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On Page Optimization Seo Techniques & Tips For Improve Website Search Engine Ranking 7

SEO full form Search Engine Optimization and basically seo is used for visible webpages in search results. Seo basically categorized in 2 categories –

1 On Page Optimization

2 Off Page optimization

On page optimization means website owner can do all search engine related changes in website/webpages which defined in search engine program.

Off page optimization means website owner can build backlinks from different sources for improving ranking like search engine submission, directory, article, blog, video and other activity.

Following are the important On Page Optimization factors which helps to webpages rank in search result –

Page Title –

Google and other search engine give 1st priority for Page Title and page title must include the product name, services, company name etc. Google currently reads only 60 character page title but every search engine title reading limit is different so you can use more than 60 character title.

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Meta Description –

Meta description is which appear in search result when user search keywords, google shows and reads description upto 156 character and after 156 its truncates. So need to include primary keywords in first 156 characters which are relevant to products & services. For appear more webpages in the search results means more visitors for website and more leads so include searchable keywords in description.

H1 & H2 Tags –

Heading tags are also important and search engine program prefer to H1 tag is 2nd priority after page title so include your top targeted keyword in h1 tag and its appear search result. Use only 1 H1 tag for per page and if you have multiple keywords for this page so you use H2 tag multiple time but not exceed more than 3. Use H1 heading tag as heading of webpage.

Webpage URL Structure –

Every search engine works like a man and search engine program works same as users what like. So don’t use special character, number, spaces in webpage url like – @#%$%$ 3432 etc because search engine not read these special character and nobody can search using special character and numbers. So page url need to firstly user friendly and then search engine friendly like – https://www.youtube.com/c/HarishchandraGade this url is read every search engine program.

Internal Linking –

We cannot put all content in single page so we make section in website called webpages and many of the webpages related to each other so we need to interlinking these all webpages for reducing bounce rate of website and it helps users to get more relevant information. So use the relevant keywords with bold, italic and hyperlink to webpage.

Image Seo –

Google and other search engine program can’t read images but it reads alt text of images. So use the proper naming for each image except img1, img2 use relevant image names like website designing images use img tag – <img src=/images/website-designing-services.jpg” alt=”Website Designing Services”> which are readable to search engine program and its helps to image search engine ranking

XML Sitemap –

Today every businessman having website including small scale, medium & large scale and competition is increasing day by day. Google are not index/save new website webpages immediately. So we can tell google search engine programs to index our webpages and appear it’s in search results. This helps to show results faster than other websites which are not requested to google. – You can create free xml sitemap using this tool – http://www.xml-sitemaps.com

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