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How to Prepare for Software Technical Interviews 0

Prepare for software interviews

Software is the only field where jobs exist throughout the year. Every year, many software companies recruit freshers i.e student who just passed his graduation or post graduation. Let me explain the key qualities of a job aspirant that are observed by an Interviewer. Once you prepare for software technical interviews solidly, you will not miss the opportunities.

Prepare for Software Technical Interviews

Preparing for a software technical interview is not as easy as it seems. There are some technical must ans should know computer technologies a job aspirant should exhibit.

C Language Skills

C language is the base for any software programmer. Companies think that if a student knows ins and outs of C language, he can handle all other technologies and computer languages over a period of time. Below are the C skills required to deal with C Programming Questions and answers. C Programming Online Tests are there for you to practice and become perfect.

  1. Student should be able to identify the flow of c program and point out errors.
  2. Student should be able to write c program with a particular logic to solve a problem given by the interviewer.
  3. Student should be thorough with pointers and data structures like Stack and Linked List
  4. Student should be able to write logical flow of a program without using too much technical things

Arithmetic Aptitude Skills

Arithmetic Aptitude Skills enable a student or job aspirant to form a logic to solve many real world problems. Aptitude topics range from Time and Distances, Ratios, Partnership, Areas, Calendar, Clock, Ages and Percentages etc. One simple example of knowing these aptitude problems is converting temperature from Celsius to Fahrenheit and vice versa. Aptitude skills combined with C skills enable student to solve program logic fast. Any program of any language works on different types of data. Data can be in simple alphabets, integer numbers or real numbers.

Puzzle Solving Skills

Puzzles are different from mathematical skills. Puzzles are tricky to solve. Only with proper practice, you can solve puzzles of similar nature. Also the language used to describe a puzzle is also an important to observe. Puzzles from Shakuntala Devi are famous. Remember that you can not learn or master any thing in just 1 or 2 months. So practice regularly.

English and Communication Skills

Obviously, English language is the only common language among all employees of a Software company. To interact with Clients from various countries over Phone, you need to have minimum communication skills. You can use very simple words to express your opinion or idea. No need to use complex english words from news papers. Also, it is a myth that you should talk or speak fluently to crack Group Discussion. You can simple request or raise your voice saying Can I express my views ? or Let me explain now. Explain your views clearly and slowly. Meanwhile you can practice General English Grammar Questions Online Tests.

This is how you should prepare for software technical interviews. Early preparation makes you more confident and less tense.