vocabulary is always an indication of great intellectual capabilities.

  1. Great stress buster

As we mentioned before reading definitely helps you to virtually travel into a whole another world which may or may not be different from your own. Reading a funny novel or a completely different refreshing story helps your brain to rejuvenate and assists it to become stress free.

At Bookhunagama we always release great ebooks and audiobooks to increase our community of readers. We also provide a two in one app, an app which is an ebook reader app as well as an audiobook app.

So what are you waiting for, just download it and curl at your favourite corner with your favourite book!

Download Ebook Reader app Free –

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4 Modern Day Women Writers Who are the Flag-Bearers of The Term ‘Talented’

There were days when the female population of India was strictly meant to take care of the house and children and were not allowed to take education. Now the times are changing, even though there are a certain percentage of the Indian families which are still patriarchal but majority of the women out there are making a lot of progress.

The right to education have made women reach great new heights. The literature world is incomplete without its female writers. Women have taken the literature world by storm for more than a century now.

Some of the great women writers who defied all the difficulties and gave us some great literary masterpieces are as follows…

  1. Kamla Bhasin

Living in the capital this great author has written some great pieces. She has become a feminist activist fighting for equal rights for all the genders. Her work has inspired many activists. Her work focuses on issues such as gender inequality, human development and the percentage of literacy in the country

  1. Shobha De

She is a well renowned columnist and novelist. Her work mirrors contemporary and modern society.  She very well depicts the socialites and elites in her writing. She has written many novels till date. Shobha De is often known as the ‘Jackie Collins’ of India.

  1. Mridula Koshy

Mridula Koshy is one of the most talented writers of the country. She lives in the capital and is the mother of 3. She has authored great books such as ‘If it is sweet’ & ‘Not Only The Things That Have Happened’. She is also the winner of Shakti Bhatt First Book Prize Award (2009) and was shortlisted for Vodafone Crossword Book Prize (2009).

  1. Kiran Desai

She is the woman behind the great novel ‘The Inheritance Of Loss’. The book not only won a Man Booker Prize but also won a National Book Critics Circle Fiction Award. The famous news house ‘The Economic Times’ has also listed her as one of the 20 ‘most influential’ global Indian women.

At Bookhungama, being one of the best eBook publishers we encourage all the female writers to give a voice to their work by actually publishing it. We help them by providing best ebook pulishing services.

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Two Must Read Ebooks

Reading is a great habit to possess. It not only boosts our memory but also helps us intellectually sound. Books have a great effect on us emotionally as well. There are times when we are able to relate to a character in a story and learn a lot from it. Novels whether fiction or non-fiction teaches us a lot through the stories they portray. Reading also acts a stress buster and helps our mind to be focused. So it’s always beneficial to have this habit.

With the invent of technology, today we are able to read books online or even on Kindle. Ebooks have changed the world of readers altogether and given the readers some great benefits.

At Bookhungama we love to avail our readers with great ebooks whether they are English ebooks or Marathi…

Here are some of the cool ebooks you must read..

  1. Palakanche Pathyapustak By C.M Jagdale

This is the age of competition. The new generation has to be very hard working to survive and emerge successful in this competitive age. Along with the children their parents also have to work hard. Every parent has certain difficulties regarding his or her offspring. This eBook discusses those problems in a detailed way. This ebook also discusses the various solutions to the various problems faced by the parents.

You can buy this great informative Marathi ebooks by the author C.M Jagdale here –

  1. Jeevan Sughand – Shripad Joshi

Human beings have always worked towards how to make their lives simple, easy and happy. Many great scholars have written many books and placed forth many philosophies to solve and find the answer to the question of ‘how to be happy?’ Though their solutions have helped men and women in general but every individual’s life is different story. Every human being is a separate individual with a separate life and a separate journey and every life is different puzzle. Hence humans have to find the solution to this puzzle on their own. This eBook discusses such topics and much more

Grab your copy of this great ebook here –

We at bookhungama also encourage many writers to start writing and publishing their own ebooks as we are also one of the best ebook publishers. We provide great ebook publishing services. So do read the recommendations and do not keep your next book’s draft in a closet but bring it to us.

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Two Audiobooks That Will Keep You Hooked

Audiobooks are for sure on a rise in the today’s date & time. Studies prove that listening to certain things do have a greater effect on our minds.  When you listen to the narrator narrating the story or a novel, it definitely and literally takes you in that atmosphere and those situations of the story. Listening has a great effect and gives the listener near-to-live experience of the whole scenario. Sometimes certain audiobooks are also utilised for education purpose where the students can listen to their lessons and understand better. Audiobooks also prove to be big boon for the visually impaired people.

We provide a great audiobook app where you can download as many audiobooks as possible.

This app consists of some audiobook gems and they are as follows

  1. WhatsApp Diaries – Ashutosh Purohit

WhatsApp has become one of the most used apps these days as it is easy to use. Whether it’s an old lady or a young kid who was gifted a new phone everyone seems to be glued to this app. As everyone is absolutely glued to it we get to see that many love stories blossom solely because of WhatsApp. This platform definitely provides an easy way for people to be in touch with each other and also share pictures, videos, documents etc.  Whatsapp due to these reasons is responsible for the formation of many memories. This audiobook is diary of such feelings and fun incidences on this app.  Listening to this audiobook will definitely bring to your mind the many fun moments you had while chatting with your friends on WhatsApp.

To experience this virtual love celebration you can buy this audiobook here –

  1. Chocolate Mousse – Dimitri Bapat

We all love romantic love stories. This audiobook is a fun romantic comedy. This is a unique story about Madan & Rati. The audiobook makes you the feel the humour in the love and the intensity in the relationship of Madan & Rati.

You can buy this audiobook here –

Listen to these amazing Marathi audiobooks and experience traveling back to your childhood when either your parents or your grandparents narrated beautiful bed time stories to you!

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Whatever your reason for Having stickers composed, you want to be certain that those stickers that are created for you’re special and that they will stick out. You want to have stickers created which are unlike anything which you would be able to pick up in the store and that are worth the money that you spend to get them published. Make sure that you know what should go in the design of your decals. Be certain that you know how to create stickers that are different from anything else that you will come across in your day to day life.

Create Stickers that are Colorful:

It is important that you Look for ways to generate your stickers distinctive from others that are available. 1 way of doing that is to be certain that the decals that you create are very bold and colorful. Make sure that the stickers that you have published are different due to the colors that are used in their style.

Create Stickers with Interesting Designs or Sayings:

What do you do to make Your decals stand out and to make them get focus? You ought to search for fun designs that you can use on the decals to assist them stand out. You ought to look for small quotations which you can set on the stickers which will cause people to pause with what they’re doing and take some opportunity to check out the stickers.

Create Special Stickers That stand Out:

There are items that you Can do to make sure that all of the stickers that you design and have published Up are distinctive from other stickers which are available. More Info: link webpage.

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How to fix HP Printer Print Quality Issue-

Do you wish to buy HP Printer for your home? Did you recently purchase HP Printer for your office? Are you using HP Printer for some years? Are you experiencing some common issues while handling the HP Printer? Do you wish to fix HP Printer’s print quality issue? Are you looking out for some quick-simple steps to solve it? For more queries related to HP Printer, you need to dial HP Customer Service number to talk with the executives.

Here, this article discusses the ways to fix HP Printer’s print quality issue- the other problems that come up with the mentioned issue, the reason for occurrences along with the steps to fix it.

The other problems that come up with HP Printer’s print quality issue are-

  • The bad quality of the papers, document, and the photo print.
  • Faded printouts.
  • Black or the color printing isn’t happening well.
  • Documents are getting print with blurred or fuzzy text.
  • The ink streaks or smears.

The reason for HP Printer’s print quality issue

  • Low ink levels in the HP Printer ink cartridges.
  • The new ink cartridges weren’t handled properly at the store or rough handling.
  • Sufficient papers aren’t available in the paper tray.
  • Dirt is present in the paper roll of the HP Printer.
  • HP Printer driver installation error.
  • HP Printer driver has expired.

The steps to fix HP Printer’s print quality issue are

  1. You need to look for the latest HP Printer driver.
  2. Install the correct HP Printer driver.
  3. Clean the paper roll of the HP Printer.
  4. Replace the new ink cartridges with the old ink cartridges of the HP Printer.

How to contact HP Customer Service number?

If the problem still persists or you have other technical glitches related to HP Printer, then you need to dial HP Customer Service phone number to discuss your issues with the experts and get instant relief. You can contact them anytime between 24 hrs, and they are available for your services in 7 days.

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Importance of Education

Education is the base for bright future of every individual. Undoubtedly, there is no such reason to avoid education in anyone’s life. In short, education is knowledge gain.

While collecting the importance of education from CBSE schools in Amravati for today’s life, I pick up so many reasons to favor it: –

  • Imparts the knowledge about the world we live in
  • Keeps us in touch with the regular changes that happens across
  • Dictates the manners and discipline to lead a respectful life
  • Develops the art of looking at life
  • A source to gain information about various elements in surroundings
  • A way to interpret the things among others

Nowadays, there are many boards of education. But, very few of it is counted reputed and certificates from those are valued in everywhere. CBSE and ICSE are two main boards that are largely measured the best ones.

In this article, let’s read out how and why CBSE is getting popular, nowadays.

What roles CBSE educational institute plays for every aspirant?

CBSE educational centers are building to impart knowledge in human beings. It plays an immense role to provide the cemented platform for human beings to gain information and knowledge to lead a respectful and successful life.

Educational institutes are not only the houses or buildings that are stood in well framed manners just to read aloud the lessons from the textbooks. But, it is the first house of every child apart from his/her parental home.

The CBSE schools in Amravati are the best educational home for every kid. The kids here live a welcoming ambiance that makes feel at home. Long list of CBSE schools in Amravati itself marks its reputation.

As, in private sectors relocation has become regular among officers. Shifting with family to a new destination distracts to a great level to kids concentration in studies. It’s not an easy task for every kid to adapt the different curriculum every few years. The CBSE educational centers based in all the corners of the country and across avails the same platform for the relocating students. It becomes easier for the CBSE aspirants to continue the studies without any disturbances in study curriculum and patterns.

More and more CBSE centers are spreading due to its identified pros. This avails the easy admissions of more numbers of desired aspirants. As, nowadays, the young generation is much conscious in making career; they opt for many competitive exams. The CBSE board students get the biggest advantage as most of the competitive exams are based on CBSE syllabus, especially JEE and AIPMT.

Why CBSE board education is preferred highly, nowadays?

  • It has the branches all over the country and abroad
  • When anyone is relocating, it gets easier to continue with the same stream
  • The study pattern remains same for the students
  • It includes the various different ways of imparting practical knowledge among kids through projects
  • It aims to impart quality knowledge in addition considering the physical and mental growth
  • The weekly test series makes easier to learn and complete the chapters in a better way
  • The grading system in exams are meant not to pressure the kids
  • It gives the subjects choices
  • It has limited the books and study hours that lowers the heavy burden from students head
  • The projects’ submission in CBSE education system is literally helping the kids to achieve both theoretical and practical, both
  • The education gained in CBSE board is much helpful in preparing for the competitive exams
  • It has higher standards that provides immense exposure through projects and problem solving methodology
  • CBSE teachings is all the way in English and English is the universal language
  • It follows the concentric curriculum which is the continuation of the previous year
  • The certificate from CBSE board is recognized throughout the country
  • The subjects are fewer compare to other boards
  • It favors both English and Hindi languages as the intermediate language
  • It is mostly based on reasoning and analytical ability
  • The fees structure is made easier to pay in installments


Education is most essential in everyone’s life. It is the platform that completely transforms one’s life. It has always remained a debate for every parent which board to choose for their kids. They like to compare the pros of every board to make their kids future bright and successful.

In, last two decades CBSE board is ranking top and its popularity is spreading. Its way of conceptual studies through theory and practical projects are unique.

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Christmas gift ideas, 2018
Christmas, one of the most awaited festivals brings loads of happiness and gives a perfect chance to spend with family and friends. Different people make different planning on this special day and the most common one is making their loved ones surprised with the impressive Christmas gifts. Yes, exchange of gifts is very common on Christmas day where right from small kids to senior citizens follow this tradition of exchanging gifts. However, in this costly world, it is not that simple to pick any gift because the thoughts of people are changing day by day and to give a Christmas gifts that best suits with their heart and mind are something tricky.

Understanding this problem of common people online services is now available with a big list of Christmas gift ideas, 2018. People always look for a unique present for their loved ones instead of making it very common. So, if you are planning to gift your dad, boyfriend or husband a unique gift then simple get into the online world and search for perfect Christmas gifts for him and you will get a big list of gift ideas from where you can get an accurate idea on which gift is suitable for whom. Usually, gifts for men should be something according to their personality and interest and these gift ideas in the online world helps genuinely in making your selection the best and unique one.

Different people have different thoughts and tastes and so as the gift ideas. If you are so much attached to your mom and is planning for perfect Christmas gifts for mom then presenting her a holy book, an attractive family photo, gifts with natural effects are some of the best suggestions that can be given. If you are looking for something more special than above mentioned then make use of the internet as a perfect tool to grab all possible and unique ideas of making her feel special on this marvelous day by presenting her a gift that wins her heart.

Christmas gifts for mom

Since our moms deserve the best gifts make this Christmas a right time to bring happiness on her face by wrapping a love-filled gift. The gift that you present her should be in such a way that it makes her understand how caring, lovely and a unique person she is on this earth. Though moms are special always but to know her worth in your life make Christmas day as a special event to thank her for everything she did and doing for you. There are plenty of Christmas gifts in Hyderabad available to make your search easy for the perfect gift.

christmas gifts in Hyderabad

Though exchanging gifts on Christmas is an old tradition since from the time internet world did not exist. But, today, since there is a tremendous change in people’s lifestyle taking help of online world, makes your job simple in making your gift idea a unique and special one. Though there are many gift items available it is always important to pick the one by keeping the receiver in mind so that you can end up choosing the gift that best suits with his lifestyle, mind, and heart.

anjankumar mahan

Anjan is a CEO- Co-founder of - Running Hyderabad's No.1 online cake delivery Website since 2015 May. And Anjan is good professional writer, writes mostly on Gifts related Topics.

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TurboTax: How long to Get a Refund? The Average TurboTax Refund Time! 0

What are the advantages and drawbacks of using TurboTax-

TurboTax is famous all over the world because of its credibility and reliability. There are various benefits of using TurboTax. Not only it helps in the preparation of the TurboTax, it also helps us to analyze and present our tax structure systematically. It is important to notice the various benefits it provides here, in the short story we would like to discuss the various advantages the TurboTax provides us. Some of the common advantages would be explained properly. On the other hand, of course TurboTax is not immune from the various issues interrelated to it.

Some issues could be tackled manually, though some demands the intervention of the experts and the technicians. You must have a look at the various advantages the TurboTax provide us. It eventually explains the reason of installing and that is the only reason it is so popular. Some of the reason that would explain you the various reason you should install TurboTax. Have a look!

Benefits of using TurboTax

Before, focusing on the installing and downloading and updating the TurboTax, you are supposed to find out the reason behind it. Of course if it provides benefits you would like to download and upgrade. Here are the reasons behind the popularity of TurboTax all over the world.

Advantages of using TurboTax are

  • TurboTax is simple and user friendly
  • It is cheap and could be used by everyone
  • It is online software, so it creates no issues
  • TurboTax is partially automatic
  • It is fast and amazing
  • It saves your history
  • It is presentable and systematic

Drawbacks of using TurboTax

  • It cannot be used to prepare or analyze a complicated tax structure
  • It brings out Limited tax structure
  • It is too much reliant on the company itself.

These are some of the common advantages and drawbacks related to TurboTax. You must realize that there are some issues that could be easily resolved by following the various steps and ways. On the other hand, some needs technical assistance. In case, you are unable to fix the issue you must contact the experts by contacting the TurboTax customer service number. All your problems and issues could be resolved in a minute by contacting the experts.